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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Welcome in the house Crescent Point Energy Corp (CPG)!

I invested in some stocks of Agrium Inc. (AGU) today. I bought AGU stocks at 84.98$. I am under the deep impression that this stock can hit the mark of 90$ per stock very easily. I was quite excited!

Also last week, I invested in Crescent Point Energy Corp (CPG) stocks. Not a big investment, but still. My non-registered portfolio is now at 123 263.53$. I had been quiet these days, busy at work, dealing with work problem and RRSP problem. My RRSP problem had been resolved, as I think RRSP is not a good option for my personal financial situation. Right now, I am pretty much deep into LOVE with, not a man (I am still single gentlemen), but with my portfolio. I LOVE the rocks I have in my portfolio.

As for work, I am being pushing down like crazy. But I am not very surprise. See, my boss is a very fresh man who had built himself what seem to be a very expensive home and he said that if it wouldn’t be for his girlfriend, he wouldn’t be able to manage his monthly budget and pay everything that need to be pay. I also hear him complaint about his financial situation over the phone, on how much his mortgage was expensive, all the interest own on the money, etc just like a miserable man. I mean, come on now. The loser should have thought twice before building an expensive house in a poor community. 

If you cannot manage your own personal finance, how are you supposed to manage a business well? Fact is, the guy is so a f off that he’s following MBA courses. An MBA won’t be of any help. The guy simple doesn’t have the common sense it takes. He complained to me and to someone else over the phone once. What a complete jerk. It actually really amused me and I am very happy about his situation.Homes don’t sell very easily around here. And when they sell, they don’t get sell at their asking price. Better think twice before building an expensive home on a mortgage.

Now you know, the D-Girl is a D-Bitch. When I hate, I hate for real.

Some people can be very artificial and fresh, with a taste for expensive car, expensive clothes, expensive home... It’s not giving back anything good in return. Fact is, the more your frugal, the better it is. A lady of the name of Annie Jean is actually pretty good at the frugality game.

The only excessive thing I have in my life are my debts and my investments. With a net worth of more than 80k now, I am happy, but the problem being once you get in the money game, it’s really hard to get out, its really addictive and fun. So yeah, I am pretty much into the money deal, but for me, it had a refreshing effect and I don’t think I would be at 80k+ net worth if it wouldn’t of the “effect”.

I could continue on writing on all the awful things my boss told me, but I will just stop here for now because you simply couldn't believe. We’ll chat again later. I am peacefully waiting for my laid off so I can sue the rat and get the hell out of here.


Liquid Independence said...

There are lots of pretentious douche bags like your boss in the world. He's just upset because he can't manage his money as well as other people like you.

Sunny said...


Yeahh, the guy is a complete jerk. It's just way too funny watch. I am just curious to see how it will turn.

Anonymous said...

Your ass will be fired, ....again!

Your soon to be exboss.


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