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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Will Sprott Inc. (SII) pay a special dividend for 2012?

Things had been going well for my investment portfolio. My non-registered portfolio is exceeding the 122k mark. Sprott Inc. (SII) announced recently the acquisition of two small Calgary firms and that kind of bad because it could ruin the 2012 special dividend distribution. When it comes to Sprott Inc. (SII), I know what I am talking about. I had been holding Sprott Inc. (SII) stocks since its early beginning in 2008. Time is passing by sooooo fast, it’s fascinating. Can you imagine? The Dividend Girl and Sprott Inc. (SII) are celebrating 5 years of PURE MONEY LOVE. I really like that one, pure money love. The Dividend Girl, because life is all about pure money love and a bunch of other things. Alright now.

Every year or so, Sprott Inc. (SII) pays a special dividend and it can certainly worth it to own some Sprott Inc. (SII) stocks just for that annual special dividend. I currently own too much of Sprott Inc. (SII) stocks. As soon the stock hit the old 10$ per stock or so, I will be selling some stocks. I love Sprott, but my love comes with a balance. Or should I say, I try to keep it balance. And during that time, things had gone great in my money making.

Other than that, some of my stocks are just totally showing off how great of an investor I can be sometimes...

So far, I made a good capital gain of 114.96$ on Canadian Utilities Limited (CU) and I wasn’t expecting that. So far, CU was going a bit up, a bit down, but recently, it’s start to grow and BOUM, there you go a nice tinny and cute profit of 114.96$. Who look kind of smart now? PLEASE TELL ME. lol..

I also made a capital gain of 225.46$ on Agrium Inc. (AGU).

All this to say that investing in blue chips really worth it. At first, I wasn’t really happy about the idea of investing in blue chips because they pay so little in dividend. I mean, you invest thousands and thousands of dollars and in return, you get some peanuts. Well, I was wrong. At the beginning, you may received just some peanuts ok, but hold and wait because here’s the entire banana split coming... lol...
Meaning you received dividend, the dividend income grow overtime AND your investment value grow over time. So all those factors combine together, it brings a major A+ in your personal finance, that’s for sure.

The only reason why I invested in blue chips during the past few months was to bring extra value on my margin account. My efforts had paid off. I currently have 17k left on my margin account. I have paid off a 5k credit line and I put 4k on another one, bringing my margin value to 26k over a 122k portfolio worth. I mean it’s reasonable and good enough to cover if I get caught again in a stock market tragedy. Hit whenever you want stock market, I am already... or almost. Those things are soooo scary. I cannot say I am really ready to experiment another stock crash because it totally drain me to death. But as you can see, I am not dead; here am I, happily blogging. And guess what, the party only started...

I found an interesting stock from the Sprott family that may worth to write about: SIL, SCP and SPZ. Fact is, I wasn’t even aware of those stocks before me, the know it all about Sprott. You may want to look at them, but there charts are not really good, its showing sign of volatility, some of those never recover from the 2008 stocks. Anytime you see a chart going down down down after the 2008, that’s not good, just skip the stock.

Finally, all this to say that investing in blue chips like CU or AGU, among other, bring a lot more than some Dollorama stocks you may invest in just to get a stock market buzz. Now, I am aware of that and each time I feel the temptation of investing in stuff like SIL, SCP and SPZ, I think twice, I breath, I remember that I have a margin account, and I think of my silver stock picks like FR, PHS.U, PSLV...

I already played enough my money around. Time to get serious and stop wasting time and money.

You see what I mean?

And guys, you know where you can find me... I slowly began to sound as desperate as this guy and it's really funny. ;)


Montreal fan said...

Hey Dividend Girl, wake up!

You're famous now, never mind the bloody dividends.

Hold a Dividend Girl conference (dinner, party, whatever) and charge a couple hundred dollars per head for people to actually meet you in person, you won't make as much as Bill Clinton, but you'll make more than you do from your dividends.

Sunny said...

Oh lol! You are FUNNY!


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