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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Investment ideas for the year 2012: newest stock picks

Following good investing moves like the one places on TRP, ENB, MX, FTS and many other, does the TSX has anything else to offer me? Well, a special reader came to the rescue and look at what I find in the list of special stocks that are supposed to perform well in 2012:

Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX)
Current value: 46.15$
52 week low: 42.06$
52 week high: 55.36$
Dividend yield: 0.988%

Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (REF.UN)
Current value: 35.40$
52 week low: 30.32$
52 week high: 36.62$
Dividend yield: 4.068%

Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited (CTC.A)
Current value: 65.90$
52 week low: 51.80$
52 week high: 68.93$
Dividend yield: 1.821%

Canadian Utilities Limited (CU)
Current value: 61.54$
52 week low: 47.95$
52 week high: 64.36$
Dividend yield: 0.403%

Empire Company Limited (EMP.A)
Current value: 59.11$
52 week low: 50.66$
52 week high: 64.24$
Dividend yield: 1.523%

Toromont Industries Ltd. (TIH)
Current value: 21.32$
52 week low: 15.39$
52 week high: 21.46$
Dividend yield: 2.064%

Yamana Gold Inc. (YRI)
Current value: 15.02$
52 week low: 10.87$
52 week high: 17.39$
Dividend yield: 1.35%

I pick those following their chart for the past 10 years. YRI chart is not exactly of a rocking rocket, but the stock seems to be a great performer despite all. Otherwise, the 10 year chart for Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX), Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (REF.UN), Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited (CTC.A), Canadian Utilities Limited (CU), Empire Company Limited (EMP.A), Metro Inc. (MRU.A) and Toromont Industries Ltd. (TIH) has all pretty awesome chart.

As you can see, the dividend yield is very low.

The only exception will be Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (REF.UN). REF.UN offered a good 4.08% dividend yield. Fact is, in those difficult financial times, better focus on quality stock rather than running after high dividend yield. High dividend yields are too often associated with what I had named around here “troublemaker stocks”. Remember my investment in Yellow Media Inc. (YLO)? This poorly managed Quebec company was offering a dividend yield of more than 10%. I had held the stock for a while but I had sell YLO just before in take an in deep plunge. That was a couple of months ago in 2011. I was lucky in my move. Do you realized what would have happen if I would have hold YLO? I would have lost thousands of dollars. Currently, YLO is in real bad shape and is nothing more than a penny stock. Remember: better to stay away from Quebec companies when it comes to investment. You’ll have to satisfy your taste of glory somewhere else than in Quebec province, that’s for sure.

Susan Brunner fabulous stock analysis

I have a long way to go before I can analyse stocks the way Susan Brunner does. Her analysis’s are always very good and I have pick stocks on her blog without her authorization (lol) more than once. When it comes to stocks, I will take everything I can, I will press the lemon until there’s no juice. I had picked ATP from Susan Brunner by the way. I did great on the stock.

According to Susan Brunner, Gordon Pape had a good word for ABX at the 2011 Money Show. Good.

Luckily, Susan Brunner is actively following Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (REF.UN). Overall, Susan is pleased with this investment. A1


Did Susan Brunner review Canadian Tire Corporation? Let see.

And what Susan Brunner has to say about Canadian Tire? To do it quick, I will just say her yearly return on the stock: 11.2%.


Susan Brunner does not hold Canadian Utilities Limited (CU) but she says that CU is known to be well-managed. Good enough!


According to my search, Susan Brunner did not review Empire Company Limited (EMP.A) yet.

When it comes to Toromont Industries Ltd. (TIH), it’s another story. Susan had been holding TIH since 2006 and made a fantastic return of more than 6% on the stock. You can read her review here.

Susan did not review Yamana Gold Inc. (YRI) yet. I don’t think so.

Overall, all of the stock mentions below have a fantastic chart. Most of those stocks had been reviewed by Susan Brunner and they could eventually join in my portfolio because they had what I considered a positive review.

This is probably going to be my last post of 2011.

Nothing better to begin the New Year with new investment ideas. Don't you think so?

Happy New Year!

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