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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Look who has a non-registered portfolio worth 110 554$!

Of course, that person is ME! This is quite good compared to the 109k of a couple of days ago. My newest investment in Agrium Inc. (AGU) is performing well. Overall, my situation is improving. Currently, in my non-registered portfolio, I am experiencing a loss of 7 246.30$. I had invested a total of 117 800.30$.

117 800.30$ - 110 554$ = 7 246.30$

Not too long ago, the capital loss was only of 5k. It’s doesn’t take that much in order for me to stabilize the situation. Once the market rebound, that 7k capital loss will simply not be there anymore. This is paper stuff related.

I am not experiencing a direct capital loss of 7 246.30$ in my portfolio. A capital loss is direct when it results from the sale of stocks. However, while holding, everything is possible, especially with a blue chips oriented portfolio. And that’s exactly what I am looking into: to get a maximum of high quality Canadian blue chips in my already super-super portfolio to stabilize the value, upgrade the dividend income and rock the TSX ok.

While facing capital loss in stuff you hold, it’s really important to analyze the situation. With my actual position, I feel comfortable. I can go to work during daytime and I know for sure that my portfolio value won’t collapse overnight. Fact is, we live in a capitalist system and retail investors like you and I need to take advantage of the shitty system. Being exposed to the stock world involved dealing with a lot of risk, but it’s also rewarding. However, it takes good nerves to be able to support the market volatility. Just that part will decide if you are going to win or lose on the market. For 2011, I am not winning, but I am established for the long term. And while waiting for my portfolio to BOOST in value, I will simply to another thing that I do best: I will just keep the entertainment ON.


Anonymous said...

Be careful how you calculate your loss. That 7,000 in loss doesn't include the over 1,000 you lost selling HZD, and other stocks you sold at a loss.

Sunny said...

I always fully exposed my financial situation. I cannot repeat myself over and over again about the same damn thing.

If you area aware of my 1000$ loss in HZD, it's because it's been publicly exposed.

This post was exclusively about my non-registered portfolio and what I currently hold in it.

I also loss around 300$ in YLO. It bring the whole loss to around 9k.

I will probably earned 7k in dividend by the end of the year. 9k - 7k = -2k in loss. Add the interest of the debt: around 4-5k.

This bring the overall thing to a 7k loss anyway.

This do not include the capital gain made this sell by trading silver, TD and other. so overall, my loss is a bit less than 7k.


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