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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My saga with Revenu Québec continue

I had quite a good surprise just a few minutes ago when I look into my broker account. Yesterday, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at 117 091$. At this time, my non-registered portfolio is at... are you ready?

My non-registered portfolio is at 118 344.65$!

This is great because in case you don’t know it yet, my investment book value at TD Waterhouse is of 118 280.62$.

118 344.65$ - 118 280.62$ = +64.03$

Now it’s official, I have beaten my internal capital loss!

Those were for the good investment news of the day.

Back in December 2011, I had received a letter asking info regarding my RAMQ contribution. I sent all the info requested. And today, I just received another letter from Revenu Québec, this meaning that my saga continue...

First, Revenu Québec is letting me know that in 2010, my total income was of 43 000$. That’s quite good. But following what, Revenu Québec is asking 102.04$ from my pockets for their health insurance, RAMQ. I am going to have this check tomorrow by the accounting I deal with while living in Montreal. I just don’t exactly understand the reason of it, but it have to do with the fact that I didn’t enroll in my employer insurance program while I should and in result, it create an extra tax charge.

See, I won’t be living in Quebec province ever again of my life. Quebec province is hell. You pay all kind of taxes all over the place. In return, try to have access to health care... Trust me, if you move to Quebec province, you won’t be able to find a family doctor. Hospital cares quality is extremely low. Quebec provincial government doesn’t care about their citizens.

Fact is, the job sector is deteriorating in Montreal. A lot of companies closed their doors and it’s a real good thing because really, no one wins by living in Quebec province. Its most taxes province of Canada and the most taxes “country” of the G7. Nothing to be really proud of. Quebeckers like Brian Mulroney, Gilles Duceppe, Jean Charest, Gérald Tremblay are imminent figures of Quebec corruption and the worst thing being that those individuals live freely, Quebeckers accept their corruption. In Quebec, its acceptable to cheat, lie and steal money from public funds. In Quebec, it’s ok to maximize taxes on the back of citizens. But for which reasons? There’s no quality in their educational system, university, health care and infrastructure.

Knowing that, how in the world can you want attract businesses in your territory? Good businesses are leaving Quebec province one after the other and I can say proudly: TAKE THAT QUEBEC PROVINCE. Quebeckers finally get what they truly deserved. And this is of course only the beginning. It’s the beginning of the end. This is my revenge.


Raymi Lauren said...

i jave no idea what any of that means but maybe if i did i would have that money, weird french decimal backward placing and all haha.

Sunny said...


Only long term readers can really get what I mean, and even there.. lol. Your so funny!

I guess at a point I am exploding of rage and I am very upset of being asked to pay an extra 100$ in Quebec taxes for 2010. Like if I wouldn't have pay enough already.
When I am upset, I am not really delicate. Than I write on my blog and after I sound kind of crazy.

Add to the fact that English is my second language doesn't help, but it make something different to read, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Sunny, When will you write again about the shares you were hoping to score in Facebook's IPO?

Sunny said...

Facebook IPO processed had kicked in in the US, but nothing is available for the Canadian market yet. It could take sometime.

Anonymous said...

Facebook probably won't start trading on open market until May or June. Meanwhile, here's a link to Suze Orman's article for you to read:


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