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Monday, August 13, 2012

RBC Royal Bank is a criminal bank: DON'T DEAL WITH RBC

RBC Royal Bank is far from being a reliable bank. First of all, back in March, I had received the following news: for no reason at all, the interest rate on my credit line had been increase of 3%. I always paid on time, I never missed one single payment. My response to the f@ckers? I SOLD OUT ALL OF MY RBC MUTUAL FUNDS. It’s not anytime soon that I am going to invest again with RBC Royal Bank. Never of my life that is going to be very longgggggg and very healthy is you see what I mean $$$ am I going to invest with RBC Never Ever Again. I am about to transfer the fund to TD Waterhouse (I am just missing the F statement that need to be F print out). LOL ahaha (this is supposed to be a diabolic laugh).

And now, the bunch of losers of RBC Royal Bank have to pay 500k to the victim of Earl Jones.


The case of Earl Jones was pretty scary. Some really rich has lost a wholly bunch of money. Earl Jones wasn’t even a financial planner. He was just a poor man good at playing the I-know-all-the-stock-market-trick.

I wrote it many times before, there is no real stock knowledge. The stock knowledge doesn’t exist.

So basically, you are going to invest, and you are going to keep the fingers CROSS all the way because NO ONE knows what will happen NEXT. Got it? From the time you get it for real, you are on the road for a successful $$$ investment portfolio. Get it real.


See, Quebeckers are among the poorest and the most taxable people on Earth. In result, their people are pretty dumb. Never put your faith and trust in Quebeckers.

Latest example would be SNC-Lavalin.

You just have to see how Quebeckers handle the student strike. They make lost thousands and thousands of dollars to students coming from New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, etc… Are those poor students going to be refund? HELL NO. Don’t count on it. Quebeckers are among the most hypocrite people you’ll ever meet. Trust me on that one.

To be successful on the Canadian stock market, don’t invest in Quebec companies. I lost hundred and hundred on companies like Timminco (TIM), Blue Note Mining (BNT) and Colabor Group Inc. (GCL). Quebeckers are cheaters and liars and are very well represented in the persona of Jean Charest.

Canadians shouldn’t do any business with Quebeckers. They are dumb enough to believe that they can do better by their own, by being a country of their own. GO FOR IT MY BUNCH OF IDIOTS. Quebeckers are not reliable and they have been cheating on the Canadian country like forever now. It’s time for Canada to move forward, to say goodbye to the little bunch of F@ckers. It’s time to move forward for a stronger Canada, without having to deal with parasites.

One of the reasons why I started my business is that I hope that Canadians will be intelligent enough to leave Quebeckers behind. I am dreaming of a Canada without Quebec and that dream is going to happen soon. And I am going to make a whole bunch of money on that dream.


Not Working said...

Simply W.T.F, why would you put all Quebeckers in the same basket, it's like if i said that black people like to steal and eat KFC. All arabs must be kamikaze right ?

I wish for the well beeing of everybody in Quebec that you GTFO of here.

Sunny said...

I don't like Quebec society, that's what I mean in that deep I hate Quebeckers.

They just can't get enough of me, that's why they are keeping me in. As long they'll be feeding the baby, it will be all good.

Ruth said...

Sunny finally got into your site and missed it. one comment , no one forced those stupid studends from other provinces to strike in Quebec..why were they not working topay the $325 extra tuition and i would bet that the ones striking were not engineers or anything that will get one a job when they get out of school..pyschology would be the first guess. Quebec has the lowest fees in Canada..i dont count a couple of provinces. will say , am glad i own BCE ,,,Quebec wins on that one.

Sunny said...

The strike happened began the vast majority of students vote in favor of it. Does the vast majority of Quebec university students are coming from outside Quebec? I don't think so.

Students from New Brunswick would had preferred to just finish as quickly as possible and go home for the summer, enjoying the sea and whatsoever else, get a summer job and I am pretty sure no one want to do a full semester in one and a half month. This is how stupid Quebeckers think they can recover from missing one session...

Not all students are stupid. They have follow the voice of the majority, unfortunately.

BCE wins for now, but will it continue? There's no stability in Quebec province right now. Not good for business. And just watch out, because when the Bloc Québécois of Pauline Marois came in, its simply going to be worst.


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