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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's up baby

My TSX went down of more than 100 points today... My non-registered portfolio is currently at 124 274.34$. Not too bad. I would like to see things get more stable. The stock market is not about to lose its extreme volatility anytime some. So far for 2012, my dividend income is exceeding the 1 700$.

I had set up my banking account for my home business. I got one assignment so far. I done for about 300$ of work last week, but I work like crazy. I should receive more certainly by the end of the week. While waiting, I try to do all of those little things that need to be done, but it’s not easy. I have to come with some Web site content in both French and English, I need to have the English content be proofread – because you know, me and English is like firework... I need to search for new customers... I also need to apply for my tax number.

I had previous experience as a freelancer. Being a freelancer is not easy. While being in Montreal, I had an evening job from 4 to midnight in a call center. I had the whole day to work on my stuff or seek for contracts. I also had a survey job during the weekend. I was doing a nice living, I had no money problem, I was doing more than what needed for my living, it allowed me to invest for my portfolio, etc. The whole situation was certainly chaotic with all that work-work-work, but I didn’t mind. I had no money problem. And I was living in the beautiful Mont-Royal, not far away from the Lafontaine Park and all other beauties of the Plateau.

However, I didn’t like the in-deep Quebec, its politic, the non-access to health care and the high income taxes, among other.

But my whole existence took a different path when I moved back to New Brunswick in September 2011. I was promised a full-time permanent position. However, I had been laid off beginning of March 2012. The reason? Lack of financial resources. What the heck.

I was lucky to meet my local New Brunswick MLT. The MLT was extra nice to me. I was able to go through the whole work situation and the circumstances of my laid off. And the MLT opinion was about the same as for the lawyers that I spoke too so far. I was happily surprised because at first, i wasn’t expecting much from a politician LOL (Laid off or not, there’s thing that will NEVER EVER change OK).

Next step for me is to email to my local Federal Deputy. I hope for a meeting as well. So yeah, the Dividend Girl is talking to a bunch of politicians. But why am I doing so?

Why? Because my workplace had received thousands and thousands of dollars from the government, the federal one especially. Close to or more than 1 million bucks. My taught is: EVERYONE in position of authority need to know. And trust me, everyone will know when I will be done with this. As you can imagine, it’s taking a lot of my time. But now that I am laid off, I don’t have anything better to do: complaint and blog, do business, check out on my portfolio. DO BUSINESS LOL.

Problem being, money had been spend around without any respect. Salaries had been raised when they shouldn’t, and money had been invested in piece of software when they shouldn’t. A bad management is the reason of all this. And when I will be done, their ignorance will just explode on their F face! YOUYOU. You'll regret the day you were born! :)

Myself, with my business, I could spend thousands and thousands on all kind of software and other. But I start slowly. I can use free online resources BEFORE spending money. I plan to only invest if I can, and only on money I would have made on the famous business. At my current 300$, I had have enough to cover one software I bought at 120$. I have enough for my domain address and also to cover the cost of the English proofreading Web site content, and also to buy a nice template... the rest is peanuts, but enough to pay some coffees. I don’t like to be working from home, in my tiny bedroom like ALL DAY LONG.   

That’s pretty much what’s going on right now.

I run around for jobs. But I am not expecting anything. Some parts of New Brunswick are a dead zone. It’s the most area to be living in while facing a laid off. Because there’s no job and a lot of corruption. It’s a game of power and corruption, basically. And no one is really paying the price of that, if not the victims themselves.

The overall scheme is not too bad. I need 400$-500$ or 600$ for my basic living expenses. On top of that, the minimum payment on my debt is about 300$. With my dividend income + online earnings + freelance contracts, I can make a holly bunch of money, it’s just a matter of getting the thing started.



pattirose said...

Good for you Sunny!
I'm happy for you.

Sunny said...

Thanks Pattirose :)

Anonymous said...

Sunny, Being your own boss is everyone dreams. Good luck in your business. If you work hard for money and invest, then the money will work for you. You are great self-confident girl I've never met before. It is a great positive side of you.

Ruth said...

Pattirose..what do you think of our just energy, will it make it to our goals? i have pengrowth also and i think it will take a long time for it to come back. good luck to you Sunny and hope a job comes up or you get the business off ground.

Anonymous said...

Do you think having 160k and 50% debt makes you richer than a person with 80k and no debt? Banks make money on suckers that don't live within their limitations.

Sunny said...

I know, I am kind of very sexy-pretty amazing :)


Thanks Ruth :)

Just Energy is just like me... pretty amazing. Better hold for now.

Living within their limitations? As far as I am concern, its not about "living" but "investing". I don't have consumer debt, is not about 900$ on my American Express card.. at 0.99%......

Banks can make money with me, I am really fine with that. Chances are, on the long run, my portfolio will probably grow in value and my dividend income will grow as well... I wanted a 6 figures portfolio value and I got what I want. I am pretty much close to the 200k value AND pretty much close to the 90k in debt. Its a reality that I expose without shame, very clearly.

Fact is, suckers like myself do what they want with their debt and their money.

pattirose said...

@Ruth: to be honest I haven't looked at it lately. I've been too busy watching GSVC (I bought it again) plus I bought 2 shares of AAPL following your lead, LOL!

I had some spare cash in my US account from dividends and gains from the last time I bought and sold GSVC so I figured I'd buy some AAPL instead of just letting it sit there. You gave me the idea, I hope we both make some $$

Ruth said...

HI Pattirose, i have made nearly a $150 on apple..more than some of my other stocks which i have held a lot longer and somehow, i enjoy the stock more than others , probably because it seems to grow quickly. Cramer on mad money said , "go and buy a couple of Apple stocks for your it has a dividend.

Liquid Independence said...

If your home business does really well in the future, maybe we'll see you on Dragon's Den (^-^)

Anonymous said...

Ever thought about investing in companies like Apple and Google?

Look at the amazing run Apple has had for YTD. I finally caved in and about Apple today after watching it go up like $200 in the past three months! I sure missed out :(

You're truly an inspiration. I finally hit my $100k mark this year.

I've added CHE.UN to my portfolio recently. Pays 10c per month. Something for you to research on. NOt sure if you already own it haha!

Sunny said...

The Dividend Girl on Dragon's Den? Oh lala....... The Dragons are so HOT. :)

If I make a few hundreds a month with my business, I will be happy. Real happy.

Apple and Google? Be careful. They trade at sky high value right now. Their price could drop.

100k right? That's quite good.

I hold a lot of stuff in here right.

My next purchase? Some Jean-François Tardif units :)

carla said...

Hi your blog.
Just was doing a quick calc...
I took your total dividend payments and divided by your total non registered portfolio and your dividend income appears to be 1.37 per cent of your portfolio. That seems a bit low. I am a big fan of dividends as per Derek Foster's strategy, but is the low yeild because not all your holding are dividend payers?

Anonymous said...

I doubt Sunny could calculate her yield also. Butfor your information, her yield is 5.6% (7k/124k).

Ruth said...

yes you can have great dividends as i have some also but when the stock or stocks are below water, your just paying yourself...i will never catch up with Pengrowth if i live to be a hundred , it has gone down so much and the dividends are paying me back so to speak.


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