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Sunday, April 3, 2022

Thank you for the beautiful month of March, TSX!

It's hard to believe but we are already in the month of April and spring is in the air! The winter had been quite rough in new Brunswick. It's been a very cold winter, we barely have no wood left to burn, and we didn't have much to start the winter with. I had been freezing my ass around here all winter long, and it hasn't been fun. Trying to heat an entire home - at least in New Brunswick - with only electricity is just really uncomfortable. Despite being a New Brunswicker born and raise, I am extra sensitive to the cold weather. When it's in the -20 outside, it's like I am feeling the cold in my whole body when I take a look outside...

This being said, I really don't mind when it freezes at night. I actually prefer when it's cold at night. I don't like to have the heat open during nighttime, it made me feel like I am suffocated. I hope my old folks will get organized better next year if not, I will definitively not be spending another long winter here in New Brunswick with no wood, and just electricity heating. Here in New Brunswick, we experimented with some restrictions because of Covid during the winter, like so many other places, but it made it even more difficult because the only available activities were basically shoveling snow, and walking outside when the weather allow it, and shopping at Walmart (my favorite winter activity lol). We also went to the library a couple of times to borrow some books. But it was basically it. Always being home without real activities was sometimes boring. I think the entire world - including me - is in deep need of activities and going out. For that reason, fact that Live Nation Entertainment was among Brian Madden's top picks during his last appearance on BNN just makes a lot of sense to me.

When I will be hitting back to Montreal, I will be incredibly happy. My major problem is that while living with my old folks I cannot do much, because I am scared of getting Covid and contaminating them. I am even scared of getting a haircut. I am planning to go back to Montreal at the end of spring, at the end of May, once I will be done picking up all the ferns that I possibly can. After and only after what, my job here will be done and completed. Another thing I want to do before I leave is to tidy up.

I am a bit of a hoarder but when I decide it's time to sort and tidy my belongings, I do so without any problems. However, it required a lot of time and it's kind of a heavy process each time. I still have things to look over here in New Brunswick. I actually had found a drawer full of old floppy disks that I have to check out, a bag full of power cords that I am just not sure what they are needed for, those kinds of random stuff... When I found those floppy disks I just cannot help myself, I taught I was done with the floppy disks cleaning because I managed to do all of it - but that was only for what I had in Montreal... 

When it comes to clothes and shoes, I am quite good in that field, I just have what I need. However, when it comes to beauty and hair products - and even cleaning products - I have to be careful because I have a tendency to accumulate too many products. Confession of a sweet hoarder. However, be assured that I had been quite a good girl for the past couple of months. I concentrated mainly on saving up some money, my investment portfolio, and that help me a lot.

That being now confessed, a few days ago, on March 29, while noticing that my TFSA portfolio was somewhere in the $134,000, I knew I was up for another record net worth. So I quickly updated my investment portfolio just to find out that my total in assets had closed the same day at $405,658.35, and my net worth at $358,941.11. The month of March 2022 had been quite amazing for my finances. I began the month with a 347,57353 net worth, and I closed it within $358,000, which represents an increase of +$10,000 in one single month.

This past Friday session, my non-registered portfolio closed at $146,889.68, my US portfolio at $5,141.35 US, my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $67,402.69, andmy TFSA portfolio at $132,769.65.

We'll see what the month of April will be made of.


Anonymous said...

Go tsx go !!! :):)

Sunny said...


pattirose said...

Did you give up your apartment in Montreal?

Sunny said...

Hi Pattirose,

I still have my apartment in Montreal. I am going back at the end of May.

Pattirose said...

I've been following you since almost the beginning and you have done very very well, congratulations!

Sunny said...

Thank you Pattirose for following me during all those years. I appreciate :)


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