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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Remember the name: XOXOX – Part 2

It doesn’t seem like it, but I am currently very busy. It’s the 2011 year count down! Only less than 2 weeks to DO EVERYTHING that needed to be done for 2011! CRAZY! LOL!!! Anyway, one of the thing I had to do and was a real misery is to contact Revenu Québec regarding the letter they send me the other day. I call the Mrs. XOXOX who handles MY case. Well, the lady that I previously exposed the name instead of this ridiculous XOXO was.... in vacations! Thank YOU! Very extremely helpful! I spoke to someone, explain I need a delay to have the case close and classify... I took the name of the guy of course but I won’t write it in here LOL! I call them because I try and I try to speak to someone at my old job but could only reach voicemail.

So I call Revenu Québec saying I couldn’t reach no one and that I needed more than just 21 days to lode the thing. So than I was told that the insurance could provide the letter needed. I call the insurance company I had at the time, which was Desjardins and it didn’t take long, I was told I will be provided a letter really soon. I didn’t have too many explanations to provide, as I was told those kinds of letters are quite common. So Quebeckers are not that full of shit after all. :)

All this is concerning the medical insurance related to the RAMQ. Something happen. No matter what, I am ready to fight and FIGHT hard. So by ready! I am going to start with the letter and if it turns out to be ugly, I am going to move to the next level, if you see what I mean. The name will simply be put back on my blog. I know, but if you decided to be a bad girl, need to be very very badddddddd.

Quebec province is not going to get a single penny out of me. NO WAY! I must admit, at a point, I was eligible to get my employer insurance but I didn’t want to get it. Remember me: I am the lady who’s NEVER sick. And this is true! I was in Quebec for the past eight years or so and I NEVER went to the hospital, never went for a medical visit at a clinic, never went to a CLSC. I never benefit from anything of that damn Quebec health system. So I paid and I paid like crazy, but I never benefit of ANYTHING. And forget about getting medications. I don't need any of that either, luckily.

I look pretty sharp like that, but each single time I get something from that Revenu Québec shit, I am the one who`s wrong, like all the time F*! Anyway, I cannot wait. While being with the phone with a probably very hot guy from Revenu Québec, I asked if he known how much I own Revenu Québec. He couldn’t tell because the letter was needed. I have other things to do than just talk to some probably very handsome gentleman over the phone you know!... WHATTTTTTTTTTT. LOL.

It seems like that Mrs. XOXOX is specifically assigned to the RAMQ cases like mine. Must be a very badly boring jobbbbbbb! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Merry Christmas Quebeckers and Happy New Years....... even to YOU! LALALA.

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