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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting a taste of the Beast at the Montreal Jazz Festival

Yesterday, the TSX lost 343 points and yesterday, I wasn’t in front of my laptop, counting my losses, I was at the Montreal Jazz Festival. I discove one of the most original Montreal band: Beast. Beast was giving a free concert at Montreal Jazz Festival and it was an awesome show! I after listen to their music online. But it’s soo not the same thing! I hope people go went see their show because it’s the best way to discove their music. Not that it’s better in live, but it’s different when you listen to Beast music at home in a quiet one and a half apartment. Beast is not made to be listening in quiet places. Need some noises and an atmosphere to appreciate. My favorite song of Beast seem to be name Mange ta ville. You can listen to it here.

When I saw yesterday that the TSX was loosing points like crazy, I was concerned, of course, but it was like a déjà vu sensation. Like you know, I already went through a major crash in 2008, and now, its back. This time, the loss are not that major. The TSX gain a couple of points today, which is a good sign. The stock market is quite fragile, I prefer to stay away, enjoy the Jazz Festival. And I have to say, I had quite enjoy it so far. This evening, I took a rest from the Festival. My place was getting distusting and I had no more clean clothes to wear. When the market fall, the best thing to do is, of course, not to sell, just keep going, to something else than counting the money loss. I should be more concerned by all the money loss, but if I decided to invest my money in stocks and other, its for a long run. And I belive that no one should be afraid, no one should sell. Not now. Regarding yesterday loses, Barack Obama himself said he was optimisted and it seem he really wanted to calm investors. It work for me, Barack Obama could tell me to take a wild run into traffic that I would do it. You know, like me and Obama, its for life. So it Barack Obama is optimisted, I am too. And of course, I won’t sell my investment and you should do exactly the same thing, best friend advice. So far in my investment, I had been lucky enough to manage myself in a way that it alow me to keep my assets on the market. I never had to sell an investment in which I had loss money. I had loss money, but I like to say that no loss is official until losses are declared, meaning that there is no losses until the assets is sell. So technically speaking, I didn’t loose so far in my investment life any money at all and this is making me the best of all. I mean the best investor see. lol……

You have to laugh in those difficult time and not to sell your investments is extremely important at this point. The market will again one day reach the 15 000 points and when it will, we’ll all say, we are back in 2008. Just like in 2008. So strange because I open my broker account at TD Waterhouse just before the stocks crash. I like to think about it in a way that God decided it was going to be this way for me so I can take advantage at what in passing by. Either it is a recession, a laid off from BMO Bank of Montreal or buying stocks at a great price value. You know, that kind of deal.

The stock market is all crap, but companies are still paying dividend. And talking about dividend, I had received lately 16.65$ from Methanex Corporation (MX), 15.33$ from
Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN) and 21.60$ from The Consumers’ Waterheater Income Fund (CWI.UN). I finally got my Consumers’ Waterheater to DRIP. I had around 32$ in cash in my broker account. The money will go as payment on my credit line. At this time, I had to choose between making another investment (again!) or keep the money in cash in case of need. I decided to pay off my credit line a bit. I am working this weekend at my weekend job but as for now, it’s a week to week situation as a lack of work is coming to hit me soon.

This is actually really funny in a way because in the last couple of weeks, I said that my next investment was going to be 100 stocks of Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A). Yesterday, when the TSX was loosing more than 300 points, most of the companies I had invested in had lost value. But one company had gain value in my portfolio yesterday. Just one. And that one was Corby Distilleries (CDL.A). Believe it or not, yesterday, Corby Distilleries had finished the day at 15.85$ per stock! Guess I am now a good stock picker! Because its all about the pick, investment in stocks is only about the company that you yourself will choose. I should say that Derek Foster is a good stock picker and I am pretty damn good to follow his picks! There’s something about magic when it comes to Corby Distilleries (CDL.A), I am telling you.

Happy Canada Day to all real Canadians. :O)

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u know Sunny, i wonder if one would be better to do GIC'S in ladder formation to give a monthly income, the way the stocks are going, we are paying ourselves the dividends out of our capital...i guess one could say that is okay as long as you don't sell but i was lucky to get my house money in GiC's for 5% and i get a nice amount each year guaranteed...just a thought about our investing, look at yellow pages.


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