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Monday, February 13, 2012

One more time baby! Lets do it one more time! Maple Group renew its TMX Group Inc. (X) offer

I just received another notification of TD Waterhouse. You know the shitty deal between TMX Group Inc. (X) and the Maple Group? Well, it is renewing AGAIN! Instead of giving a reasonable delay, the group of stupid bankers keep pushing and re-pushing the acquisition date. JUST GIVE ME MY MAXIMUM OF CASH SO I CAN GET OUT OF HERE! This will be very good because it will decrease my margin account usage. And at 50$ per stock, I will be cashing in a great profit and not to forget about the dividend.


While you received this new letter from TD Waterhouse or whatever else regarding the Maple Group acquisition shitty shitty deal, well, be careful. In the between, if you have received a dividend that DRIP and produced a new stock, it's really important that you give your broker a call to have that new stock include in your selling order regarding this acquisition.

Because of course, if your smart, you'll go with the maximum of cash option and the order goes with the exact number of stock you hold the X. Let say in November 2011 you had 40 stocks of X and now on date of today you have, let say, 45 stocks of X, really important that you call in your broker and renew the sell order in regard of this acquisition business for the EXACT number of stocks you currently hold.

Don't understand a word of what I am saying, well, dring dring dring, just call TD Waterhouse or whatever else is your broker and you will see, you'll be be very grateful to be the reader of the most fantastic financial blog of all time ever if you understand half of what I am talking right now.

This only concern of course the current TMX Group Inc. (X) miserable holder like myself.

I want my cashhhhhhhhhhhhh. Show me my money! :)

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Anonymous said...

Translation: Be careful about ex-dividend dates when selling--these dates are published. When a stock goes ex-dividend the payout goes to the "record holder" (whose name the shares are in/their account) of that date on that date regardless of who might own it a day afterwards. After the payout comes the DRIP, if synthetic, it is timed by your broker- you don't have input. If you micro watch divi stocks you will generally notice a bump up before record date & a slump afterwards, accounting for the "time value" of money/divi. (hint: if you plan to hold a pretty price stable blue chip long term, sometimes you can get a wee edge buying ex-divi) If the "offer" is timed in that no man's land of ex-divi to divi or close to it, you may be better just to take the cash. Cheers!! Anony-trifecta


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