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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who has a 120 610.46$ non-registered portfolio?

Me. Me me me :)

It's going on quite well. At least for the investment portfolio. NFI had made great gain. AGU is like a rocking star. EIF as well, CNR too. etc. etc. And guess what? TOMORROW IS FRIDAY.


I am not feeling like blogging or writing something interesting right now.

So chat latter.



Anonymous said...

But you also have over 80,000 in debt. BTW, what brokerage do you use?

Sunny said...

Yes, I have 80k+ of debt and my net worth is close to 82k and my non-registered portfolio is at 120k+.

As for the broker question, it will be just to easy to answer, just go on and read some posts to find out. Do your reader job :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous-SUnny uses TDWaterhouse as her broker. However you might find better value using Questrade.


Sunny said...


Anonymous said...

The benefit of TD Waterhouse is that , when you DRIP, the discount for reinvesting dividends is passed on. Also the commission is dropped to below $10.00 after you have certain amount of assets with them. Intially it is around $29 commission.

Questrade has democratic pricing of 1 cent a share with minimum 4.95 to a maximum of 9.95. The discount for DRIPs is not honored by the brokerage.

I am with Questrade. As you see there are pros and cons for both.

Anonymous said...

Ive used BMO, RBC, TDWaterHouse, QTrade, scotia.

QTrade advantages is you can purchase Level II streaming for a reasonable cost. othres such as BMO do not allow you to have it unless you have 250,000K (Gold status). BMO requires 50K in investorline accounts (can have multiple) to get their flat fee pricing which helps huge on stocks under 2 bucks. TD requires 100K of all monies (including savings, Chequing etc)

TD is ugly green, like the multiple live quotes however.

BMO is the quickest platform hands down! Its my choice pic, with all the analyst ratings, and analysis.

Qtrade is slow at processing, I have had nervous breakdowns as it thinks and processes for up to a minute(s) doing a quick volatile trade.

Scotia, well, bottom of list. Especially their ScotiaMocatta service for bullion. OVER PRICED!

Interactive Brokers I have been told, for a Non-registered, might be something to look into.


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