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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Investment ideas for the year 2012: newest stock picks

Following good investing moves like the one places on TRP, ENB, MX, FTS and many other, does the TSX has anything else to offer me? Well, a special reader came to the rescue and look at what I find in the list of special stocks that are supposed to perform well in 2012:

Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX)
Current value: 46.15$
52 week low: 42.06$
52 week high: 55.36$
Dividend yield: 0.988%

Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (REF.UN)
Current value: 35.40$
52 week low: 30.32$
52 week high: 36.62$
Dividend yield: 4.068%

Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited (CTC.A)
Current value: 65.90$
52 week low: 51.80$
52 week high: 68.93$
Dividend yield: 1.821%

Canadian Utilities Limited (CU)
Current value: 61.54$
52 week low: 47.95$
52 week high: 64.36$
Dividend yield: 0.403%

Empire Company Limited (EMP.A)
Current value: 59.11$
52 week low: 50.66$
52 week high: 64.24$
Dividend yield: 1.523%

Toromont Industries Ltd. (TIH)
Current value: 21.32$
52 week low: 15.39$
52 week high: 21.46$
Dividend yield: 2.064%

Yamana Gold Inc. (YRI)
Current value: 15.02$
52 week low: 10.87$
52 week high: 17.39$
Dividend yield: 1.35%

I pick those following their chart for the past 10 years. YRI chart is not exactly of a rocking rocket, but the stock seems to be a great performer despite all. Otherwise, the 10 year chart for Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX), Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (REF.UN), Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited (CTC.A), Canadian Utilities Limited (CU), Empire Company Limited (EMP.A), Metro Inc. (MRU.A) and Toromont Industries Ltd. (TIH) has all pretty awesome chart.

As you can see, the dividend yield is very low.

The only exception will be Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (REF.UN). REF.UN offered a good 4.08% dividend yield. Fact is, in those difficult financial times, better focus on quality stock rather than running after high dividend yield. High dividend yields are too often associated with what I had named around here “troublemaker stocks”. Remember my investment in Yellow Media Inc. (YLO)? This poorly managed Quebec company was offering a dividend yield of more than 10%. I had held the stock for a while but I had sell YLO just before in take an in deep plunge. That was a couple of months ago in 2011. I was lucky in my move. Do you realized what would have happen if I would have hold YLO? I would have lost thousands of dollars. Currently, YLO is in real bad shape and is nothing more than a penny stock. Remember: better to stay away from Quebec companies when it comes to investment. You’ll have to satisfy your taste of glory somewhere else than in Quebec province, that’s for sure.

Susan Brunner fabulous stock analysis

I have a long way to go before I can analyse stocks the way Susan Brunner does. Her analysis’s are always very good and I have pick stocks on her blog without her authorization (lol) more than once. When it comes to stocks, I will take everything I can, I will press the lemon until there’s no juice. I had picked ATP from Susan Brunner by the way. I did great on the stock.

According to Susan Brunner, Gordon Pape had a good word for ABX at the 2011 Money Show. Good.

Luckily, Susan Brunner is actively following Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (REF.UN). Overall, Susan is pleased with this investment. A1


Did Susan Brunner review Canadian Tire Corporation? Let see.

And what Susan Brunner has to say about Canadian Tire? To do it quick, I will just say her yearly return on the stock: 11.2%.


Susan Brunner does not hold Canadian Utilities Limited (CU) but she says that CU is known to be well-managed. Good enough!


According to my search, Susan Brunner did not review Empire Company Limited (EMP.A) yet.

When it comes to Toromont Industries Ltd. (TIH), it’s another story. Susan had been holding TIH since 2006 and made a fantastic return of more than 6% on the stock. You can read her review here.

Susan did not review Yamana Gold Inc. (YRI) yet. I don’t think so.

Overall, all of the stock mentions below have a fantastic chart. Most of those stocks had been reviewed by Susan Brunner and they could eventually join in my portfolio because they had what I considered a positive review.

This is probably going to be my last post of 2011.

Nothing better to begin the New Year with new investment ideas. Don't you think so?

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2011, hellllllooooo 2012!

Today is the very last day of 2011 and I find it quite hard to believe.

2011 had been marked by the market upside-down. For me who had followed the stock market every single day, like many others, well, I have to say, I find that the Canadian stock market had been very EXTREMELY difficult to follow and at some point, well, you know, F U the stock market!

But wait..... It’s not the good time to flush the stock market and left it behind. 2011 had been the year of the extreme. Big gains had been followed by big capital losses. Overall, 2011 had tested the patience of investors. We had to face the market adversity and the extreme volatility.

My holding strategy had always paid off. I started investing in stocks shortly before the 2008 stock crash. Following the 2008 stock crash, I was disappointed of course because I had just invested thousands and thousands of dollars on the Canadian stock market. My goal was to make money, not to lose some! Before 2008, I had previously invested in GICs and mutual funds, so I knew kind of how to handle the market shit (there’s really no better word to describe the stock market at this point!!!).

When you invest in quality stuff that you truly believe in, when there’s no interior or exterior signs that the treasure you had invested in is in trouble, than, at that time only, the best way to beat that beast that is the stock market, well, the best of the best thing to do is to simply HOLD. There’s no other solution. You could always sell, buy something else and cross your fingers hoping that the new investment will, one day, gain so much that you’ll be able to recover from your capital losses but if you decided to do so, well, good luck because you’ll need some! Anyone who invested in stocks these days have to be seriously insane (like me) or be a stock addict (again like me).

Over time, I had become the best HOLD investor of all time. Nothing more, nothing less.

Following the 2008 stock crash, I decided to hold everything I had and it was the best decision I could ever take for my money. I hold, and I totally recover from my losses.

2009 and 2010 had been good years. But 2011...... 2011 DRIVE ME CRAZY.

Japan tsunami was among the worst experience ever. And I live it while being in Canada. Imagine for 2 sec being in Japan when it actually happen. The worst nightmare ever.

Following the Japan tsunami, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out if my portfolio would be strong enough to survive. Part of this stress comes from the unfortunate fact that I had bought some of my stocks using my margin account. My point was: the country with the third-largest economy being hit by a tsunami, this is going to take the Canadian stock market down down down, this is going to hurt my portfolio very badly.

Strangely, the TSX didn’t go down following the Japan tsunami. It was like nothing was happening. I actually stop trying to understand this nonsense.

The August 2011 stock crash was very ugly. I went to New Brunswick during the last 2 weeks of July for my summer vacations and when I came back... that was it, the stock market crash, right after my vacations. LIKE WOW.

I don’t remember the first couple months of the year 2011. I will have to read my post of the January-April 2011 to remember lol. Fact is, life was boring with my 2 jobs in a call center. But oh surprise, I left Quebec forever in August 2011. Bye bye shitty Quebec province. Bye 4 EVER.

I got a job right here in X town of New Brunswick. Better pay, better everything, but it’s not perfect. A place cannot be perfect unless I am the manager if you see what I mean. I got my mother old 2002 Toyota Echo car. In 2012, the car will be 10 years old. I will drive that car until it doesn’t pass the inspection anymore. Getting back into driving had been quite of a challenge.

What else happen in 2011?

I invest a lot of money. Some of my investments had turned out to do extremely well, like Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) and some other, like the Data Group Income Fund (DGI.UN) haven’t done so well. However, while mixing trading activities and investment activities well, luckily at the end, I haven’t loss money, I haven’t make any either. The situation is stable, and it’s absolutely very good the way it is.

2011 had been the direct continuity of 2010. In 2010, just like in 2011, I had trade a lot. I had reached in 2010 100k worth in investment, it was cool.

At this point, it had become more and more difficult for me to find the perfect investment to add to my portfolio. That’s because I already have everything I ever wanted. So it’s getting real tough!

What’s next for 2012?

First of all, for the period of January to March 2012, I will be concentrate over my RRSP account. I don’t like RRSP because that’s money invested for 30 years of now. The only reason why I invest in a RRSP is because of the tax credit it provides, no other reason. I have more than 7k that I want to invest for my RRSP 2011 contribution.

I don’t expect to trade that much in 2012, but I will certainly be investing in new stuff. I already spot some new investments! We’ll discuss more about them in a next post. Following what, if nothing else catches my interest, I will be paying off some debt of mine.

I really hope to hit the 200k value in 2012!!!

We’ll see what happen.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Today was the last trading day of the financial year 2011...

I just received some interesting dividend distribution:

Canadian National Railway Co (CNR): 9.75$
Davis + Henderson Corp (DH): 65.10$
Atlantic Power Corp (ATP): 21.94$

It’s looking good for the 7k in dividend income for 2011 that’s for sure.

On top of that, Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A) recently announced a special dividend of 1.85$ that will be paid on January 3. A 1.85$ is quite impressive! Because I am registered to a DRIP, I am going to get a good 9 extra stocks coming from the special dividend distribution. That’s quite some $$$. But that’s not all. Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A) increased its regular dividend from 0.14$ to 0.15$. Very impressive. I guess Derek Foster most regrets selling its CDL.A stocks now! I always enjoyed CDL.A. It’s a good reliable stock and the value it’s quite stable, the dividend is great too.

I am very curious to see if Sprott Inc. (SII) is going to have a special dividend for 2012. Sprott Inc. (SII) special dividend had been quite generous in 2011. Currently, Sprott Inc. 9SII) title had decreased in value, as well as the Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U) and Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV). Eric Sprott precious silver is not performing well at this time but remember, Eric Sprott said that silver is going to be the investment of the decade so we have the whole decade to catch up... LOL. Way to go Eric Sprott! Love u always no matter what. I got screw up with your Timminco (TIM) and now, I am having it hard with your silver. See what you have done to me. And your Sprott Canadian Equity Fund is not performing well either these days. Retirement? Eric Sprott, it’s time to shake up things like in the old days! GO BACK TO WORK ERIC SPROTT. GO BACK TO WORK LIKE RIGHT NOW. AND MAKE BE RICH OK?

Ok, so this is all pretty interesting isn’t? But that’s not all.

Prepared yourself, because there’s going to have MASSIVE inside trading for the very marvellous Just Energy Group Inc. (JE)!

Not that long ago, Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) announced that it will gradually buy some of its own stocks because according to Rebecca Macdonald and his fellow business partner Ken Hartwick, who’s by the way, very handsome AND he’s also from the board of directors of another company I hold, Atlantic Power Corp (ATP), the JE stock is undervalued. Currently, JE trades around 11$. Last year, when I was on a Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) real buzz (I wrote many many times about JE and it kind of got into the eyes of some fellow investors-bloggers), well Dividend Lover sent me a document coming from CIBC and it was saying about JE that my VERY precious JE was outperforming (whatever, some people really don’t know what they are talking about) AND.... watch out right here.... the target price for Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) was 17$ PER STOCK!

In the meantime, we got hit by the trouble in Europe, kind of a recession in the US, etc. etc. etc.

Because of external factors, Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) was not able to hit the 17$ per stock but one day, that day will come. And Rebecca MacDonald knows that as well. In result of their internal acquisition, Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) had decided to cancel their dividend reinvestment plan. I am not very upset about it because this will allow me to keep a 69.75$ directly into my pocket. Rock on.

Today is the last trading day of 2011! Can you imagine?

And to celebrate, I really really wanted to invest in something. I did several searches, trying to find something that will catch my interest, but I didn’t find anything. I had a 600$ to play with. The 600$ will have to remain on the margin account at this time because I really didn’t find anything.

I am still through the same thing: it’s getting harder and harder to find interesting Canadian stocks to invest in. Because of my margin situation, I mostly invest in a non-registered broker account. Forget about TFSA. I have a bit of money in a TFSA broker account, it doesn’t count for the margin value.

It’s become more and more difficult to pick stocks for my portfolio, I had faced that difficulty before. At this point, i am at 7k in dividend or almost and I really want to extend the dividend to hit higher than just a 7k. Because a 7k is just a 7k. See what I mean?

Tonight, I am going out to our local casino located on a Malecite reserved. I need to win the jackpot. Something needs to happen.

I just watch at the news that the TSX loss 11.3% this year! I am happy with my result despite not being able to shine with extraordinary gains. But a girl does what she can do.

Wish me good luck, tonight is Casino night! 

Thank you and goodbye 2011 financial year.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In 2012, back to basic: buy-and-hold portfolio strategy

The TSX may have lost close to 200 points today, it doesn’t matter, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at a bit more than 113k. I consider this as being quite good knowing the circumstances.

I will remember 2011 for the years to come. With all of my trading experiences made in 2011, I didn’t make money, but I didn’t lose any either. And this is quite extraordinary. I am not a professional, I am not a specialist. I simply try to do my best for my money.

The fact that I didn’t lose money on the stock market is just so spectacular because in 2011, the TSX past 52 weeks highest was 14 329.49 and lowest, 10 848.19 points (so far, at least). We are talking here of a difference of 3 481.30 points! In those market conditions, I consider myself very extremely lucky to be able to breathe without having to deal with capital losses. This show off the power of the TSX and we need to appreciate the quality of the Canadian stock market. With all the risks I took, I didn’t lost money. This is absolutely HUGE.

In 2011, I certainly over-trade, over-invested but I think that if I hold what I have in my non-registered portfolio at this time, chances are that I could gain in capital value. In 2011, I learned that it doesn’t worth it to go on a buy-and-sell, buy-and-sell over and over again. Its way better to simply hold, appreciate the capital gain and cash in the dividend. Simple things are sometimes too easy to follow. By buying-and-selling on and on and on, I exhausted myself and I could have used that time to do better things rather than being too active on the market and gambling my money.

However, I love the experiencing of trading. At the end, I feel it’s just something that isn’t made for me. It’s even easier to just stick-and-hold and cash in the dividend.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

My 2011 investing year in review

I am in vacations for the next couple of days. It’s currently snowing in the X town of New Brunswick were I am and I am currently still in my pyjama, watching Ellen show and blogging, doing absolutely nothing at all or almost. This is the perfect time to review how this 2011 year went financially speaking! Yeah!

I was EXTREMELY pleased yesterday. Imagine this: my non-registered portfolio hit the 113 243$. WOW WOW WOW. Only less than 4k is missing before I totally recover from my internal capital loss. And right now, it’s even getting better, I am at 114 035.37$. It’s all going pretty well and looking great for a complete recovery.

You’ll see below my BUY activities for my new investments add permanently I hope, in my portfolio:

Buy: iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index (XRE)
Investment value (including commission fee): 1367.99$

Buy: Sprott Inc. (SII)
Investment value (including commission fee): 4 679.99$

Buy: CFX
Investment value (including commission fee): 1 479.99$

Buy: NFI
Investment value (including commission fee): 2 371.99$

Buy: EIF
Investment value (including commission fee): 1 998.99$

Buy: RSI
Investment value (including commission fee): 1 674.99$

Investment value (including commission fee): 1 978.99$

Buy: STB
Investment value (including commission fee): 1 281.99$

Buy: GCL
Investment value (including commission fee): 2 353.99$

Buy: JE
Investment value (including commission fee): 1 575.99$

Buy: JE
Investment value (including commission fee): 3 132$

Buy: X
Investment value (including commission fee): 4 206.99$

Investment value (including commission fee): 1 341.99$

Investment value (including commission fee): 2 664$

Investment value (including commission fee): 4 631.99$

Buy: KBL
Investment value (including commission fee): 2034.99$

Investment value (including commission fee): 2061.99$

Buy: DH
Investment value (including commission fee): 2107.99$

Buy: Sprott Inc. (SII)
Investment value (including commission fee): 4 974.99$

Buy: PSLV (US $)
Investment value (including commission fee): 2 039.25$ US

Buy: FR
Investment value (including commission fee): 1 943.99$

Buy: ATP
Investment value (including commission fee): 1 499.99$

Investment value (including commission fee): 1 035.91$

Buy: EIF
Investment value (including commission fee): 2 399.99$

Buy: TRP
Investment value (including commission fee): 1 016.74$

Buy: K
Investment value (including commission fee): 1 667.99$

Buy: CNR
Investment value (including commission fee): 1 183.41$

Buy: FC
Investment value (including commission fee): 510.79$

Buy: CNR
Investment value (including commission fee): 960.99$

Investment value (including commission fee): 486.99$

Buy: ENB
Investment value (including commission fee): 999.51$

Buy: AGU
Investment value (including commission fee): 950.79$

Those are the new comers in my portfolio for 2011! This was for the investment part, for what I plan to hold on to as long I won’t need the cash. Let see for the BUY for the day trading part:

Trading, short buy-and-sell for 2011

Buy: Investment value (including commission fee), January 27, 2011: 2 405.99$
Sell value (after commission), February 22, 2011: 2 252.01$

110 days x 0.2801495205479452 $ (interest of 4.25% x 2 405.99$ / 365 = the interest per day (I made the investment using something name MARGIN) = -30.82$

TOTAL: -186.08$

Buy: Investment value (including commission fee), on January 27, 2011: 1 029.99$
Sell value (after commission), on February 9, 2011: 1 050.01$

13 days x 0.1199303424657534$ (interest of 4.25% x 1 029.99$ / 365 = the interest per day (I made the investment using something name MARGIN) = -1.56$

TOTAL: +18.46$

Buy: Investment value (including commission fee), May 6, 2011: 674.99$
Sell: Value after commission fee, June 15, 2011: 675.01$

40 days x 0.0785947260273973$ (interest of 4.25% x 674.99$ / 365 = the interest per day (I made the investment using something name MARGIN) = -3.13$

TOTAL: -3.11$

Buy: Investment value (including commission fee), August 2009 + DRIP: 2 602.56$
Investment value on May 2011: 2 297.10$

No margin involved, for once.

Buy: Investment value (including commission fee), May 6, 2011: 2 702.99$
Sell: Value after commission fee, May 9, 2011: 2 785.01$

3 days x 0.3147317123287671$ (interest of 4.25% x 2 702.99$ / 365 = the interest per day (I made the investment using something name MARGIN) = -0.94$

TOTAL: +81.08$

Buy: Investment value (including commission fee) on February 14, 2011: 1 985.99$
Sell value (after commission) on May 9, 2011: 2 040.51$
+54.52$ + 16.50$ (dividend)

23 days x 0.2312454109589041$ (interest of 4.25% x 1 985.99$ / 365 = the interest per day (I made the investment using something name MARGIN): -5.3176$

TOTAL: +65.70$

Buy: Investment value (including commission fee) on March 7, 2011: 5 027.49$
Sell value (after commission) on March 23, 2011: 5 126.01$
+ 98.52$

16 days x 0.5853926712328767$ (interest of 4.25% x 5 027.49$ / 365 = the interest per day (I made the investment using something name MARGIN) = -9.37$

TOTAL: +89.15$

Buy: Investment value (including commission fee) on May 10, 2011: 2 912.49$
Sell value (after commission) on May 10, 2011: 2 942.51$

Buy: Investment value (including commission fee) on May 13, 2011: 2 942.01$
Sell value (after commission) on May 13, 2011: 2 934.99$
TOTAL: -7.02$

Buy: Investment value (including commission fee) on May 18, 201: 1 903.99$
Sell value (after commission) on May 18, 2011: 1 930.01$

Buy: Investment value (including commission fee) on May 19, 2011: 2 961.99$
Sell value (after commission) on May 24, 2011: 3 056.01$
+ 94.02$

6 days x 0.3448892465753425$ (interest of 4.25% x 2 961.99$ / 365 = the interest per day (I made the investment using something name MARGIN) = -2.07$

TOTAL: +91.95$

Buy: HZD
Investment value (including commission fee) on May 5, 2011: 2 669.99$
Sell value (after commission) on May 5, 2011: 2 730.01$

Buy: HZD
Investment value (including commission fee) on May 11, 2011: 2 729.99$
Sell value (after commission) on May 11, 2011: 2 750.01$
+ 20.02$

Investment value (including commission fee) on May 12, 2011: 3 125.99$
Sell value (after commission) on August 18, 2011: 1 878.01$
-1 247.98$

98 days x 0.3639851369863014$ (interest of 4.25% x 3 125.99$ / 365 = the interest per day (I made the investment using something name MARGIN) = -35.66$

TOTAL: -1 283.64$

Investment value (including commission fee) on January 17, 2011: 4 679.99$
Sell value (after commission) on February 7, 2011: 4 967.31$
+ 287.32$

21 days x 0.5449303424657534$ (interest of 4.25% x 4 679.99$ / 365 = the interest per day (I made the investment using something name MARGIN) = -11.44$

TOTAL: +275.88

Investment value (including commission fee) on February 7, 2011: 4 707.99$
Sell value (after commission) on February 14, 2011: 6 279.69$
+1 571.70$

7 days x $ (interest of 4.25% x 4 707.99$ / 365 = the interest per day (I made the investment using something name MARGIN) = -3.84$

TOTAL: +1 567.86$

Investment value (including commission fee) on February 14, 2011: 5 424.91$
400 units at 13.49$
Sell value (after commission) on February 15, 2011: 3986.94
300 units at 13.72$

Investment value (including commission fee) on February 22, 2011: 7 017.60$
Sell value (after commission) on March 1, 2011: 7 049.68$
+ 32.08$

7 days x 0.8171178082191781$ (interest of 4.25% x 7 017.60$ / 365 = the interest per day (I made the investment using something name MARGIN) = -5.72$

TOTAL: 26.36$


I know, I rock the place. With all the risk I took, I am extremely lucky to finish the 2011 year on a positive trading note. I work a big part of the day of this, so I hope you enjoy!

Overall, including the proper investment and day trading, I bought for over 114 000$ value in stocks this year! Funny fact, my non-registered portfolio currently worth 114 222.08$! 2011 had been a chaotic trading year. I had bought, I had sell, made money, lose money. I won’t be ever again trading like that of my life that’s for sure! Aie, aie aie!

2012 is going to be much soother for many reasons. First of all, it’s not anytime soon that I am going to buy stocks by using money from my margin account. The experience was fun, but I am extremely lucky to have gone through the whole thing without getting deep into losses. This was suicidal! I totally assume my entire investments move despite the craziness.

The whole day trading began shortly following November 2011, when Sprott launch the very fantastic Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U). I began to buy and sell PHS.U on a regular basis. At the time, silver was a rocket, it was going up-up-up!
I always promised myself that if I would be to lose control over my investments, if my loses exceed my gain, than, at that time, I will stop investing and of course, stop blogging.

At the time, I am on a negative note but I find I did very well knowing:

a) All the trading involves in 2011.
b) The level of risk I took (day trading is RISKY).
c) Bad economy worldwide.

Let’s calculate the overall if you don’t mind:

Amount of money made on trades (non-registered): +648.87$

Non-registered portfolio current value: 114 257.34$
Securities book value: 117 836.15$
-3 578.81$

Interest on debt that are part from the non-registered portfolio: -3 564.03$

Dividend gain so far: 6 768.30$

+648.87$ -3 578.81$ -3 564.03$ + 6 768.30$
= +274.33$

This means that I am finishing the year 2011 with a POSITIVE gain of +274.33$ inside my non-registered portfolio.

This is actually VERY VERY good.

Why should be happy about a gain of +274.33$?


Don’t forget: if my loses exceed my gain, its game over.

No more investments, no more blog.

As usual, I am invincible. I consider myself lucky for not finishing on a negative note actually. I know my way to calculate is like unconventional, I am not counting the 30% taxes on the dividend income ok, but a girl does what she can do.

Will 2012 be as much WILD?

We are going to find out soon...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hot chick with a 112 738.93$ non-registered portfolio

Who's that girl?


Of course........

I think we may be on the road to finish the year 2011 on a positive note. The situation seems to get better in Europe. At least, the situation is getting stabilize. And that’s a good thing. And all the good things going on right now are just adding up to my portfolio. I am at a very good 112 738.93$ in my non-registered portfolio. I have the possibility to hit the 115k very easily in a good market condition. I feel the overall 200k is SO NEAR BY! We’ll see how it goes, but my feeling is good. I am going to go back to the 117k really soon. It’s now just a matter of when. And when it will happen, it will be a day of celebration.

My latest investment in Agrium Inc. (AGU) had been one of the greatest moves EVER. On December 14, I invested in Agrium. At the time, I bought stocks at 67.20$. Agrium Inc. (AGU) closed today session at 69.76$! This is very good and stuff like this really helps me to beat the internal capital loss I am experiencing right now in my portfolio. I don’t mind handling that shit of stock market we are in right now but I need to see a recovery and at 112k+, I am actually seeing a sign meaning: you bitch know how to invest FOR SURE. KIND OF.

Are you Christmas ready?

I am :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Remember the name: XOXOX – Part 2

It doesn’t seem like it, but I am currently very busy. It’s the 2011 year count down! Only less than 2 weeks to DO EVERYTHING that needed to be done for 2011! CRAZY! LOL!!! Anyway, one of the thing I had to do and was a real misery is to contact Revenu Québec regarding the letter they send me the other day. I call the Mrs. XOXOX who handles MY case. Well, the lady that I previously exposed the name instead of this ridiculous XOXO was.... in vacations! Thank YOU! Very extremely helpful! I spoke to someone, explain I need a delay to have the case close and classify... I took the name of the guy of course but I won’t write it in here LOL! I call them because I try and I try to speak to someone at my old job but could only reach voicemail.

So I call Revenu Québec saying I couldn’t reach no one and that I needed more than just 21 days to lode the thing. So than I was told that the insurance could provide the letter needed. I call the insurance company I had at the time, which was Desjardins and it didn’t take long, I was told I will be provided a letter really soon. I didn’t have too many explanations to provide, as I was told those kinds of letters are quite common. So Quebeckers are not that full of shit after all. :)

All this is concerning the medical insurance related to the RAMQ. Something happen. No matter what, I am ready to fight and FIGHT hard. So by ready! I am going to start with the letter and if it turns out to be ugly, I am going to move to the next level, if you see what I mean. The name will simply be put back on my blog. I know, but if you decided to be a bad girl, need to be very very badddddddd.

Quebec province is not going to get a single penny out of me. NO WAY! I must admit, at a point, I was eligible to get my employer insurance but I didn’t want to get it. Remember me: I am the lady who’s NEVER sick. And this is true! I was in Quebec for the past eight years or so and I NEVER went to the hospital, never went for a medical visit at a clinic, never went to a CLSC. I never benefit from anything of that damn Quebec health system. So I paid and I paid like crazy, but I never benefit of ANYTHING. And forget about getting medications. I don't need any of that either, luckily.

I look pretty sharp like that, but each single time I get something from that Revenu Québec shit, I am the one who`s wrong, like all the time F*! Anyway, I cannot wait. While being with the phone with a probably very hot guy from Revenu Québec, I asked if he known how much I own Revenu Québec. He couldn’t tell because the letter was needed. I have other things to do than just talk to some probably very handsome gentleman over the phone you know!... WHATTTTTTTTTTT. LOL.

It seems like that Mrs. XOXOX is specifically assigned to the RAMQ cases like mine. Must be a very badly boring jobbbbbbb! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Merry Christmas Quebeckers and Happy New Years....... even to YOU! LALALA.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tim Hortons (THI): a Gordon Pape super stocks. Really?

So far for 2011, Gordon Pape super stocks selection is: Enbridge Inc. (ENB), Canadian National Railway Co (CNR), BCE Inc. (BCE), Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD) and Fortis Inc. (FTS). To this selection, Gordon Pape recently adds Tim Hortons (THI). Why oh why? But hey, Gordon Pape is Gordon Pape. He’s certainly not the Dividend Girl! lol! I appreciate Gordon Pape but sometime, I totally disagree on what he says. However, you cannot have better TFSA advices than those provide by Gordon Pape. He knows it all when it comes to the financial non-sense literature, so got to pay the guy some respect. At least.

Among Gordon Pape super stocks, I hold ENB, CNR and FTS. During the 2011 financial year, I had invested in TD Bank, but I sold the investment at profit after a couple of weeks of holding. I am not a fan of everything related to finance. I only hold a couple of financial stocks: Sprott Inc. (SII), Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) and Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH). The reason why I don’t like financial stocks is because they are too sensible to the stock market volatility to be massively hold inside a valuable investment portfolio.

And what about BCE Inc. (BCE)? I exposed my view on BCE Inc. (BCE) before. I don’t think BCE is a good stock to invest in for multiple reasons that you can read on here.

Is Tim Hortons (THI) a good investment? I do go to the Tim Hortons once in a while. For Christmas, I bought my father a 50$ Tim Hortons card. I really didn’t know what to offer and a Tim card was perfect because he goes to the Tim Hortons quite often. So when it come to Tim Hortons, I know the place, I know the products.

However, at 49.03$ per stock, I find Tim Hortons (THI) stock price quite expensive for a company only selling coffees, bagels and donuts among other. On top of an expensive stock price, the dividend yield is low. Only 1.387%. Who’s making profit on Tim Hortons (THI) lucrative business? Certainly not the investors – and certainly not the employees either who are, for the vast majority of them, probably receiving a minimum wage salary. The company is not really generous in term of wage and dividend. Those are 2 factors to take into consideration. Here’s something else that will help you understand better my position regarding Tim Hortons (THI).

At 30.27$, my Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL) is much lower in term of stock price or value, but pay a lot more in dividend – 5.154%. I began to invest in PPL when stock price was under the 15$. Enormous gain $$$.

We cannot compare Tim Hortons (THI) to Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL) in any way, but you can certainly get better for your money than THI. At this point, THI is in among its highest value. I don’t think that Tim Hortons worth 49.03$ per stock. I don’t believe in that over rated stock value.

It could be a good idea to eventually add a few stock of Tim Hortons (THI) in my portfolio to add up to my internal diversification, but at 49.03$ per stock, it’s something that really needs to be think of. I prefer to invest in other companies. Agrium Inc. (AGU) was my latest investment and it was a good one. Now, my only problem being what’s going to be my next investment? That's the eternal question.

Fact is, it has become a real challenge to invest these days. I do my best to add new stuff in every month but it’s really not easy. It’s getting more and more difficult to pick stock. 

More money, more problems.

Look who has a non-registered portfolio worth 110 554$!

Of course, that person is ME! This is quite good compared to the 109k of a couple of days ago. My newest investment in Agrium Inc. (AGU) is performing well. Overall, my situation is improving. Currently, in my non-registered portfolio, I am experiencing a loss of 7 246.30$. I had invested a total of 117 800.30$.

117 800.30$ - 110 554$ = 7 246.30$

Not too long ago, the capital loss was only of 5k. It’s doesn’t take that much in order for me to stabilize the situation. Once the market rebound, that 7k capital loss will simply not be there anymore. This is paper stuff related.

I am not experiencing a direct capital loss of 7 246.30$ in my portfolio. A capital loss is direct when it results from the sale of stocks. However, while holding, everything is possible, especially with a blue chips oriented portfolio. And that’s exactly what I am looking into: to get a maximum of high quality Canadian blue chips in my already super-super portfolio to stabilize the value, upgrade the dividend income and rock the TSX ok.

While facing capital loss in stuff you hold, it’s really important to analyze the situation. With my actual position, I feel comfortable. I can go to work during daytime and I know for sure that my portfolio value won’t collapse overnight. Fact is, we live in a capitalist system and retail investors like you and I need to take advantage of the shitty system. Being exposed to the stock world involved dealing with a lot of risk, but it’s also rewarding. However, it takes good nerves to be able to support the market volatility. Just that part will decide if you are going to win or lose on the market. For 2011, I am not winning, but I am established for the long term. And while waiting for my portfolio to BOOST in value, I will simply to another thing that I do best: I will just keep the entertainment ON.

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