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Sunday, January 23, 2022

My newest investment idea coming straight from Stockopedia: Algoma Central Corporation (ALC)

So far, January hasn't been an easy month. The current COVID situation, the lockdown in New Brunswick - where I am currently staying - the extreme cold weather of the past couple days which made it clearly impossible to enjoy the outdoors, and finally, add to this the extreme volatility over the TSX... Right now, life is a bit rough and tough. Its not all dark, as the weather slowly began to show some signs of normality, at least here in New Brunswick. I had fix my hair problem with a good hair mask and a new shampoo and conditionner, so no need to bring the scissors. I was trying to save up some money using my mother products. It work for a while, until I reached the broking point. I was able to enjoy the outdoors this weekend. Not being able to go outside to take some walks is more than I can handle. Here is what outdoor is looking like these days.

You may have notice, this past Friday, the TSX lost over 400 points. I can live with the COVID situation, but I don't like those times when the TSX undergo a market correction. I honestly really dislike it when the TSX is losing points like this. The year 2022 marks my 15th year as a "retail investor". For the past 15 years, do I have to say that I prefer a relatively stable stock market situation, with me in it shining bright like a diamond. Its been the case in 2021, I had shined like never before, hitting my highest net worth ever, at a nice $340,312.77. Currently, with 20,621.39 points, my non-registered portfolio closed this past Friday session at $134,604.46, my US portfolio at $4,776.33 US, my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $65,082.45 and my TFSA portfolio at $122,704.11. I am certainly not on a $340k net worth, but we still have a whole year ahead to recover so let's go. 2022 is starting like a slap on the face.

I received this past week my third vaccine dose. I wasn't able to get the Pfizer. I got stuck with the Moderna. I asked for Pfizer, but I was told that they are keeping Pfizer doses for kids and teenagers. I had a preference for Pfizer because my first two doses were actually with Pfizer, and I didn't get any negative effects if not just some pain in my arm. Its actually been the same thing with Moderna. Once I get back in Montreal, I will have to take an appointment to have this third dose register into my  Quebec's vaccine passport.

It feel to me like I haven't invest in something new for the longest time. Like usual, I do from time to time some browsing on Stockopedia. Sometimes, I get lucky and get to find something that make me feel like I has just find a new really unique investment idea. Recently, my prousdest find using Stockopedia had been Algoma Central Corporation (ALC). ALC kind of remembered me of Westshore Terminals Investment Corporation (WTE). WTE used to be in my investment portfolio. I sold WTE because I found that the title was too volatile for my taste. When I hold an investment, I am looking forwatf for both steady grow AND dividend distribution. Sometimes, an investment doesn't turn as expected. It's ok to sell, especially if you have the chance to sell at profit a stock that no longer meet your expectations.

For me, Algoma Central Corporation (ALC) is a better version of Westshore Terminals Investment Corporation (WTE). I wouldn't invest a super big amount in Algoma Central Corporation (ALC), but I would feel comfortable to place a small investment in ALC, especially now that I have some cash available to in my RRSP portfolio.

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