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Monday, December 12, 2011

Remember the name: XOXOX

Want to get another proof of Quebeckers very limited intelligence?

Ok, here we go again.


XOXOXO is the person from Revenu Québec who’s currently reviewing my 2009 tax declaration. I have absolutely nothing to hide. I don’t have any problem at getting verified, but please, don’t act stupidly. I generally make 40k+ a year, quite not bad salary. The woman is going to get the hell of a job to do on my declaration because while living in Quebec province, I had been working at different jobs at the same time, on top of that, I had a mix of investment incomes, RRSP contribution, TFSA, I also had a little income coming from this blog. Absolutely EVERYTHING had been declared. Absolutely everything. I am clean. I am not into dope. 2009 had been quite a good year financially speaking.

I am not a cheater. I am not a liar. I am like that on this blog and as well as in life.

I am perfect, just like my investment portfolio is.

I am not that perfect actually. I cannot take any bullshit coming from Quebeckers!

I had received a letter from that lady asking me to get a letter from the insurance company I had at the time. It’s concerning my contribution to the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ). She wants to know how much the insurance company had contributed to the RAMQ. In English, you could translate the RAMQ by the provincial health insurance.

I unfortunately lived in Quebec province for many years and I know too well that their system does not worth shit! No want can actually came here and say that I am saying wrong about this! You really need to experiment Quebec mediocrity by yourself to have a real sense of what the shit is all about.

While living in Quebec for several years, I NEVER had the chance to benefit from the health system. I never been to the hospital, I never been able to find a family doctor, I NEVER had my annual check-up down, I NEVER went to the CLSC, I NEVER went to a Quebec hospital of my life, NEVER. I NEVER received any services coming from the Quebec provincial system.

I am very lucky, I am actually NEVER sick. I am a kick-ass investor and my “ass” is in good shape thank you very much. You don’t know what you read here until you get a real sense of what this whole blog is all about. It’s about money, it’s about power, it’s about being Canadian.

I don’t want to have anything to do with a province that is not loyal to Canada. Fact is, Quebec province cannot handle its provincial health system. I had paid for a service that I NEVER of my years living in Quebec been able to benefit. And now, those idiots of Quebeckers are asking me a proof that I had paid for a service that no one allow me to benefit!

What the hell!

Only Quebeckers can be that dumb.

The letter include my social insurance number. Not very intelligent to add in a letter my social insurance number.

What I am going to do is fill a complaint and ask why I am getting verified over a service I never been able to benefit. I am going to sue the poor Quebec government with a small claim just to really pissed them off. You’re not going to pissed on me but on yourself!

Quebec system is all fuck up. Living in Quebec was a total waste of time for me. The taxes are extremely high and on top of that, the social environment is crap.

To XOXOXO; go check the 2009 tax declaration of Brian Mulroney to see if he had steal money from Canadians once again!

Check declaration of criminals like Brian Mulroney but don’t after me playing it smart with you RAMQ.

I am not a criminal and the RAMQ had been paid by the insurance of my employer.

Stay away from Quebec province if not, the same thing could happen to you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny - For what it's worth, I miss the times when this blog was more about investing, and less about politics. This is not to say that I disagree with your sentiment, but rather, that we are aware of your viewpoint, and it would be nice to read some more about your financials rather than expletive-riddled rants on Quebec. I gather that most people who have added you to their reel as I have, are interested in your investing journey, and come to see your experiences and progress.

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Chin up, NB is a great place to be.

Ruth said...

You know Sunny, there is always the chance you just may meet a Quebeker and fall in love and marry him! lol

Funny said...

Sunny, you are very funny. After all this post can only be a comedy, right? Are you mad that you paid insurance premium and never had to benefit from it?

2 said...

Once again, it shows us all how very little knowledge you have about economy. It would be nice, instead of ranting like a 7 years-old child who probably speaks better English than you, to explain us all something about the Quebec health care system! You know shit about it and yet you complain. Like one poster said, if you pay for car and health insurance you might be aware that you needn't to use it to pay fees and premiums. What about federal taxes? Where does all that money go you think? And what if YOU had to use the health care system in Quebec? Wouldn't you be happy that it is free?

And come on... I find you very harsh and racist in your comments when you generalize the whole Quebec. It is SO easy to post racist comments. I guess any posters here could take you on about your origins. Wow New Brunswick is SO much better! Who doesn't want to live in NB here? Come on people! New Brunswick!

And anyway it is not like you DID try to be successful in Quebec. I guess you truly got hurt by something or someone there and you couldn't deal with it. It is easier to put the blame onto others when facing failures.


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