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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Getting closer to the 120k non-registered value

I just received a very good dividend payment of 56.16$ coming from Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) and 9.55$ from iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index (XRE). My dividend income for the month of January has now exceeded the 800$, which quite good.

My non-registered portfolio is now at its highest value EVER from what I am able to remember: 119 270.27$! Yeah! Make some noises for the Dividend Girllllllllllll! YUUUUUUUUUUUU! lol

Without adding new money in, my non-registered portfolio is very close to the 120k. Nice. This capital boost is also boosting my margin account value. So what I did today is that I took 1 500$ from my margin account and I add the money to my credit line. This bring my credit line at 7 334.59$. I am at 86 724.09$ in debt. This is huge of course, but I am unfortunately not scare of debt.

It’s getting more difficult than ever before to add in some new stocks for my portfolio. I taught lately of Crescent Point Energy Corp (CPG), but it’s not adding any kind of diversification to my portfolio, if not just another pipeline energy stock in. So I at this point, I am pretty much out of aspiration when it comes to picking up some good old Canadian stocks. I totally have it all now in my portfolio and life is kind of boring now. I have in everything I ever dream of. So is it really all? Is it over?

Bah, of course not. I something have trouble to find new stuff but hey, it won’t last for long.

My debt level is quite high. For once, I plan to pay off some of my debt. I would like to be at 80 000$ in debt, not more or less and, if again I have trouble at picking up a new investment, I thing I will just keep paying down those heavy debt of mine.

I know, it sound pretty boring but it’s not my fault, I am running out of stock picks.

I guess at this point, paying down debt is the right thing to do, boring, but the right thing to do.

Watch out, because I can hear you saying: FINALLY, SHE’S GOING TO PAY SOME DEBT.

Yep, I am going to pay some debt.



Ruth said...

where is your just energy dividends...u have a great dividend income this month.

Sunny said...

Thanks Ruth. You never notice? you always get JE dividend at the beginning of the next month. On the first week of February, I will get some dividend $$$ from JE, once again.

Aaron said...

Do you have Second Cup Ltd or Gamehost Inc? Those are Canadian ones that I thought looked nice for dividends.

Ruth said...

your dividends accounts are beautiful and i hope u take some in cash and do things with it. I bought Corby, but it is down but was impressed with the special dividend..i see the canadian dollar is up...time to look at american stocks and get them in your tax free accounts so u dont pay tax on the dividend...sea drill is doing well but high. i bought magic software from Israel and it is up...did yu see Green Mountain went up i think12 bucks two days ago and another 12 yesterday..what a cash grab that was.

Sunny said...

Hi Aaron,

I don't have one or the other. I love Second Cup coffee, but its chart is too risky. That stock is not stable, dividend may be too high for what they can really afford. Its only a coffee shop after all.

Hi Ruth,

Nice to hear that you like Corby as much as I do.

pattirose said...

I own GH, it's been good to me. Casino's in Alberta are a no brainer. Nice dividend but thinly traded. LW is another nice dividend payer but also thinly traded.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at DEO traded as a US ADR & compare it to the CDL.A chart. Both are booze. Look at DEO's divi, EPS, altho yield is lower. DEO is euro- think abt performance in spite of valuation & debt crisis. I'm long ;)Cheers!

Penny Stock Blog said...

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Anonymous said...

Sunny, looking at your stocks again I noticed that a lot of them distribute a return-of-capital (ROC) instead of dividends (eg. HGY.UN). At year-end do you take note of these ROC figures, because when you sell the shares you must subtract this from your cost base - could be a big problem down the road

Anonymous said...

You only have $4,000 in your TFSA! This should be maximized out to the $20,000 you have available - but I like the risky metal stocks you put in there so far ....

Sunny said...

I didn't know about HGY, but I don't plan to sell it anyway. Its a kind of stable investment and provide a good dividend.

I did not maximize my TFSA because I have a margin account in my non-registered part and I always prefer to boost the margin value by investing directly in the non-registered account. Later on, I will be transferring some stuff for sure into my TFSA.

Ruth said...

Sunny, have you been on a heavy date as you haven't updated for a long time.. , it seems...miss the blogs.

Sunny said...

I am kind of surprise of your comment Ruth, especially after you said not too long ago that you were reading my blog only for the comments.

Have you change your mind?

Is this blog very that good? Kind of deeper than just commentators shit right. You bet.

Anonymous said...

Not that I want to encourage you to incur more debt but mbna has been offering cards at 0% for cash advances balance transfers. The cost is 1% transaction fee and that's it. I have been using this as part of my leverage.

Anonymous said...

Ruth wants you to update your blog just to generate more comments ;)

Anonymous said...

Penny Stock: Warren Buffet has access to capital that the rest of the other poor slobs don't. He also buys & holds private companies in his portfolio. Same thing with Ontario Teachers Pension Fund. They're in a completely different league with a different game. Any fund can get to a tipping point where they have excess cash/investors & no where to put it so they start buying less than top investments. When you buy Berk, you buy Buffet. If anything happens to Buffet, will there be a Berk? Anonapplesauce. ;) Cheers.

Ruth said...

Sunny, you know i have some nice stocks and i have to give you that thanks as i would probably have looked over pembina and corby and a couple of others and your blogs are interesting , yes i do like the banter as it makes it fun too. your a good sport.

My Dividend Stocks said...

Are you worried with so much debt? I've been thinking about leveraging my portfolio but I don't think I'm comfortable with so much debt.

Sunny said...

If you don't encourage me, I will just stop blogging.


I have that level of debt for quite a while and I don't worry about it.

I am a good sport AND smart AND $$$.


Ruth said...

this is the latest you have been on your blogging Sunny and i have to agree with you on a subject not pertaining to money but to Quebec. i am reading the Shafia murders and found a most interesting bit of news.Quebec immigrant investor program, provides visas to affluent foreigners in exchange for a hefty cheque made out to the province for $400,000 and now it is $800,000 , found that interesting. Macleans mag.

Sunny said...

There's a bunch of morons living in Quebec province and today, quebeckers are responsible for the death of 3 women. those school girls talked to social workers, DPJ, Youth Protection Services, they talked about their situation BUT NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO HELP THEM. Quebec society is just an immense piece of shit. Quebec society is slowly killing its immigrants one after the other. The deterioration is slowly and continuous.

Quebec is most highly taxes province, but it's enough of that, they like to kill their people.

Social workers who did not done their jobs properly should go to prison and just died there.

Now you have a living proof that what I am telling is true: never trust a Quebecker, DON'T EVER GO live THERE, you'll be so highly tax on every penny you make, it simply doesn't worth it to go there. Public health services and other public services are just constantly deteriorating. I mean come on. Forget about those f morons. I think I am getting a real good post idea, actually!

Thanks Ruth.

You should see a new post soon :)

Ruth said...

"me thinks" you have a hot relationship going and haven't the time you used to have. Keeping us posted on world events (Quebec) and our stock markets have become almost full time.

masterphil69 said...

I see Canfor pulp(CFX)just cut thier dividend from 40 cents per quarter to 25 cents per quarter. hope its only temporary, stock will probably plummet for a bit with people selling off. Also heard that the U.S. may be buying Canadian lumber again?

Sunny said...


I think CFX is a good company, I don't mind the dividend cut.

The yield was extra generous. In those recession time, its common sense to reduce an already too generous dividend. The stock will appear even a lot more appealing to more serious investors, who are not just focusing on yield.

But I have to say, I invest in CFX in the first place because it was related to the forest sector AND because of its high yield. So yeah, I am not better than anyone else. No matter what. lol


masterphil69 said...

Sunny, I agree that Canfor will probably draw bigger investors with more money to invest which will help their volume rise but i think it will be bigger news if States is buying lumber, either way more upside for Canfor (CFX).
I see them reraising it again in the near future, maybe by years end.

Sunny said...

We'll see how it goes :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I feel connected with You like we have some things in common. Hopefully I can make it out to Montreal one day soon.

I am a single guy for now, mid-30s Toronto. I too have been fascinated recently with getting by on just investment income. You know in the event something happens to my mom and I was stuck without a job and the money left behind. Like a worst-case scenario.

Like renting, food, how much I could spend per month being ultra-tight to maximize investment income. I know what You mean about how good it feels to invest. So good.

I have done a bunch of research recently getting back to following the stock market after many years, trying to find the best opportunities. And I'm sure there are many. You know pizza pizza has an income fund, I thought was pretty interesting.

Wow! Good call with the reading of the 2nd cup chart. I was researching them and that's how I came across Your blog. Wow great call actually, they even cut their dividend which You nailed!

But now their stock is at all time lows and maybe with a lower dividend they can produce more income. I have about $4 in mind now, we'll see if it gets there. But I like it because it fits more within my meager budget for now and at such a low price, I can afford to reinvest the dividends. It is a profitable company that has been around for a long time so it should be pretty safe in the long run.


Anonymous said...

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