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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome Chatr Wireless services!

As always, writing on my blog yesterday had been extremely releasing. It’s very difficult to get things done properly while living in Montreal. I pray to be able to leave in a near future. While being in New Brunswick, I seek for work there. Fredericton offer good opportunities but it’s not exactly from where I am coming from. Anyhow, I began job seeking in the middle of February of this year while I was at home (remember the fish pictures? lol...). I am still searching, but I got quite busy since I return here in Montreal. Real seriously busy. Seem like I am running all around the place at the same time.

On Friday, I visit my usual accountable place to get my 2010 tax paper ready. I was happy to be done with it. Well, I am not exactly done as my tax declaration will be ready in about 2 weeks or so but coming from my part, I am done with it.

Do you remember Derek Foster newsletter, the one where he spoke about cell phone? Derek Foster doesn’t have a cell phone, but since last Friday, I got mine! Isn’t funny that taught about Derek Foster? Well, I guess I am a real fan! I got my cell phone activated after visiting my accountant office on Friday. I don’t have a home land-line and I had a pager since 2004 or 2005 now. A pager is a voicemail without the voice service. People can leave a voice message and when they do, the pager beep. But that’s about all. Whenever someone leave me a message, the pager beep. It work well, but there’s no way to figure out who’s calling without having to run to a pay phone.

After 5 years, I had enough. But I was trying to save money this way. Before, I found cell phone services very expensive. But Chatr Wireless is making things easier, not to talk about other unlimited wireless services offer by Public Mobile and Wind. In the Toronto area, Winds offer an unlimited data for Internet stick. I call Wind to see if the service was available for Montreal. At this time, Wind is only in Toronto. According to the Globe and Mail, it seem like Wind could be purchased by Public Mobile in a close future. It could be interesting for users. Public Mobile is available in Montreal.

I got that cute little Nokia 2220 cell phone that you see here in the picture for 50$+ taxes. It’s a basic cell phone, but I wasn’t looking for something more as I have an iPod and I can connect to Wireless on it. I don’t need a cell phone that can connect to the Wi-Fi or any fancy features. So that Nokia 2220 was perfect for me.

I got enrolled to Chatr unlimited service at 35$. It’s included unlimited call services for my local zone and everywhere in Canada. This is very good for me as I can call my family in New Brunswick and also my brother who lives in Ottawa whenever I want. So far, I did several calls using the Nokia 2220 cell phone and it seems to be working perfectly well. People I call can hear me clearly and I can hear them really clearly too. I can even but the call on speaker phone.

Chatr Wireless is very good because it’s a company own by Rogers Communications. Chatr Wireless uses the Rogers network which is reliable.

I had been trying to get my pager number import to my cell phone, but it hasn’t work so far. I will try to get this resolve tomorrow. I really got enough of my pager. I got 2 number on my pager and it was costing me something like more than 200$ per year. And to the 200$, you need to add on the cost for long distance calling cards. Having this cell phone will make things much easier for me and it will also facilitate my job search. If my 514 pager number cannot be import, I will keep my pager for another month and after, I will get rid of it. Strangely, I kept my 819 number I had when I was in Ottawa but no one call me on it since a long time now so that one can be cancel.

I got call today on my pager and I was able to listen to the message on my cell phone... lol... It was a call offering overtime at my daytime job. I got to refuse since I was working at my usual weekend job. But I plan to do overtime this week. It’s going to be hard. I just got time to do some laundry tonight after work. Yesterday evening I took it off and I went for a long walk. I walk everyday to go to work but it’s seem like it’s not enough because when I work for a long period of time, I am getting horrible back pain. So knowing what is coming up, I spent my Saturday night walking on St Laurent Boulevard one way to the other.

This overtime is my chance to pay off some heavy debt of mine. If I could pay a good 1 500$ on my debt this month – or more, that could be very great. My goal is to pay off the 10 000$ credit line I have at more than 7%. But that’s a long term goal, unless overtime is being offer for the next couple of weeks. Good night and wish me good luck. I will need it. It’s going to be a heavy working week. I hope I won't get any back pain.


Paul said...

Sunny, I think your decision to pay down your debt is very sound. Best wishes.

Unknown said...

Hi Sunny,

I found your blog while searching for "TD waterhouse presidents account", random I know. I liked the premise of your blog and started reading the entries. The similarities on paths taken actually terrified me a little =).

I graduated uni in 2007 and started investing then. I also started with mutual funds, in fact I pretty much owned the TD equivalent of your RBC funds including RBC global resource. It wasn't long before I gave up on generic bank owned managed funds, educated myself and switched to a self directed account.

Became a fan of Sprott and silver in early 2008 with their Canadian equity and Precious metals funds. My current portfolio is VERY similar to yours. A little heavier on precious metals and less in dividend paying stocks but the number of the same holdings actually shocked me and I thought the internet held no more surprises...

Anyhow I am really glad I stumbled across your blog. It's great to know other young Canadians are out there with the know how and the interest in plotting their own financial future. I also work full time but I probably spend more time researching and learning on the financial side than on my acutal job. I'm interested enough that managing my portfolio is a hobby and never a chore.

I wish you all the best in the future and I will check back on your blog in the summer after QE2 expires as I beleive that will have a huge impact on both our portfolios, I only wish I knew if it will be good or bad...

If you know already, feel free to educate me =)


Sunny said...

Thanks Paul! At this point, I feel it's important to pay off some debt. It will increase my net worth and in case of emergency, money will be available on my multiple credit lines. I am doing a lot of hours at work just for that.

Hello Mai! I am happy to receive your note. Like I am not alone who like ultra diversify portfolio. Individual portfolio should be treat like an hedge fund - be diversify in sectors and companies. It's my way to deal with risk. I am currently working on the RRSP part of my portfolio. I am also trying to pay off some debt. We'll see how it goes, but I believe nothing can go wrong while respecting the diversification rule. I went through the 2008 stock crash without too much trouble. The future can only be better, but everything rely on good US data. Love Sprott and silver rock :0)

JimM said...

Congratulations on acquiring your new cell phone, Sunny. Did I tell you that my movie, "Dewitt & Maria" was selected for a second film festival--the Love Unlimited Film Festival?
I know diversity isn't a big thing with you, but maybe you will appreciate the love part.

Sunny said...

Hi Jim,

Thanks for visiting. A cell phone is so useful. Be able to call whenever I need.. wow.. what a difference.

It's mean a big deal for me that Dewitt & Maria participate to the festival. I review the movie and I am a Dewitt & Maria fan. Wishing success AND love to all of Dewitt & Maria crew. :)


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