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Sunday, September 6, 2020

I have no more investment dream, but that's ok for now

My non-registered portfolio closed Friday session on a tiny $103,997.52, my TFSA portfolio at $87,991.40, and my RRSP portfolio, stocks only, at $47,543.42.

I guess that the 16 700 points were just too good to be true, especially in the circumstances. I was getting quite comfortable and I really enjoyed having my net worth in the 230k, despite the fact that I was hoping for more gain. It's quite hard to see the TSX on a little 16,218.01 points, but at least, we are still in the 16 000 points. I don't know if it's because we are still dealing with this pandemic, but I don't have any investment project. I didn't catch on anything new that really light me on. These days, at the exception of the Cogeco takeover bid, which had been refused - for now - by the major shareholders.

Brian Belski of the really bad BMO Capital Markets is getting super excited for whatever reason and he's announcing hard and loud that the TSX is going to reach record high levels by the end of 2020. I wouldn't get too excited if I were Brian Belski, but big part of his job is to make fake prediction to trick investors. Sincerely, try at all cost to stay away from big bullshit givers like Brian Belski. The only thing he's good at, is showing off. 

Don't expect Brian Belski, even if he's a chief investment strategist, to come over with some awesome investments picks like I do. A job title mean nothing on the street. The TSX is just too volatile to make any prediction at all. Anyone with a bit of common sense will agree with me. Listening to someone like Brian Belski can create a feeling of over excitement for some investors. But right now, investors don't need excitement. We all need to keep our feet quietly on the ground, and we need not to panic, or become exciting over really anything. Right now, the best thing to do for yourself and your investments is to stay healthy, wear a mask in public area, wash your hands, eat clean. And personally, I can add to this paying down debt. Nothing better than paying down debt to stay grounded and right in your mind.

Other than my margin account debt, I currently have a credit line debt. The interest on it is super low, but I am looking forward to pay it down anyway. The amount I need to pay down is of $4,800. I am not in a mood to invest in anything. I spent my whole spring and summer, and now autumn in Montreal, without traveling, without vising New Brunswick. Saving money had become a too easy task. I should be able to pay off my credit within 3 months. $4,800 is not that of a big amount, but if you try to get it paid off, suddenly, that $4,800 began to feel like a little sum of its own. That's why it's so difficult to pay debt, because the difficulty really start when you begin the process of paying off, and than, it became difficult to live on a restrictive budget.

I hope to be able to pay it off by the end of the year, and if lucky, by November. It could be seem like a long way to go, but just a quick reminder, we are already in the month of September! Following what, I will only have left my margin debt to pay off, which is currently at $46,118.64.

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