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Saturday, April 16, 2011

I am now at 160 575.64$

This is actually a real good surprise! I taught I was at somewhere at 157 000$, but certainly not at 160 575.64$ in asset! WOW! Its a real good surprise because since I decide to pay off some debt, instead of investing lately, well, I didn't have too much hope about seeing everything going up but it did. Paying off some debt was a good decision and I plan to continue, until my net worth increase to 90 000$. My net worth after debt is currently at 85 604.34$. I can reach my goal very easily, but I am getting exhausted among the way because my daytime job had been giving me some trouble as my schedule has change. And it has changed again for the next 2 weeks. But it's the last time, I will never accept any schedule change without any notice. Ever again. It's been disturbing me too much and I am not willing to please anymore.

I haven't update my portfolio for about a month. My investment portfolio has changed. But nothing new. I just add to what I already had. I add some new stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII), Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH) and Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH). My latest investment was in Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH), in which I add up an extra 200 stocks to what I already hold. Like always, the whole thing is registered to a DRIP. And effect is terrific. Well, judge for yourself, I am at 160k+ and out TMX goddness is under the 14 000 points. YEAH!

Champage, caviar, Louis Vuitton bag, PLEASE lol... PARTY.

But before partying... I need to give a good mention to my latest acquisitions: Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX), Colabor Group Inc. (GCL), WesternOne Equity Income Fund (WEQ.UN), TD Toronto Dominion (TD), K-Bro Linen Inc. (KBL) and Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) who all performed very well:

Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX): 1 835$
Initial investment: 1 479.99$
Profit: +355.01$

Colabor Group Inc. (GCL):
Current value: 2 586.72$
Initial investment: 2 404.79$
Profit: +181.93$

WesternOne Equity Income Fund (WEQ.UN):
Current value: 2 226.80$
Initial investment: 2 061.99$
Profit: +164.81$

TD Toronto Dominion (TD):
Current value: 2 052.25$
Initial investment: 1 985.99$
Profit: +66.26$

K-Bro Linen Inc. (KBL):
Current value: 2 186$
Initial investment: 2 034.99$
Profit: +151.01$

Exchange Income Corporation (EIF):
Current value: 2 222$
Initial investment: 1 998.99$
Profit: +223.01$

Those are small, but strong resistent profit coming from some of my latest acquisitions. Some of my investments did very well like those mentions above. Some of my older investment had done very well also, some asset that I had been holding for more a couple of months. Let's take a quick look at:

EnCana Corporation (ECA):
Current value: 6 393.30$
Initial investment: 5 980.49$
Profit: +412.81$

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS):
Current value: 6 109.70$
Initial investment: 5 680.46$
Profit: +429.24$

Methanex Corporation (MX):
Current value: 3 149.74$
Initial investment: 1 626.80$
Profit: +1 522.94$

Fortis (FTS):
Current value: 3 367.29$
Initial investment: 2 680.06$
Profit: +687.23$

Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL):
Current value: 10 061.88$
Initial investment: 6 491.02$
Profit: +3 570.86$

Just Energy Group Inc. (JE):
Current value: 9 807.30$
Initial investment: 9 116.72$
Profit: +690.58$

Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF):
Current value: 6 535.56$
Initial investment: 5 668.30$
Profit: +867.26$

Of course, some investment had been victim of the market volatility, like NFI.UN and YLO, just to name a few. But overall, my portfolio had been stable and the result well, is that brand new 160 575.64$ of mine.

I seek Safe Harbor.


The Dividend Ninja said...

Sunny keep up the good work! :) LOL your kicking some serious dividend butt here!

At some point you can pay off all your margin and credit card debt, then you will be really smiling :)

Sunny said...

Thanks Dividend Ninja! I plan to do a mix of paying off debt and investing for the next couple of months because if I just pay off debt, I will be getting seriously bored.

You cannot see, but at 160k and 85k in net worth I am really smiling. Like this actually :0) lol...

Yeah, the dividend income is kicking in. I am looking forward to see the income grow in the next couple months.


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