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Thursday, April 7, 2022

Yes, the Dividend Girl had been shopping on Etsy

The federal budget had been announced today. Nothing too much exciting, if not that dental health care program for seniors. My old folks will be able to benefit from that program in 2023. Otherwise, I don't see anything really exciting coming from this budget, it's not really a budget full of awesome projects to really help structure and face our current difficulties with inflation. It's basically as if the federal government has no plan to help us beat up inflation. I think the federal government actually likes this state of inflation and plans to do nothing much to help to decrease it. From my understanding, foreigners won't be able to buy a house anymore in Canada. It was about time that we kick non-citizens out of our real estate market.

I am not big on online shopping, but where I am located in New Brunswick, we don't have many fancy stores, and I must admit, I do some online shopping from time to time - but most of the time, I end up buying nothing lol. However, about two weeks ago I made an order on Etsy. I was looking for an everyday pair of earrings. I currently only had a pair of loops, but they are not in gold and I cannot wear them permanently on my ears because they are also a little too big for that purpose. I was looking for something simple in gold, and not too expensive, please. I find what I needed on Etsy, on the page of a Montrealer jewelry designer, annielesperance.

I end up buying a pair of her empty circle 14k gold filled round studs earrings, which I find to be absolutely perfect. I also purchased from Annie Lespérance this gold hairpin for my hair. It's a bit tricky to put in the first few times you use it, but it stays on my hair gracefully once I figure it out :-) I really like her designs. You may like to shop Annie Lespérance on Etsy and you can certainly do so right here. I currently have a crush on that bracelet.

The TSX closed the day at 21,834.89 points. My non-registered portfolio closed the day at $147,204.80, my US portfolio at $5,129.33, my RRSP stocks only portfolio at $67,785.97, and my TFSA portfolio at $130,891.31.


Liquid Independence said...

Hey Sunny. There are a lot of good looking jewelry on Etsy. I've shopped on there as well for my wife. Have you thought about buying ETSY stock? It looks to be undervalued right now compared to historical valuations. :)

John Guy said...

Sunny, are you thinking to add real estate to your portfolio, it is a tax free investment for your primary residence.

Sunny said...

Hi Liquid,

I don't have much in US dollars at this time, but it could be an idea to consider.

Hi John Guy,

I am not interested in real estate as an investment. I feel I don't have the money required. And I don't want to have to care for my place. I don't know how to do anything.


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