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Monday, October 15, 2012

Black Diamonds are a girl best friends: come on over and discover Black Diamond Group Limited (BDI)

Its already 10 PM so this post won't be very long. I am getting tired after doing a bit of laundry and cooking my lunch for tomorrow. I am trying to safe as much cash possible because next week, I AM GOING HOME. That's right, I am going to New Brunswick for a few days. Maybe you'll be as much excited as I am over a finding of mine. Are you ready? Close your eyes, reopen please...

The precious is name: Black Diamond Group Limited (BDI)

This stock is a real diamond and the way I find this stock is like black magic. BDI has a meaning where I work and I was just standing in front of the TSX home page and I enter BDI and boum! there it was: Black Diamond Group Limited (BDI).

BDI chart from its first day until now is just sensational. Black Diamond Group Limited (BDI) pays a monthly dividend. I LOVE MONTHLY DIVIDEND DISTRIBUTION. The yield is a bit low, less than 4%. However, holding a bit of BDI could bring in stability in my portfolio. Even if its a relatively young company, they are well established in their business and already made an acquisition a little while back. Its a company located in the West of Canada.

Its well ranked by TD Waterhouse.

You may want to check on BDI before investing as I didn't perform much search on it, but I really like it so far. I just wonder what's the margin loan value on that one. I may invest in this new one by Friday - maybe.

I have too much I want to invest on, Fts, Leon, gold... some Jean-François Tardif stock....

This will never end.

Have fun on BDI and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hello DG. This is a good looking stock. It is up a lot in 2 years. Very good growth that I think will continue as north america drills for more domestic oil. I bought BDI this week and already made a good gain. Thanks for the idea, keep up the good blog!!


Sunny said...

Great :)


Thank you

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