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Monday, March 19, 2012

New investments for my non-registered portfolio

My non-registered portfolio seems to have close the day at a very good 126 050.70$.

Now that I am freshly laid off, I spend my days sleeping in late, going to bed late, and sometime drinking wine and beer in the between. Being laid off is really not bad at all.

Other than drinking, I did apply for some jobs online. I found a couple of offers that could be of an interest. I also wrote some articles on HubPages, but nothing really consistent. With spring coming ahead, I would like to visit my bro in Ottawa and check on if I can find anything there. I would like to see the Ottawa tulips more than actually getting a job there, actually.

Right now, my biggest challenge and what I have to be more alert on is setting up a working schedule to become more efficient. And I also have to exercise, which I haven’t done quite often these last couple days.

I have been checking on my stocks too. Everything is pretty much under control. Some readers around here said to pay off my debt and to invest only once the stock market will crash. To that, I would be surprise to face a stock market correction. My taught is that the stock market already been corrected ENOUGH. Investing in US stocks is a good idea, but with my margin account situation, it would be too risky to have my non-registered portfolio split between my Canadian and US account. It’s unfortunate, but my margin account makes it almost impossible for me to invest more in US dollars. That situation doesn’t bother me at all. I am happy to have a strong margin account so I can pay off my 10k credit line at 7.52%. I made a deposit of 1k last week. If I make another 1k deposit on the credit line. If I proceed with another 1k deposit, I will be down to 4k left to pay.

I found a couple cool stocks I could eventually invest it:

Brookfield Real Estate Services Inc. (BRE)
iShares U.S. High Yield Bond Index Fund (CAD-Hedged) (XHY)
Bell Aliant Inc. (BA)
AltaGAs Ltd. (ALA)
RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.UN

I found ALA and REI.UN on Susan Brunner blog. As for BRE, I don’t remember if it’s from Susan blog, but I knew that one before. I also had BA in my portfolio a little way back, it could make a return in my portfolio, eventually.

iShares U.S. High Yield Bond Index Fund (CAD-Hedged) (XHY) is a stable stock offering a great dividend yield at the same. I like it.

Nothing much other than that if its not that even while not working, my portfolio grow, grow and grow.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you consider BEP.UN. It is very low risk stock with a decent dividend. I would suggest you to diversify your portfolio with mix of bond, REITs, and stocks.

Crystal said...

I have REI-UN and I just love it. I recently bought REF-UN, I think I like it, but too soon to tell.

Ruth said...

perhaps you should write a bit of comedy Sunny, or lay off the wine and beer for awhile...have to admit to many smiles here. your bell aliant stock is what i bought because i read that you had it in your portfolio and remember the huge dividend it received..i own two now and it pays 95 bucks quartly. it is really at a low price now.

Sunny said...

BEP.UN seem to be quite interesting. Very sharp chart. I may invest in the iShare bond I name in the post. I will get my part of bonds that way. I already have a bit of REIT with XRE, but I could increase my REITs hold with stuff like REI.UN.

Hi Crytal,

Thanks for the feedback. REI.UN and REF.UN both seem to be very great.

Sunny said...

Hi Ruth,

I know, that beer, wine and laid off thing was just hilarious to write. Nice to hear it kept you entertain.

BA is a nice stock, but when you look at the chart since its beginning, its all over the place and not really consistent, but I wouldn't mind investing something like 500$ to 1k in BA, like before.

A little while back, I had sell BA to trade on Sprott silver. I would have done better if I would have simply keep BA in and wouldn't trade silver but sometimes, some impulses are hard to keep quiet. Its like the alcohol call, kind of. See what I mean? :)

pattirose said...

Hey Sunny now that you have some free time, check out this blog and the picks of the other bloggers. I found it very interesting. There's lots of good reading there.

Sunny said...

I will pick stocks from Susan Brunner but its about it. Having that mentality to beat the index is very dangerous, especially for retail investors. I am not looking forward to "play" my money. I already played enough with the silver stuff I hold in. What I am looking for - and its the reason why I had invested in several blue chips lately like CNR, AGU, TRP, ENB etc.. - its to protect my portfolio and my margin to any eventual crashes. Beating up the index is not what I am at to. Having that mentality is dangerous.

pattirose said...

Sunny, I wasn't suggesting that you "beat the index" What I suggested was reading about the picks and why they were picks from 11 different bloggers with 11 different investing styles and 11 different returns on their investments.

Sunny said...

I see, I got scared of your link just by reading its domain address. I will check on it. For now I just scare and busy (applying for jobs).

Sunny said...

lol :)

Anonymous said...

got some xre shares @ 15.78 just before the ex-dividend date today! :)

Sunny said...

No thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you are straight back.


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