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Friday, August 31, 2012

August 31... really???

I received some really good dividend income recently. So far, I am at $511 for the month of August. My investment portfolio was about to exceed the 125k value when it suddenly drop to $121 019. That’s how it goes these days, the market is unpredictable. For that reason, I am looking forward to decrease my margin. I have over 53k in use on my margin account. I would like to decrease that amount to 50k. 

Thinking about it, it’s crazy how much I have used and reused my margin account money. I made my investment in the Jean-François Tardif fund using some margin bucks, I had purchased my TMX Group Inc. (X) shares using margin $$$. I had paid off my TD credit line using margin $$$, as well as my RBC credit line. I also invested in the Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV) using margin bucks. So yeah, I love my margin bucks!

The stock market is way too much of a sexy temptation. It’s hard to control the stock impulse. However, I didn’t invest for a little while. Instead, I paid off my RBC credit line. Having a bit of money on the side can be very helpful these days.

The Euro zone is still very fragile and I had a good conversation on the topic with a colleague of mine who’s from Greece. The politicians had ruined their country basically. It’s not the fault of their citizens. But now, Greece citizens are paying the price and things could be very hard for the next 15 to 20 years. They are cutting the pension paid to their seniors and they have like not much to live on, just the strict minimum.

Some parents leave their children to the orphanage to ensure that their kids are going to have, at least, one meal a day. People living in the city of Athens are living in the worst condition because they have no land to cultivate. And people living in villages are poor, but live on the strict minimum. And also, there are a lot of animals around, like dogs because people don’t have any money anymore to pay for their dog meal. They leave their pets in the street. Those dogs are running around like wolves and can be very dangerous. Authorities shoot them to dead. 

Everything seems to be missing in Greece. There’s a part of population that want to leave the Euro. Left and right political party fight. The elected party in Greece is in minority, which is not helping in anything… And of course, we don’t hear about the real fact in the news. No one can really know how things are really really bad unless you go visit Greece or speak to someone from there.

Nothing is resolved for Greece. And fact is, as soon another bad news hit in regarding the Euro zone, the TSX lose points every and single time. It could be interesting to keep the cash and invest when the market will be down. I use to invest every now and then, but now, I may be watching for opportunities giving in a down market, while citizens of Greece are suffering. That's the side effect of an in deep economic depression.

We do live in a crazy word.

My freelance activities are going well so I am really not under a stress. If my full-time contract as an employee stops in September, I won’t be crying. I am a bit exhausted, I worked all summer long and in result of this, we are today… August 31 (September is tomorrow ???) and I am now 32 years old, but don’t worry, I look like in my middle twenties, thanks to L’Oréal and Oil of Olay, my pretty face is wrinkle free and I look hot. Or kind of. LOL. I look young but I guess I look older than a 23 years old. The Senator Rod Zimmer wouldn't be interested by me.

I am currently under investigation to target new quality stocks for my portfolio. I asked Derek Foster to go back in the Canadian stocks game. Would he listens? :00) We'll see. I  need my stock investment guru to go back in the real Canadian stock. No more US stuff ok?!!!



The Dividend Ninja said...

"LOL. I look young but I guess I look older than a 23 years old. The Senator Rod Zimmer wouldn't be interested by me."

Sunny, you never know? ;) Maybe he subscribes to your blog.


Anonymous said...

What happened to your small claim against your previous employer

Sunny said...

That would be funny!

I am going to court at the end of October.

Ruth said...

u know i don't have a problem with the old fart with a young woman, maybe it is the only real happiness he has known. just think Sunny, if you did this , you could buy stocks galore.

Sunny said...

Money is not everything.

That young woman was money, but does she has happiness? I don't think so.
Money doesn't bring happiness, I think she could tell a word or 2 about it. I am much more happy in my life that she will never been.

You can have money, but if it comes with no realization and no goal, what's the point. Money is just a real superficial thing. If nothing else come with it, you can be very lost. And I think the little woman is really lost at this time.


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