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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Experiencing extreme cold weather in New Brunswick and flat gain for the TSX (yesterday)

This morning, the weather is super cold in New Brunswick. Where I am located, the temperature is currently -32. Let's say that I am making sure that my cell phone is fully charged... I cannot sleep properly in my bedroom when I feel the heat of the electric heater, which I just hate. It makes me feel like I am in a microwave or something. I prefer when my room is cold, and I sleep comfortably in my bed with some layers of blankets. Actually, I just have two blankets, but it's enough for me. We experimented with some very cold weather earlier this winter, but we had been ok so far. We only have an electricity outage for an hour or so a few days ago, right after dinner.

This past night, it hit -39. At those cold temperatures, the heat pump stops working. It actually needs to be close because a heat pump will just not work when it's -39... We also have some ice that shows up at the bottom of inside old windows that look like this. 

This is what happens with old windows - and why it's costly to have a home because eventually, many things need to be fixed or changed in a home - including windows, roof, the bathroom... I don't think it is worth it for the middle class to be homeowners, especially in big cities where housing and just everything basically, is so costly. I way prefer to have been a renter and have my money work for me and generate dividend income, through dividend payer stocks. Mortgage debt is just a creator of financial stress and even worst, it makes you become a slave to your job. 

Yesterday, the Bank of Canada didn't increase interest rates, but it will eventually. I guess that the fact that we are still in this pandemic plays a role in that decision, but we are dealing with some heavy inflation and our government is basically doing nothing to preserve our financial environment. It appears that the only way to decrease inflation is to increase interest rate. By not taking action, Bank of Canada is not being responsible and is not helping Canadians. It's a real shame.

We were about to score some serious points back yesterday for the TSX, but unfortunately, it didn't turn around like expected and we closed the day on a little 20,595.89 points. We are no longer in the 21,000 points, but at least, we are still on the 20,000 points... We basically gain kind of nothing yesterday, it was a flat day, leaving my non-registered portfolio at $135,106.30, my US portfolio at $4,768.54 US, my RRSP portfolio - stocks only at - $64,738.92, my TFSA portfolio at $122,269.25. Days with no gain are boring.

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