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Saturday, August 18, 2012

This is a great number: $166 750.25

I haven’t invested my investment portfolio since a little while and the time had come to make a little refreshment. My overall portfolio value is of $166 750.25, which is very good knowing I had cashed in more than 4k through the Maple Group deal over the TMX Group Inc. (X). I am carrying a $83 259.17 on my super strong back J And my net worth is about the same amount, so it’s a pretty sexy half-and-half.

The RBC mutual funds that I used to have in my RRSP had been sold out. I still hold the money in fresh cash, I didn’t have time to reinvest it. But for now, cash will be just fine. And if you have note, we are welcoming a new investment: Geovencap Inc. (GOV). Don’t ask me anything about it because I am really not interested. It’s a stock related to Blue Note Mining (BNT). One more time, the Quebeckers of BNT are trying to save their furnitures. Blue Note Mining simply CANNOT deliver. SO PLEASE, do not invest in BNT or GOV. It will only be a waste of time and money.

For the past couple weeks, I have been cashing on the dividend. I do not have any DRIP, only for the RRSP broker account part. So I am happily cashing in the dividend. I am looking forward to decrease my margin to 50k. Really soon, that goal will be meet.

I would like to invest in some TD stocks. OK, I know what you are thinking. Yes, TD Waterhouse brokers sometimes are pissing me off, but no matter what TD Canada Trust is a good bank. It’s recently been classed within the 20 safest banks in the world. Chances are that TD will soon increase its dividend. And let’s face it, I always got a good service from TD. I may buy some TD stocks real soon.

I don’t get alone very well with TD Waterhouse male broker; it might be just a sexual thing or something going on. LOL. A girl, a guy and some stocks… Got the picture? I am slowly going to broke the bones of those lovely brokers and give them a French kiss.

Anyway, I am doing very very fine. On the stock market, you can count on the Dividend Girl to make some valuable cash and cash in all the dividend of the world.

You are just so lucky to be reading this blog at this moment. I envy you.


Amanda (Niagara Falls) said...

NICE !!! :)

Anonymous said...

I have been a customer with TD Waterhouse for over 7 years. It must be a male/female. I find their service good and sometimes excellent.

Sunny said...

I guess its a gender problem


Thanks Amanda!

Bob said...

A few years ago I moved assets from TD Waterhouse to BMO Investorline to have only one broker. BMO has good cust service people, but I think TD has better online system than BMO. TD has better stock information and research.

I used to bank at RBC, but the fees were too high.


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