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Friday, April 15, 2011

In 2011, Jean-François Tardif is missing the spotlight

I cannot help it, I am a fan! The good looking Jean-François Tardif had been quiet since his too early retirement as a super hedge fund manager. The HubPage I wrote about him a few months back is as much hilarious as this blog post title!

These days, Jean-François Tardif is turning himself not into silver like his ex boss Eric Sprott... but into FOOD! Because everyone got to eat, even the Dividend Girl! Actually, after my rent, food is a major expensive in which I  have to cut. Anyhow, before or after announcing his retirement in 2010, Jean-François Tardif won a Globe and Mail title for his hot stock pick Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH). Following what, I was, as a good investor, investing in Tardif hot Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH). And I never regret it. The title can be volatile, but it’s not an outrageous volatility. I invested again in PBH a couple of weeks ago in order to qualify for their latest dividend. Following what, PBH hit a close 18$ per stock. Currently, PBH is under 17$ per stock. Probably, PBH won’t stay for long under the 17$ mark.

Mutual funds columnist Rudy Luukko from The Star had wrote an article in which he incorporate some of Jean-François Tardif comments. Very informative. PBH is in the food sector. We can easily imagine a PBH hitting the 18$ very soon. Because like always, Jean-François Tardif knows what he’s talking about. Not bad for a Quebecker. Not bad at all. And really soon, Jean-François Tardif will have a new golf partner, Eric Sprott who will probably be retiring soon.


2 said...

So what is your logic behind this investment?

Sunny said...

The logic? Well, PBH is a stock recommendation made by Jean-François Tardif himself. He had won a stock pick contest of the Globe and Mail with it, back in the days. Is that enough logic for you ;0) lol...

Bolo said...

What a Logic!

How about reading those Balance sheets?


pattirose said...

Bolo: Why do you feel the need to leave a sarcastic and mean comment? Where is the logic in that?

Sunny said...

Hi Pattirose, don't worry about those type of comments. It's coming from individuals who probably don't even have a penny at their names so who care. I am publishing it for that reason. To show the stupidity. I like those idiots.

2 said...

Hi Sunny. I hope you aren't seeing me as an "idiot" here :)

Anonymous said...

I think it is important to be able to read balance sheets and income statements (and cash flow statements) to be able to determine for yourself if companies can continue to payout. Some of these high payout companies cannot. You need to be able to tell the good ones from the bad ones.


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