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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Embracing F COVID Lockdown (!Level 3!) in New Brunswick

The weather had been very cold in New Brunswick for the past couple of days. Today was a lot better, but we are expecting again some very cold temperatures this weekend. By very cold temperature, I mean a mean -20C. I forgot just how cold it could get here in New Brunswick. We are getting a cold rush right on time for the lockdown. We are getting some tighter restrictions here in New Brunswick starting tomorrow, at exactly 11:59 pm. This lockdown is not really changing anything for me. I warn my old folks not to go eat at restaurants and not to do any interior activities. COVID shit is not for us. Working remotely from New Brunswick is going quite well so far.

I never cut my own hair before, but I am willing to try to cut the ends of my hair just a bit because it began to feel a bit rough. I think I can do a great job cutting my own hair. The trick is to cut, but only a bit at the end. I have curly hair so it doesn't really matter if the cut is not super straight. One thing for sure, with this lockdown, I won't be able to get a haircut from a professional for at least the next two weeks. And actually, I prefer to cut my hair by myself. With Omicron going on, New Brunswick had been quite slow at calling for a lockdown, it's a real shame. With the COVID, everything you took for granted - including your own health - is at risk. It's no joke. You really have to stay away from people outside your immediate family members as much as you can.  

I am getting my third COVID vaccine here in New Brunswick. I was able to get an appointment for later this month. Things are a bit more complicated for me since my health assurance is with Quebec province, but I was able to take an appointment over the phone. For the website, it only works with a New Brunswick health card. Once I will get back to Montreal, I should be able to have my third vaccination validated for my Quebec VaxiCode, but it will require an appointment. I plan to go back only later at the end of Spring. I am just hoping that my third dose is going to be a Pfizer one.

I don't like going out when the weather is too cold, but I spent around 1 hour outside today, spending a part of it doing my favorite winter activity: removing snow from the driveway. If there's not too much, I can do the job in less than 30 minutes. If there's a lot of snow, it can easily turn into an hour job. I especially loved it when it heavily snows in the morning so I can go clean it up during my lunch break, and I go clean again once I am done at work. Otherwise, my father takes care of it with his snowblower. I never used that machine myself. For the snow, I prefer the workout with a simple snow shovel. I never actually used a lawnmower of my life, or either way a snowblower.

I am getting ready to invest another $1,500 for my 2021 RRSP, Following what, it's close to 6k that I would have contributed to my RRSP for 2021. It really costs me to do so, but I don't really have a choice if I don't want to pay too much in taxes. My job income exceeds $60,000. On top of that, I will have a bit of capital gain to pay, and I also have a dividend income inside my non-registered portfolio on which I will have a bit to pay in taxes... Overall, I won't be that far away from a $70,000 income. It could seem like a lot of money, but sincerely, it's not. It feels tight being in my shoes, trust me.

I don't expect to invest any more money in my RRSP, except that upcoming $1,500.

In 2022, I am just going to try not to spend too much money and I will do my very best to stay in control of my money. It's sincerely all that I hope for, financially speaking.


Anonymous said...

60,000 job, that is pretty good.

Sunny said...

It's ok, but that $60,000+ had been reached with overtime.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were covid-crazy. At your age, two does, and in good health, if you catch covid you'll have the sniffle for a couple of days and that's it. There is no reason to rush for a third dose or avoid people.

Sunny said...

You are the crazy one to think of COVID in such simple terms.


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