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Thursday, February 21, 2008

My TD 2007 RRSP Portfolio: the best of the best

I was so proud of myself to get what I wanted from TD. I follow day by day the performance of my TD 2007 RRSP portfolio. What I call portfolio is a mix of the following mutual funds:

TD Entertainment & Communications
TD U.S. Mid-Cap Growth
TD Latin American Growth
TD Precious Metals
TD Dividend Growth
TD Monthly Income
TD Canadian Bond
TD Emerging Markets
TD Energy

I wasn’t able to get those right away, but at the end, I finally got what I wanted and I was quite lucky, knowing just the little money I had invest in each of those funds (100$ initial investment in each, except for the TD Dividend Growth in which I invest 200$).

Since January 2008, the month I made my initial investment, the overall portfolio didn’t do so badly, it went down to 996$ once, and now, in date of yesterday, it’s up to a super 1 012.13$!!!

For me who like mutual funds that much, I find it very hard to pay out my credit debt instead of investing in mutual funds. I would like to have a similar portfolio in non RRSP. If I was able to get it once, I should be able to get it twice. Even outside RRSP investment, the minimum investment is only of 100$ per mutual funds. Which I wonder why, because it’s the only bank I think who ask for an as low minimum. And knowing what kind of funds have TD, I just find it great that someone can invest as low as 100$ in any of their best funds.

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