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Saturday, March 28, 2009

About Derek Foster selling his investments or what love is all about

Wild, unconscious and with a lot of sex appeal. That’s the DF I known from Stop Working. But it’s seemed like the Derek Foster of the old days is gone with the wind. Or something had happen to him. But what? I am late in the news. Derek Foster had soled out of all his assets a couple of weeks ago, middle of March from what I understand.

I do not judge him on what he did, but I do have an opinion on it. I read an article online of the Toronto Star. DF was explaining that he had soled it all because of some search he did. I do not know what he had found, but gees, he is totally out of track lol. Like if I know what I am talking about or something lol. I do not know what he had learned about, but no matter what he did, its clear for me that I will never sale my precious little assets. Those are going to stay with me until the end. And I still plan to invest more in stocks in the next upcoming months – unless I got lay off from the 2 jobs I had left lol.

I guess I have to respect his position. And its true is position is not the same, knowing he had a family to support. I guess he did what he believe was in the best interest for him and his family.

In that article, at the question if he would continue to sale his books, DF answers yes. And this disturbs me. He continues to sale his books on his Web site (, free of any kind of advertisements by the way lol. Like man, you are selling a strategy you do not even believe in yourself! Come on!!! That’s disturbing. But who am I to judge. It’s not now or ever that I am going to say bad stuff on the man who makes me discovers the fabulous and painful (lol) world of stocks. And make me discovers TD Waterhouse bad services.

DF is out of the stock market, but I am still in. And I plan to invest at least 30 000$ per year for the next 4 years or so in order to achieve financial freedom. I might continue to work just to have more cash to invest and become, basically, a multimillionaire lol.

It’s true I own DF a lot like: awful services from TD Waterhouse and lol, loosing more than 10 000$ of my very own money in the stock market. But more seriously, what DF did – trying to explain the stock market to small people well, its extraordinary, its give strength to proceed and just « go for it » lol. If it wouldn’t be of his books, I would probably still and only investing in mutual funds. My Td Waterhouse portfolio had an initial value of about 30 000$ and now, the 30 000 worth 20 000. Which I consider still good knowing the stock market conditions. It’s not like my initial 30 000$ worth now 5 000$ or so. The stocks market worth it a try.

I do not have the best portfolio ever – but it’s not the worst one either. For me, my portfolio is – well, let’s say... show up some great potential to grow overtime – lets say it that way lol. And I am never going to sale any part of it.

But what’s nice about DF is that he decided to go public with it. He could have sale and not telling no one – it will only had been between him and… those guys at TD Waterhouse… lol. His public move is very courageous. I wonder what his projects are now. He might be trying to do some money online lol!! Just hilarious knowing that’s what I had been trying to do those last days.

It’s hard to believe he had decided to grudge into his 400 000$+ for his living. If DF had decided to move out of the stock market, it might be because things might be pretty rough out there. But of cause, I know almost anything about it.

Why investment is also about love and on why I love the stocks market

I believe in Barack Obama more than anything. That’s basically why I am still in « it », because I believe in him and in his administration. More than anything else. And knowing how much we, as Canadians, depend on the US, just knowing that its BO who’s taking care of business, I sleep well at night and I never intent to sale any of my investments – ever since I saw Barack Obama the first time on television lol. For me, I believe Derek Foster lost that confidence and that’s what make him sale all of his investments. Maybe because he is a man and didn’t fall in love with BO like I did. It’s pure love. BO is a black angel and he’s going to fix EVERYTHING. This is how a strong believer I am.

And a true believer like myself do no fear the market in bad times. But this is the perfect timing for me. This is what I had been waiting for! A bad stocks market, low prices and a lot of time ahead. And right now, the combination of those 3 elements are united for my own benefit.

I had been following the stocks market since something like 2005. Back than, I had purchased Fidelity Frotiere Nord with Desjardins. It was a 1 000$ initial investment. Its not now that I am going to sale anything for sure.

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