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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Missing 18 000$ to reach my first 50 000$: can I make it this year?

If I want to reach my first 50 000$ this year, I will have to save an average of 1 500$ per month, which I find quite difficult to do, since for now I have to work 50 hours each week to receive bi-weekly a 1 000$ paycheck. Unfortunately for me, I cannot live on 500$ monthly. My average expenses for a month is about 1 200$. So I am currently able to save something like 800$ per month for now, with the one and only job I have. I now only have one job.

Starting from next week, I will have a regular schedule, which I ask for a long time ago. I am supposed to get a regular schedule, with weekend off. It will make it much easier to get another job, a part-time one. I was also thinking about trying to make money from Internet. I try it before, but it didn’t work out. But I can’t say that I really try.

To be able to save 1 500$ per month, I will need to have a monthly income of 2 700$ per month, which is not impossible and it’s quite realizable to make an extra 700$ by having a second job.

But the problem is that we are almost at the end of February, and I know I won’t be able to save this month, March and April that much. I ma trying to pay that 2 381.17$ debt I have in credit card. I paid 1 000$ this week, I will pay 1 000$ in March and in April, I will pay the rest, which should be around of 400$ or so…. It’s even more difficult to save because of this credit card debt, but fortunately, it’s not a major credit card debt.

It will be quite difficult to reach my first 50 000$ this year, but it’s not impossible. First step is to find a part-time job as quickly as possible.

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