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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Saying thank you and goodbye to LifeWorks Inc. (LWRK)

I sometimes can be quite slow in doing my investment moves, but I way prefer to be a slow investor rather than doing whatever too quickly, and having some regrets. I don't have any regrets on my investing decisions, but its true that in some occasions, I could have done better. At this point, I was really ready to sell off all of my shares of LifeWorks Inc. (LWRK). The value of that stock had been on a decline for quite some time, but I had been able to make around $200 profit on it today. It's a small gain, but I take it anyway. On Stockopedia, LifeWorks Inc. (LWRK)'s StockRank is below 60 - which is super low - knowing, 100 is the best, and the lower it is, the worst your stock is... This was just my time to sell LifeWorks Inc. (LWRK). 

Following this, I bought some BCE Inc. (BCE) shares. I want to hold on to some stocks that will gain value over time. With LWRK, I was basically going no where. This brings my dividend income earned inside my non-registered and TFSA portfolio to $9,073.41. Including the dividends earned inside my RRSP portfolio, my overall dividend income is currently at $10,911.21. It's not too bad, but obviously, I would like to earn more from my dividend income.

I own many stocks inside my investment portfolio and many of them are very great performers. In the past, I had write some performance reviews. I had try to find one those posts to share them right here, but I haven't find any of them yet. Anyway, I think its time I post a fresh new performers review and I will do so soon in a next post.

Other than LifeWorks Inc. (LWRK), I have another stock that I am starting to worry about. That stock is Savaria Corporation (SIS). I hold on to some SIS stocks in my non-registered, TFSA and RRSP portfolios. I done very well with Savaria Corporation (SIS) inside my non-registered porfolio. But now, Savaria Corporation (SIS) is kind of bit in the same posture where had been LifeWorks Inc. (LWRK). For the past year, Savaria Corporation (SIS) value had been decreasing. However, if we look at its chart for the past  two years, things are a bit better. I am still on several thousands of profit when it comes to SIS. I am not againts Savaria Corporation (SIS), but I begin to think that I may be holding to too many of those beautiful SIS stocks and I am thinking about partly selling. I wouldn't mind selling and inject the money to pay down my margin debt. That could be an interesting option. For now, I am just thinking, but I know I would like to partly sell my SIS stocks. Its just where I am at the present time.

Another thing I am thinking about is to take my Intertape Polymer Group Inc. (ITP) shares that I hold in my non-registered portfolio, and have them transferred over my RRSP portfolio - as a contribution in kind. I never did a contribution in kind from my non-registered portfolio to my RRSP one. But I am quite familiar with the process when it comes to my non-registered portfolio to my TFSA one.

One of those stocks on which I kind of have a really open love-hate relationship is ATCO Ltd. (ACO.Y). Ever since that stock had been in my TFSA portfolio - and it had been a while now - that stock never really kick in in term of grow. But imagine this: currently, ACO.Y is on a gain of +1.55% inside my TFSA portfolio and I just can't believe it! Let's hope it will at least remain on that gain for a long time please. I cannot help it. ACO.Y is such an undelicate obsession.

On that super high note, my non-registered portfolio closed today session $146,893.01, my US portfolio at $5,172.28 US, my RRSP stocks only portfolio at $67,347.08 and my TFSA portfolio at $129,772.33. 

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