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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jean-François Tardif is FINALLY back in the game!

Yeah, yeah, you are reading right.  

This is so exciting! The Globe and Mail reported that THE Jean-François Tardif has been hired by First Asset Investment Management Inc. to manage a new hedge fund, the JFT Strategies Fund. Of course, JFT stands for Jean-François Tardif. 

I find it just strange that he’s not managing his fund under his own company, Timelo Investment Management Inc. but hey, what the heck. JEAN-FRANÇOIS IS BACK. The JFT Strategies Fund has filed for a public offering. The units are set at 10$ each – really reasonable. However, there’s no mention of the amount of the minimum investment amount. However, at a price per unit of 10$, we can easily imagine that the minimum required will be quite low. If, like me, you are with TD Waterhouse, YOU ARE IN THE GAME. Want to take part in the initial public offering, JUST LIKE ME? LOL... 

Don't worry, you can with CIBC, National Bank Financial Inc., RBC Capital Markets, TD Securities Inc., Scotia Capital Inc., Canaccord Genuity Corp., GMP Securities L.P., Raymond James Ltd., Desjardins Securities Inc., Dundee Securities Ltd. and Macquarie Private Wealth Inc. 


This is the ultimate chance to make a great deal of money on the back of a man that I consider of confidence. Great news isn’t? But what is the minimum investment required to participate in the initial public offering of JFT Strategies Fund? If you are with TD Waterhouse, JUST LIKE ME, you have to call the 1-800-461-3863 between 8 AM and 5 PM to find out. I am going to call tomorrow. 



Anonymous said...

careful... don't get burned... i thnk the markets have reached the high for this year... usually when this ipo happens, it means the market has peaked... please just keep it simple silly, don't get lured into this... remember sprott???

Sunny said...

Remember when Tardif was at Sprott?

I am not silly, I am SMART.

Anonymous said...

hedge fund = specualtion, just stick to the basics in terms of investing. your portfolio is all over the place, it's a big mess, try consolidating investments here and there and streamline things. adding this fund will not help your portfolio that much. your portfolio stinks in general, you are way underperforming the markets and your stock selection is really not of the greatest qualities except for few companies... you should seek an advice from a fee based advisor that won't make money from investing your cash to him. by buying jft hedge fund, you are basically lending the money so that this guy can make money with fees and performance bonus, that's how hedge funds work 2% fee usually and 20% bonus on the performance above the markets, read the prospectus for more details.

Anonymous said...

just wait for a major market correction and see who is the dumb ass!

Anonymous said...

agreed to that amen!

Anonymous said...

I love market corrections . It's a big sale. Back up the truck.


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