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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Fortis (FTS) please

Nothing much going on these days. I am stuck in the routine of the everyday life, but its not that bad. At least, I have a steady source of income. But life is basically routine now. The excitement of the "new job situation" is now gone because guess what, the job is not new anymore. However, I enjoy it very much because time pass by very quickly while being at work. I started later in the morning, so I can have extra sleep and I like, I enjoy my beauty sleep. So I wake up, eat breakfast, get ready to got o work, walked for about 40 minutes, stop by the Second Cup and go go go to work. I worked all day, I have an hour lunch, go back home, read on the Web, check on my stocks, go to bed, and the next day, its again the same good thing and oh, I forgot the most exciting part, every two weeks, I get paid, and the money goes straight in my bank account. Could I asked for anything better? For now, I am set and I am cashing in all the cash I possibly can. Cash-ing, cash-ing $$$.

I could always earned more money. I had been enjoying my free time and I really don't want to work at a second job, except my old freelancing.

I had been doing some freelance on the side, but I haven't done much for about 3 weeks. That one is nothing really steady. I may be able to make maybe top 2k a year on it, and probably even less. But it should be enough to pay for my extravagances like shopping... shopping and shopping. At this time, I would very much like a new purse because mine is not a very pretty purse. My mom picked it for me but since there's not too many stores at home, I guess she did the best she could but I don't like it. Its a boring black purse but at least its large enough to carry an umbrella and all the girl stuff..

In my last post, my portfolio used to be at $124 652.31 and now, the same portfolio is at $123 524.62. Its not a surprise, I knew it was going to be rough BUT I like a TSX on the high and I LOVE to have those nice gain that actually exceed my initial investment value. See what I mean? Its a good time to invest in blue chips. Fortis (FTS) will never go down much, but I will like to invest a bit more in Fortis. The Leon of Derek Foster didn't moved, quite stable in the value. Isn't a bit strange for a furniture store? I don't get it. But anyway, Derek Foster always has the best stock pick. Go go go Derek Foster.

So I guess its all for now. I don't have anything else to say. If not that there's only 2 days left before the weekend (yes, I count the days). ALWAYS.


unbalanced said...

You have mentioned many times that you buy a coffee from Second Cup. I believe if you buy a gift card for 30 dollars you gat a cup of coffee free. Just letting you know.

Ruth said...

wish you lived near me Sunny,you could have your pick of the crop here in handbags..lovely real leather ones at that...had a thing about bags for sometime...finally got over it. i see someone called in my business show about JE...he said it will be a LONG time before it will ever reach 14 bucks again...makes one wonder what to do with it.?

pattirose said...

same with Subway, buy a $25. gift card and get a free sandwich, I like their steak and cheese on flatbread.

Ruth said...

thought i would comment on the news that i saw tonight on business channel. a fellow asked about JE..the answer was." this is the number 1 dangerous stock and has about 2 more dollars to go down. he said to sell it. interesting as he made some very good points about it. this is where the stops would have or should have been used in my portfolio.

Anonymous said...

Is DGI the next YLO

Anonymous said...

Forget the gift card: SCU Second Cup trades on the TSX.
It pays out a hefty 8% divi yield. The company has had its hard knock problems, but appears to be trying to address them with a rejigged royalty structure to push new franchisee locations & is closing poorer performing locations. Also may be an interesting home consumer move when Kraft picks up single serve SC product on Tassimo discs. Don't know structure of that deal. CEO Mowbray was featured on undercover boss last season. As a pure yield play with upside, maybe. But not buy & hold. Anony-beans


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