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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Welcoming a few new stocks inside my RRSP portfolio!

Today also had been quite volatile for the TSX, but not as much as yesterday, that's for sure. The TSX closed the session at 20,590.98. I guess we can all be happy to be - at least - in the 20,000 points. Under the circumstances, I think overall that my investment portfolio is reacting quite well. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $134,531.88, my US portfolio at $4,768.83 US, my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $64,702.67 and my TFSA portfolio at $121,721.98.

BNN's Market Call show was quite interesting today. Andrew Bell welcomed David Baskin, president of Baskin Wealth Management. You can watch the whole show right here. In my opinion, David Baskin gave very good pieces of advice during that session.

I had contributed to one last $1,500 for my RRSP a few days ago. That money hasn't been invested yet, it was in my RRSP portfolio doing nothing. So since the TSX is acting crazy, I decided to go crazy all the way and to have a little investment party of my own. I invested in a bunch of stocks today. Before checking on my list - because I know you will AND you should lol - please keep in mind that I don't disclose the number of stocks that I hold per investment - so don't you ever believe that I made some super huge investment today (in term of $$$ amount). But in terms of quality, the quality is HUGE.

Here are the stocks I invested today for my RRSP portfolio:
Bank of Nova Scotia (The) (BNS)
National Bank of Canada (NA)
Maple Leaf Foods Inc. (MFI)
Finning International Inc. (FTT)
Information Services Corporation Class A Limited Voting Shares (ISV)
ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. (ATA)
Algoma Central Corporation (ALC)
Guardian Capital Group Limited (GCG)
Vitreous Glass Inc. (VCI)
TELUS Corporation (T)
Interfor Corporation (IFP)
Taiga Building Products Ltd. (TBL)
Nutrien Ltd. (NTR)
Open Text Corporation (OTEX)

BNS, NA, T, and NTR are no strangers to my portfolio, I already own some of those shares. Below $30 per share, Telus shares are kind of a nice deal for me. It's getting harder and harder to find good quality stocks under, let's say, $50 per share. I had been interested in ATA for quite some time and I am now happy to have it in my RRSP portfolio. As for OTEX, it's been in my portfolio a long time ago, but now it's back in my RRSP. 

I wrote about ALC in a previous post. I got in MFI just to get a bit of exposure to the "food" industry if I can say. TBL is one of my great finds on Stockopedia, just like IFP and ISV. And also FTT. FTT is a bit rocky, it's for me in the same kind of operations as TIH.

I had spotted Vitreous Glass Inc. (VCI) quite some time ago on Stockopedia. For me, VCI is a bit like Richards Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN). And with VCI, you can certainly say that I am now a "glass" specialist investor kind of.

Despite it all, today had been quite a fun day. And the best thing is, I still have money at my disposal to invest inside my TFSA and RRSP portfolios :-)


Anonymous said...

I guess that is a lot easier to do now with the zero fee. Can buy several stocks regardless of how you invest in any of them :)

Sunny said...

Exactly! It's really fun and liberating not being stepped down by commission fees.


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