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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Still no part-time job yet

I am so disappointed, I didn't find a part-time job yet and I am in need of one now. I went to a Linkin Park concert at the Bell Centre on February 22. I gave 40$ to my friend for the ticket, but to that 40 bucks, add money for beer(s), a t-shirt at 35$, and 10$ for stickers… At the end, it do cost a lot, and I gave 1 000$ this month to pay on my credit card. It’s a good thing I don’t go out too much often, it do cost a lot. I am just thinking about my New Year Eve, when I finish the night in an hotel room with the same friend because we couldn’t find a taxi….. or were too … to find one…….. “Taxi, taxi, we need a taxi….”, that’s the way I call for a taxi when I am … But the taxi never come, so we had to find a hotel room, which was easier to find than a taxi…lol!

My 1 000$ check for my credit card, had been taked. I had to say bye bye to a 1 000$. I have been with that debt for a long time now so it was about time I get serious about getting out of credit card debt.

I should be ok to get another 1 000$ on my next pay check. I just hope things will remain the same for the next 2 months. I really want to pay off that credit card debt for goods. But what appear difficult for me now is to remain debt free. Once that credit card is pay off, my student loan will remain. That one doesn’t bother me that much. There was a period of time, was before I start blogging, were I pay 1 000$ per month on my student loan. I did so for about 6 months. Which shortly after I invest in my first fund, Fidelity Frontière Nord. I know I can stay debt free, I just have to stay focus.

My search for a part-time job continues. I had found some part-time job; it could have work out if not of my work schedule. I didn’t really try that hard to find a part time job. I am going to look more seriously this evening. And than, I hope it will work out. I was thinking maybe just work on Saturday and Sunday. During weekdays, my shift at work only begins at 3 pm.

I am off today from my job, but I sleep most of the day. I begin my day at 3 pm, and I have a funny taught, I would like to invest 500$ in the CIBC Monthly Income Fund, non RRSP of course, I don’t want the nightmare to continue… (see previous post “RRSP nightmare” )

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