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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Pedophile at the Canadian Senate: Rod Zimmer

At an age that senior retired peacefully, Rod Zimmer, at the old age of 69 years old, is married to a 23 years old. What the demoiselle find gorgeous in the old skin of an old man? Probably not the skin, but just the money.

In this case that is very closed of being a pedophile one, Rod Zimmer is not an ordinary senior, F a gorgeous girl in her hot twenties. Rod Zimmer, believe it or not, is a member of the Canadian Senate. An old man dating a young woman is not appropriate. Ad I believe they have been married for one year now. The marriage is obviously not a happy one, as Maygan Sensenberger literally exploded of rage in an airplane while traveling with Mr. Rod Zimmer, her sugar daddy.

There’s stuff that money can't buy.


Liquid said...

You don't see couples like that every day. Lol, he is 3 times her age. When they go out in public I wouldn't be surprised if people mistakenly thinks that's his daughter.

Anonymous said...

She's too young to be his daughter. Granddaughter would be more realistic.

Anonymous said...

Of course, you are libelling the Senator, since paedophilia is actually an exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children. His relationship might be distasteful to you, but it surely isn't illegal, like your headline suggests.

Sunny said...

Its barely legal: he dates her several years before actually marrying her. Did he start dating her before she has 18 - if its the case, than yes, its a pedophilia case.

My headline reflect the poverty of the man. Poor spirit, poor intelligence just willing to swing-a-ling with a 23 years old. Come on now.

Sunny said...

She could be her daughter, the poor man is in his senior years.

Anonymous said...

That girl that is married to Rob Zimmer has her wits. She's just following the $$$$. If I didn't have any character and or values I would follow any rich SOB anytime of day. Sunny: you're right-Money can't buy you love but it can buy you a pretty good imitation.


Anonymous said...

The young woman is an adult.
She chose to marry the man.
No one was forced into anything.
What if they are simply two souls that are in love & separated by a sea of time? Such things exist.
Just because it is unusual doesn't make it criminal.

Ruth said...

I have to agree with Anonymous..there was a famous woman movie star in a wheelchair who was with a young man and the kids all cried and whined but were they looking after her..NO...the comedian actress was happy with this young fellow who looked after all her needs..must have been a 50 year difference..who cares if the woman was happy.

Anonymous said...

The former ambulance attendant who was with Zimmer and his wife during the incident publicly negated the "enraged wife" report and the "bad marriage" story. He supports that the wife was very emotionally upset, angry at Zimmer's "lack of concern or taking seriously" his health, and at other rubbernecking passengers. Taking into account his health history, this would be understandable. The ambulance attendant has gone so far as to say he never felt that Zimmer was threatened or anyone was endangered. Now, I can only believe that others who were generally uninvolved drew their conclusions based on what was a disruptive flight and what elements they wanted to hear. Besides it does make a good story, doesn't it. As for what Anon of Aug. 30th says, yes, you are libeling the Senator as you are publicly accusing him of a serious crime, and one that impairs his reputation. At this point maybe you should seek legal advice.

Sunny said...

You are a complete idiot. Zimmer is living on Canadian taxes, on my taxes, and fuck a 23 years old. It cannot be serious. This is not a normal relationship.

Time for Canadians to kick Zimmer out of the Senate and if treating of pedophilia can help in any way, why not.

This story is a shame to Canadian. The Liberal Party has kill this country.

Wake up Canada.

Anonymous said...

She's an actress and actresses tend to be with men much older or younger than them. She has been casted to play with a number of new movies.


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