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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

RRSP nightmare

I just get through my papers for 2007 tax. I was scared that I put too much in RRSP.... The maximum I was able to put in my RRSP was 5 712$ for 2007....... I almost stop breathing yesterday when I went to get my mails.... I get a receipt for 2007 RRSP coming from London Life. I totally forgot that my late employer was putting money in my RRSP. I was with that employer until June 2007... Anyway, I totally forget about that one.

What I had in mind for my RRSP was to put 5 000$ in it. And I taught that I had put that about in so far... So when came that letter yesterday of 1 137.78$ that had been put from my late employer in my 2007 RRSP, I was shocked and I was really scared that I pass out the 5 712$ that I am eligible to put in for 2007.

I calculate and calculate again......

London Life: 1 137.78$
Canada Trust: 1 500$
CIBC: 1 000$
RBC: 1 500$
Desjardins: 500$

TOTAL: 5 637.78$

It was a short one... Since the advisors of the bank where I went to give my RRSP papers immediately after doing the transaction, if it's not of Caisse Desjardins, because I don't have an account in one of Montreal Desjardins Bank, I believe I am ok for this year, but it was a short one....... I was so sure that I already put in 5 000$ in my 2007 RRSP for whatever reason... But I know I only put 500$ at Desjardins because I can see it online, via my bank account.

If I would have passed out the 5 712$, I don't know what I would have done... Anyway, enough is enough. I have been working so hard, I don't even remember how much I have put where. In previous post, I was saying that it was 2 500$ that I had invested, in 2 separate times... I just corrected those posts. First time it was 2 500$, second time less..... But I don't want to calculate, I mess up so much around, it's hilarious.

I am so bad with the numbers and I am so tired of the 2007 taxes thing. I can wait it will be all done. I was off yesterday and I took time to place my papers in order so it will be easier when it will come time to see someone to do my taxes for me.

But I didn't receive all my taxes paper. I am missing 2 from employers, one from government because I receive a little tiny 300$ and something for the unemployed insurance and one from Desjardins, for the mutual fund I have, non RRSP. So I cannot do anything now. I also have to remember my banks paper from ING Direct and Desjardins.... what a nightmare lol.... I was all confused yesterday and I had one of those hard times...

I can't imagine what is like to be a millionaire and doing taxes. I already have so many problems to get through my little life the way it is right now. In my fifty, I am going to have a lot of fun. The problem will be that there will be money under my name all over the place, and if it's difficult now, what it will be in about 30 years... lol

Anyway, for good news, I receive the paper coming from RBC regarding the non RRSP mutual funds I have with them. I made around 700$ with those mutual funds, which is really good, but unfortunately, I just lost that money in January, with the crash we had.... The only place I didn't lost money is with a placement I did in 2005, at Desjardins, with my super Fidelity Frontière Nord.

Now that I am completely done with RRSP and that things don't look to good regarding mutual funds, I prefer to wait a little before investing again and I prefer to get off credit card debt, like I previously post about. Since I have more than 8 000$ in regular savings, plus non RRSP investments, the best thing I can do for now is pay out debt.

I receive by pay check today after
midnight and I really hope to be able to get the famous 1 000$ pay check after taxes, for 2 weeks of work. I already pay all my expenses for February, and I was planning to give the totality of the pay check to pay off that credit card debt of mine. On that 2 000$ and something, I pay 17$ in interest, which irritated me. And knowing I am currently making no money from my investments right now, the best thing to do is to pay off that debts I believe, especially the credit card debt.

I didn't find a second job yet. I plan to get one, but I didn't do major searches. I am at a cafe right now and I am searching for job. I get some kind of tired and confused for now so I plan to search more seriously at the beginning of March, maybe earlier, but it's difficult for me at this time.


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