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Thursday, August 16, 2012

A $122 303.87 that look very great

My non-registered portfolio is at a very great $122 303.87. My book value is of $124k. I have over 15k available on my margin account. And I have 51k borrowed on the margin. The data are quite good. I would like to decrease my margin to 50k over the next few months. It won’t be now, because I have some plans ahead for my fabulous margin money.

Today was a very great day on the market. The TSX exceed the 12 000 point. I hope it will last. With the acquisition of Maple Group over the TMX Group Inc. (X), I had cashed in several thousands of $$$ this week. I am really not in a rush to reinvest that money, especially now that the market is on a super peak.

Currently, I only have less than $2 800 to pay on my RBC credit line. You remember the one at 9.30%? Well, I had decided that tomorrow will be the day. I will pay off my RBC credit line using my margin money. I am currently waiting for a paycheck for my freelance work of close to $900. I also have like $220 available on another credit line. I will be able to reapply a bit more than a 1k on my margin account really soon. And following what, I would like to have not more than 50k in used on my margin account. So I will have just a 1k to reapply in there. All pretty realistic goals.

My contract may end in September, so I need to be extra careful with my next money moves, even if I am going to touch unemployment. Better be careful with money these days. And strangely, as said, I am not in a rush to reinvest. I am just happy to have a little cash flow to rely on. I have received something like $200 in dividend money lately. I haven’t time to enter any dividend on my we will all it calendar. I am quite busy and I am really into dark when it come my next investment move. Too busy and tired. My bad side of the past days coming from right there.

So it’s about all for the good money news. Getting rich and richer despite a sexy bad taste of humor.

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Anonymous said...

I to got the surprisingly 3% rise in line of credit rate to 10.36% from RBC on my line of credit. I was just paying the interest for a bit as the money was used for investing.

Now I will pay more on the LOC to bring it down. On the bright side, you can claim interest on the tax return.


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