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Friday, March 23, 2012

Am I idiot enough to become rich?

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at 124 223.21$. From my impression, it seem like the market is on its way for a situation a bit more stable than what we had used for the past couple of months. While being under that impression, I decided to withdraw 2k from my margin account and apply the money on my 10k value credit line at 7.52%. I apply on it 1k coming from my own money, for a total of 3k. The balance left on my credit line is now about only 2k. In 2-3 months, I will be able to pay it all.

I got that 10k credit line (7.52%) at the RBC Royal Bank a couple of years ago. Since the opening, the interest rate never changed, it’s always been 7.52%. But that’s soon going to change.

This week, I received a letter from RBC Royal Bank saying that starting May 1th, 2012, my interest rate will be increase from 7.52% to 10.52%, which represent an increase of 3%! Knowing the economic situation we are in right now, I was very surprise about this increase. How it work with credit interest rate generally speaking, the interest increase when the prime rate increase.

When the economic situation is chaotic, interest rate remains low. So I knew for sure that there was no change regarding the prime rate. So what I did, I gave a call to RBC Royal Bank. I asked the representative why I was facing an increase on my interest rate.

First of all, my account is in good standard. I never missed one single payment on my credit line and my whole RBC account is in good standard.

I confirm with the RBC representative: the prime rate didn’t change.

So why RBC Royal Bank is increasing my credit line from 7.52% to 10.52%?

There’s no reason why, basically, behind this increase.

RBC just wants to make more money on my back, that’s really all. But that’s not going to happen. I will be able to completely pay off my credit line before the month of May.

I wasn’t happy and I requested no change on my credit line. In order to do so, to keep my old 7.52%, the only solution for the representative was to perform a credit evaluation. I refuse and asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor took my complaint, but he couldn’t do much. I had to go under a credit evaluation to keep something that I had been giving to be a while ago.

I find that system very stupid. I refuse to go through a credit evaluation to keep my 7.52%. I won’t be doing more business with RBC Royal Bank NEVER EVER AGAIN. My account ALWAYS been in good standard at the RBC. There’s no reason why I should go another credit evaluation. People at the RBC Royal Bank are a bunch of little jerks. That vice-president Goyers is a piece a s**t.

I had placed my complaint to RBC on March 20.

March 20, 2012 is a date to be remembered. Not because of the complaint I place with RBC Royal Bank, but because it’s on that date that I became a small business owner! That’s right... Like the Rebecca MacDonald and the Ronnie Seterdahl Negus that we found out there, I am now.., a woman entrepreneur, but without the millions and the men ;)

I cannot use my regular banking account for my “business” lol because I have a business name you see. So basically, RBC Royal Bank wasn’t interested in resolving my problem so consequences, I didn’t open my commercial banking account with them. Instead, I call the Caisse populaire. It’s much more affordable. I can have an account per operation to start with, which mean no business, no banking fee. I have my business name, my business registration number (NE). On Monday, I will get the banking account and following what, I will fill out the form to receive my tax number.

And oh surprise, I already find work. Nothing substantial, but it’s a good start. I prefer to work at a lower salary than not working at all. And it’s giving me an experience and it keeps me busy. I cannot say I already have a lot of experience in what I am doing... I prefer to just accept whatever presents to me. And this one was an easy one... I like it when it's easy. :)

You won’t see me spending hundreds or even thousands in publicity or marketing, that’s for sure. But it’s not what the CBDC would like to see me doing. I went to my local CBDC. They have a program for self-employed to start a business while received unemployment. They can provide as much as 50 weeks on unemployment.

Let say I am being approve to received 40 weeks of unemployment, the program will give me 10 extra weeks. However, for the extra weeks, the CBDC only give away 250$, which I find very cheap. And on top of that, the CBDC request a credit check – and that being just to received a 250$ for a few weeks!!! This must be a joke right? No, it's not, sadly. I don't like to be treated like a stupid hot chick.

Nothing much is being done in New Brunswick to help youth. Bernard Valcourt is A FOOL and he’s a one eye man. Harper government S**K LIKE HELL. The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency? WHO GIVE A DAMN. I will do without. F U Stephen Haper government!

Like always, I will go the Dividend Girl way style and just like always, it will be JUST FINE. I have the HELL of a good investment portfolio.What I have done to be such of a good investor?


I don’t plan to stay in New Brunswick for very long. The CBDC can also provide a loan, but just to present a request for a loan, I need to pay 75$! **AND THE DATING SCENE IS HORRIBLE IN NB!**

Applying for a loan at the bank is FREE. Why CBDCs are requesting a fee for a simple loan request? That's really stupid.

Why? BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY and only a bunch of super retarded people work at the CBDC, a real bunch of dummies.

And the loan by itself is really not interesting. The max available is 20k. There’s no interest charge on the first year, BUT, a payment of 100$ per month is requested... IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE. Interest charge begins on the second year. The interest rate is quite high, close to 7%. It doesn’t worth it to get involve with CBDC credit check, fees and stuff. I would have proceed with a request if the loan rate would have been of something like 5%. Higher than that, no thank you, I am not interested.

I am not receiving any kind of help and I don’t need any. I don’t even have a place to print my résumé for free. The Conservative New Brunswick government may think they are doing a great job, but they really not. No support, no service, no public transportation (Acadian Line bus transportation service had been on strike forever now....). I mean come on! New Brunswick Conservative government is hurting the citizens really badly. People of the CBDC, people of the government are just SITTING ON THEIR A*S, doing nothing at all. CBDCs should be completely eliminated. There’s no true services, no true willingness to help and to assist.

I am waiting until the end of April and after what I get the HELL out of here. Why I am not leaving now? Well, I plan to fill a small claim against my employer. I had been laid off because of their financial difficulties. Can you tell me why I was hiring back in September if you had financial difficulties? Like COME ON. My case is so good, I had spoke with several lawyers and I could get 15k, if not get up to 30k in compensation, but certainly a 15k. AND I WILL FIGHT UNTIL THE END and get my big bucks. I cannot wait for Monday to come. Just watch me going.

I am not running after trouble, it’s just that trouble LOVE me. KIND OF A LOT.

Between my portfolio management, small claim procedure, small business opening, and me working on the Web well, in the between, yeah, I had been busy. And oh, I sometime drink.

And here Derek Foster coming on today with a newsletter title: Any idiot can be rich! Ah yeah? Are you sure, Derek Foster?


I wish I am idiot enough to be rich. I WISH. $$$

Maybe I am after all. What do you think? 

I am idiot, but I am not idiot enough to stay in New Brunswick.


Happy $$$ weekend. 


Anonymous said...

here's another reason, why it's not good to have too much debt. your investment to debt ratio is about 50%. 160K investment and 80K of debt. I am very surprised that they increase 3% just like that. Have you ask RBC if you use your investments as collateral, will they not increase your line of credit rate? I assume you have an unsecure LOC. The better strategy, use your margin to pay off that line of credit... I don't think tdwaterhouse will increase their rate since the margin is tied to the value of your assets in the account.

Sunny said...

This is unfair. The prime rate haven't change, the economy is weak, my account is in good standard. RBC is not helping me in any kind of ways, especially now that I have open a small business. I truly have the potential to make some big bucks if I work hard enough.

I won't forget about this one.

I won't be doing any more business with them. No more loan with RBC, no more investments.

RBC Royal Bank could do the same thing to any of you guys. Want a credit line? Go with Desjardins, CIBC or any other bank.

RBC just want to make more on the back of their middle class customers. They are distushting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny, Anonymous,

Sunny, it's funny that you mentioned your rate increase of 3% of RBC. A couple of months back I received a letter from TD informing me my LOC rate was increasing 1% from 7.25% to 8.25%. Again TD gave no explanation. I can summarize the following:
1) The bank's costs of maintaining my LOC has increased due to the costs of borrowing(remember the central bank is only one institution that lends the banks $$$)
2) RBC is in my opinion has lousy customer service (my father was a customer with them for 15 years when they would not let him renew his mortgage with them without paying a break fee of $5000.

Sunny-Are you still going to invest in Apple/Facebook now that your fiscal situation has changed?


Unknown said...

I believe margin account's debt does not show up in Credit Checks; at least not mine. She can not use the investments as collateral because it is already being used as collateral.

I would use the margin account's debt to pay off all debt elsewhere, including LOCs and credit card. Then keep zero all "bad" debt balance forever. Learn the difference between "good debt" and "bad debt".

Also, I would use the margin account's debt to finance your small business. If you consider it too risky, then you might not have a good Business Plan at all. If you consider that your day trading will give you more return than your business, then you should not pursue your small biz at all.

Banks are not meant to be fair. They exist to make money... same as you. Choose your financial institutions with your brains, not with you liver.

Anonymous said...

normally the other 5 banks will follow suit soon ... but 3% just like that is crazy ... i think TD will increase the rate too on their LOC ... the only plausible reason is the bond market has very poor yield right now, historical lows and not increasing lending rates squeezes the profit of banks ...

Anonymous said...

Check out the comments on this blog about TD LOC increase... you are not alone out there.

Not working said...

They are disgusting but they pay a nice dividend haha, that's why we invest in stock market no?

Anonymous said...

another interesting article, when you have an illusion to have 160K in asset, but in reality you don't and paying interest for nothing...

Anonymous said...

If one bank does it, they all usually follow suit within months. They didn't give you a straight answer to why raising it 3%. I had mine raised 1% a couple of years ago, and they told me nothing saying there was no reason really why.

I told this is a co-worker who owns a house, and they said her's was raised 1% as well. She decided to shop around for a better mortage that she has with RBC so the bank would make less money off her.

Frank said...

Don't worry Sunny, you are definitely stupid enough.

Anonymous said...

The Banks are doing what all Companies do -- besides reducing risk and creating shareholder value - they are also segmenting the customer base.

All the Banks and anyone else lending money use your "beacon" (credit) score to determine your credit risk. The bottom line is customers that have a good credit score and pay on time are subsidizing those with a lower credit rating and are charged the same interest rate. This risk based pricing model that TD and other Banks are doing now is the right thing to do.

You will recall in the US Mortgage crisis - all the "NINJAs" (No Income,No Job or Assets) were all getting mortgages and lines of credits to use as their own ATM at the same rate as the guy next door that paid down his mortgage. Everyone paid for that. Also, a 9.75% unsecured rate is a good deal compared to 19% unsecured credit card.

So, if you get one of these letters, take some personal accountability and go check your credit score and determine why its as low...

Anonymous said...

As the other anon said: it appears you have an unsecured line of credit with RBC. They make the rules. Maybe your cash acct is too small. Maybe they've reassessed their risk/exposure. But you've changed the acct. so it doesn't matter. As for the CBDC why do you think that anyone owes you $ for a startup company, & that you shouldn't have to pay for another credit check, if thats their rules? As I see it CBCD is offering alternative lending (which means that the owner can't get a normal bank loan...& excuse me, where exactly is the CBCD money loaned out coming from?? cough..cough..taxpayers) for startup businesses in depressed areas of the province. So one would expect that they would want to have a lot to say in how the $ is spent, including repayment & how the business is run. The taxpayer should expect a good ROI. With the shiny,glorious, sharp, investment accounts of the equally glorious, fresh, superstar, Dividend Girl, why should you need financing? Also, even in contemplation of litigation its never a good idea to speak publicly about it or the parties. You've made some pretty nasty and personal comments about your former boss in this blog, including demeaning ones about his financial/mortgage/housing purchase situation, his MBA pursuit, his girlfriend's financial support. I recall: I am peacefully waiting for my laid (sic) off so I can sue the rat and get the hell out of here. Blog entry Feb 28th. Whats distasteful is your vitriolic name calling of individuals from policitians, employers & civil servants (including naming them in a blog entry that has since disappeared). Your unfinancial related laments about dating & drinking--even in jest--, only leads me to believe I'm watching a train wreck as it unfolds.Cheers!! Anony-trouverl'aide-avantsitarde

Anonymous said...

Ok, so no more banking with BMO and now no more banking with RBC; I wonder who's next.

If banks sees problem can arise when rates start going up, they can start tightening and increase their rates before hand. That, like in your case, should get the clients attention that rate won't remain this low for ever and in the meantime, they make a little more money on you. Banks are in business to make money, just like you will be when you start your own business. If I would be in your position, I would have paid the loan off completely right away with the TD Margin. Sell a few stocks and you would be better off and Royal wouldn't be getting anymore money from you.

Good luck getting a startup business loan at 5%; too much risk to get that low of a rate. Big business borrow at around that rate.

As for claim against your employer, your employer can downsize when he wants and you where barely there 6 months, so you don't have much for a case. But I'm sure any lawyer will be more than happy to take some of your money to fight for you.

Oh and already you want out of New-Brunswick and forget about Quebec, so where will you go now....

Sunny said...

Hi Mark,

That's a good question! I kind of forget about Facebook with all those things going on. From what I understand, Facebook stocks will become available just later on.

Depending of how much I have when Facebook stocks will become available, I may invest. If I don't work, self-employed or at a regular job, I could invest in Facebook anyway, but the investment will be of a low value.

Hi David,

I can assure you, margin debt doesn't show up in a credit check. When I open my credit line at RBC, I was able to take a look at what the rep was seeing on the screen. I review it all with him. And to my satisfaction: no sign of my margin account debt.

I had a 5k credit line at TD using my margin. I also use a couple thousands of margin money as deposit on the 10k credit line at RBC.

I also use some margin money to invest....

My point being, it will be dangerous to use more than what I had already use. To keep things safe, a good amount need to remain in the margin account.

I won't be financing my small business using my margin. NEVER.

Basically, my expense was my business name. I had purchased a software using my American Express at 0.99% of about 100$... I want to invest in another software. The cost is heavy for that one, between 500$ and up depending of what I go with. But for now, I will just use free resources online.

Another expensive is a Web site with a domain address. That's something I want ASAP. And also, one professional affiliation of less than 200$.

I will only invest money earn by my activities. I won't spend like crazy on my small business.

I had choose RBC because I found the rate of 7.52% interesting at the time. I never went through an increase rate before. I couldn't know this was going to happen to me at the RBC.

In result of this, I won't extend more my business relation with RBC and I am happy now that my readers know about it. While checking around for a credit line, just forget about RBC. PLEASE.

Hi Not working,

I don't hold too much of financial stuff myself. The freshness of the system is making me sick.

Frank... ah Frank!


It's not a 9%, its close to 11% actually.......

What I think, I say it loud. You have to understand who I am. i won't let anyone hurt me or control me.

For my job situation, they really are not making enough money to pay expenses and salaries. And they soon going to be out of work themselves. GOOD FOR THEM. The true need to be heard.

This need to be know.

Studying at an MBA level is not what make an individual successful. As for myself, I could make a living on my dividend and some online money. I am much more than what you think.

RBC want to increase my credit line? FINE. But I let the world know about it.

My blog is much more of an interest than some other who just go very superficially in the finance field. I write about the real stuff and I am sure that what I do and write can inspire other and help other.

I am not a selfish hypocrite.

CBDC is giving loan, but their program should be more generous. A 250$ per week is not enough - its not stimulating me in any way to enroll in the program. The 75$ fee to apply for a loan is absolutely STUPID. Things need to be say.

Sunny said...

Bernard Valcourt is a one eye man and he might have half of his brain as well.

I have lived the WORST experiences of my life my coming back in New Brunswick. Do I regret coming back in NB? YES. Terribly. It's my right to leave whenever I want.

Problem with NB, there's no public transportation and there's no job.

And I am taking all the rights of world. I do what I want. No one was any control over me. Read me and READ ME WELL. Read every words, every comma, every points. Maybe you'll get more "idiot" my doing so ok.

It was under 6 months that I was employed, but it doesn't give my employer all the rights. I have many evidences, many things I want to show to the judge/authorities. And on top of that, they have a bad reputation. Can I win? YES and I can win big. I didn't provide more details on this on purpose. I spoke to several lawyers, I can win, that you like it or not.

Anonymous said...

What are you going to win, you just said the company has no money... If you have the same attitude at work as you show on this blog, I have a feeling this won't be the only time you're looking for a job.

You think RBC, BMO, cares about your tiny l/c or this blog. Come on they will keep on making their billions every quarter. That's what every companies do, they raise their prices and make a profit; if they didn't you wouldn't invest in them on the stock market. Lots of people complaints about the banks, the gas companies, the telecom and so on, but that doesn't change much.

You're not happy with the service, you have the option to switch bank; you can write on your blog, but don't believe for a second you're hurting them. For every customer they lose, they probably gain another frustrated customer from another institution. Same goes for Bell and Rogers.

Chill a little and enjoy life, drink a few more drinks...

Sunny said...

Not exactly no money, but limited funds, let say.

I am writing for my self-satisfaction, I am exposing what I live, an experience. I already know that RBC and BMO truly don't care. If they would care, RBC would have fix my interest loan problem right away and I will be still be working at BMO.

No one should accept an increase rate for no reason, especially when the prime rate remain the same. It's important to complaint and do something about it. I won't be investing with RBC ever again and I won't use their credit products never again. Its their punishment.

As for BMO, I am way too much talented to be working for them. That mortgage bank suck. It was fun to watch the fools going while I was there. Their goal was to bring individuals with no finance or experience background into mortgage specialist over the long run. I don't believe in mortgage. A house is not a investment. BMO is not a great place to work. My laid off of there really release me. I was happy to have my freedom back. Because I wasn't feeling good while working there.

Previously, I had been working at the same job for several years. I refuse to deal with idiots and I will be very happy to become a source of embarrassment for my late employer. I will get their last pennies. I want to tell my story in a 2 eyes judge.

You sound just like a follower. You are a lamb. Weak.

Fighting the system is much more stimulating and constructing. It's possible to do things my way. I am just too much.


unbalanced said...

You didn't like Quebec and now you don't like New Brunswick. Where you going to go ? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

here's a trend, getting laid off from BMO ... and now in NB... your work ethic is probably not the best in your manager's view. even if you start working for less than 6 months, you probably got laid off not only for budget cuts, but you are not really a super star at work and don't stand out from the crowd! if you were that good of a worked, any manager would have kept you. maybe attitude issue or work ethich issues who knows ...

unbalanced said...

You didn't like Quebec. Now you don't like New Brunswick. Where you going to go now? Just wondering.

Ruth said...

why don't you stay put for a year and pay off debts while your in your parent's home? I would also as anonymous off that line of credit at RBC...then you won't have to deal with them at all. i don't use a line of credit and never have but i know when i was widowed and short of cash..the bank manager pressured me to get a line of credit which i had no way of paying it let alone the interest..i declined. Sunny, you have lots of energy and put it into a good business and be your own boss...that is the answer for you as you don't like working for someone else and that is okay.

2 said...

Again, you are hilarious. People like you who just throw tantrums at everything and still believe they are gods are usually in pretty bad shape themselves on ALL levels.

Sunny said...

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for the good words. I already have a little something to work on, I was quite happy. Maybe I will be able to get other contracts like that one.

I don't stay at my parents place for free, but its cheaper than living in an apartment, that's for sure.

I am giving myself a few weeks of self-employed to start with and if it doesn't work out, I will be happy to move, after my small claim.

I am pretty sure I could have my old job back in Montreal. I didn't like living in Quebec, but I never have problem for employment, not like here.


You can thing what you want. I don't care. If I would be that in a bad shape, would you really be reading me? Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny-You didn't tell everyone the good news: Bank of Nova Scotia increased their dividend a couple of!! I'm smiling and you should be too:)!


Sunny said...

At least, a good news :)

That's the reason why I won't liquidate my portfolio to pay off debt.... Blue chips pay and pay well.

2 said...

This is by no mean a competition. As to why I read your blog, it is because your blog teaches me a lot of things. I won't tell you the reasons because I already know your answer.

Sunny said...

If you have learn a lot by reading my blog, you need to be more respectful.

2 said...

I don't know where you get my disrespect towards you in my comments. By no mean it can be compared to your arrogance and your condescending remarks against people thinking or doing things different than you.

What is important to understand from my comments is that I am not trying to make an enemy out of you, but I am the devil's advocate by affirming you are by far a queen in investing. It is ok if you think you believe you are, but don't answer back using this as an argument.

What I have learned in your blog are the what-not-to-dos...and yeah scream it out loud on your site... proud to be in huge debts and unemployed and living with your parents at your age.

Do I envy the Queen of Investing and your ideas or returns you make from it? Why not if it makes you feel better. After all, your next posts are going to be awesome! Find me another Yellow Page to invest in on margin. But wait... I can wait. Maybe I will be jealous when you'll be sitting on your 200k. Then I'll realize that I should have followed your steps to be financially free and living in New Brunswick.

Proud Québécois said...

So you are upset against RBC. But RBC is not a Quebec based company! Shocking. The irony is that Desjardins offers you something better.

And now you hate New Brunswick... Have you tought about this one : maybe there is something wrong with you?

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny-Your friend Susan Bummer is in this month's edition of MoneySense.


Sunny said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for letting me know! I will try to get a copy of the magazine. I hope I will be able to find MoneySense... maybe at the Wal-Mart, if I am lucky :)

I am not with Desjardins, I am with the Caisse populaire acadienne, its not the same thing. You shouldn't read all of the stuff tot he first degree. My blog is where I release my stress. I write about everything, its the best stress release. But I guess it might be stressful to read, all those disatisfactions, blablabla, I am angry and I let the world know about it.

It awful to have no transportation available in NB. Its ok to be upset and its more than understandable my desire to leave NB, especially in those living conditions. If you cannot understand that, well, you Quebecker have a real problem.

Anonymous said...

If you live in a small village in New-Brunswick, don't expect to have public transportation available. But then again, you already knew there was no public transportation before you decided to move to New-Brunswick and I fail to see why that would be a problem as you have a car. So if you want to move out of New-Brunswick, move out, but just admit you made the mistake to move to New-Brunswick and stop blaming everyone else. And now you want to move back to Quebec the one place you dislike the most. Then you'll rant about Quebec all over again even though it's your choice to move back.

You start with a heading "Am I idiot enough to become rich?" and then you rant off blaming everyone else because you had a setback at work. Life is full of challenge, as no one lives in a perfect world. How you handle those challenge tells a lot about you as a person. You prefer to blame everyone else instead of looking yourself in the mirror.

Living life being angry at everyone is not very healthy for a person. You should look and be thankful for the positive in your life.

Sunny said...

I knew there was no public transportation, but I couldn't plan a bus strike, with NO transportation at all in NB. That's unfair.

I am not to blame for everything I live right now.

You are a moron.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I've noticed everyone seems to be jumping on the band wagon of 'blaming' sunny, but looks on the bright side: at least Sunny's blog has some substance to it, not like Facebook where you get little or nil information about people(such as what they had for breakfast). I for one enjoy reading Sunny's blog because it chronicles life's struggles that we may all have/had at one point in our lives.

Cheers to Sunny--who uses her investments to showcase who she really is..


Anonymous said...

Ugly, fat, lazy, unemployed, living in NB, arrogant, and poor-ass broke. Howstereo typical.

You ca take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can not take the ghetto out of the girl.

Anonymous said...

what's the bus strike has to do with anything? you have a car...

"I am not to blame for everything I live right now."

Well who then? GOD?

You made your own decisions and you got laid off for whatever reason. Anyway, you still live with your parents, surely they can bail you out for the time being.

You don't like to admit you are wrong and like to blame everyone else other than yourself. You take advice and critism very poorly, as if your point of view is always right.

You have a very poor portfolio, and I am not the only one who can attest to this...

Good luck, it's your life afterall, run it as you please.

Anonymous said...

Why would you need to plan for a bus strike when you have a car. And workers going on strike is part of the democracy that we live in; and isn't the strike over already so stop making excuses.

Are you idiot enough to become rich, you should be a billionaire...

Sunny said...

I am not a good driver enough to travel long distance. Driving around here is fine, but not long distance.

Several lawyers said I could get 15k, 30k or even maybe 80k for my laid off. So I am truly not responsible for my laid off.

Is it that hard to accept the fact that I am right about the vast majority of what I say on my blog? Is it really that hard?

I am perfection. I am not fat, I have great curves. I am rich single lady. And I am now running a business.



Sunny said...

Hi Mark,

The fools are jumping around.
My blog have a lot to offer, but only to the right readers.

Anonymous said...

Sunny, think about it. There are lots of people on your blog say you complain alot about everything. Think about BMO, RBC, New Brunswick and Quebec are variables where you are the constant. Negative attracts negative things in life and vice versa for positive things.

On the ROE, did you NB employer dismiss you, shortage of work, say you quit.

Driving for long distances is not a problem. If you are not use to driving, it will come after a while. You could always fly to the place you want to move to.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're right and everyone else is wrong, talk about denial...

Anonymous said...

what business are you getting into exactly?

watch out scheme out there that takes your money to startup whatever company and then you invest so much money and that you fail in the end.

being a businesswoman without any real experience will be a real struggle.

good luck.

Sunny said...

I won't write about what I do as "business". I have diplomas, I have different work experience. I have real experience. I am not enroll into an Internet work related, nothing of that kind.

Anonymous said...

Do you think having 160k and 50% debt makes you richer than a person with 80k and no debt? Banks make money on suckers that don't live within their limitations.

Anonymous said...

it means nothing. who could be a book smart and fail miserably at business. education is good, but not essential when it comes down to business. there's so many failures out there. good luck anyway. the cdbc sounds fishy charging this and charging that...

have you ever tried selling insurance or investment on commission? then you will realize that being your own boss literally, it's very hard and 80% fail if they don't have a good client base to start with. in all business, you need to find clients and convince clients to buy whatever product you are trying to sell...

denver masunda said...

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