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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Montreal Oratoire St-Joseph is the real home of God

My mom is currently spending the Easter weekend with me. I even had my Monday off, which I was very happy. I also took off of my weekend job, which is quite unusual. Yesterday, we went for a little bit of shopping on St-Denis, close to where I live. We went for a visit of the Old Montreal and the Old Port. It was cold and windy, but it was fun. We went to the Notre-Dame Church in the Old Montreal also. Today, we went for a visit at the Oratoire St-Joseph. I never went there before. But the visit worth it.

The Basilique is very simple, but grandiose. When visiting it, my mom said: “It’s that it?”. Which amuse me. I went to several church in my life, visiting even many of them in France and I totally got what my mom wanted to say by that. Basilique, Cathédrale etc. usually have a lot of luxury in them, gold (or the color of gold), major art works, etc. Those places are not places to pray, but are more museums than the actual home of God. But it’s not the case with the Oratoire St-Joseph. The Oratoire St-Joseph is the home of God. 

I explain to my mother that the Oratoire St-Joseph is like the Saint Andre himself, humble, but grandiose. After what, my mom totally get it. But it true that the Basilique of the Oratoire St-Joseph can surprise Christians who are more used to regular churches. Personally, I think that all churches, Cathédrale, Basilique and other should be like the Basilique of the Oratoire St-Joseph, humble home of God. I will be posting some pictures soon, my mom is sleeping, I am going to bed now. Tomorrow is her last day in Montreal.

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Bridgeur said...

At least one thing you seem to like about Quebec...


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