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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dividend money is never enough

I was pleased to see that my non-registered portfolio hit the very close 125k. I have earned over $800 in dividend this month. The money is greatly needed as I ranked my BMO MasterCard to the $1 700. I spent on stuff that I need and on stuff that I didn’t really need. One thing for sure, the month of November will be much more minimalist, if I can say. And talking about minimalist, you may want to check out Annie Jean Brewer newest book: Minimize to Maximize. It’s about minimalist. I am not a minimalist but I always like to read about that kind of stuff. Let’s say that in November, I will be minimizing to maximize in December... lol. 

I came back on Sunday evening from a few days away in vacations in New Brunswick. It was fun. I saw my family, I went hunting with my dad (the pictures speak for themselves) and I also confront my late employer in court. Back in September 2011, I accepted a job in New Brunswick. It was promised to me as a permanent position. I was happy to leave Quebec province and Montreal for my hometown. So I moved from Montreal to my X hometown in New Brunswick. But in March 2012, they had to let me go because they didn’t have enough money and were not making enough to cover me. So not even after 6 months of employment, I was laid off, while I had been promised a permanent job. I didn’t earn as much as wanted, but at least I won my cause. And it was very great to hear the director saying that he failed at his duty. It was something of a great satisfaction for me. I got revenge.

I didn’t earn as much as I was expected because in New Brunswick, workers are protected in case of vicious laid off, but not in case of vicious hiring. At the time they hired me, the company had lost more than 145k in 2011 and even more in 2012. So they were not in a hiring mode, but they hired me anyway. The judge didn’t sympathise to my cause, however I win. I am a winner and I fight my enemies and I always win on everything. But you got to be one of those fighters those days. I had paid myself revenge. I had been able to protect and defend myself from the devil and I was extremely pleased. Angels always win, even if they are naughty.

As you can imagine, I was quite exhausted at the end of everything. I wasn’t exhausted at the time, but I began to feel exhausted now and I cannot do very much. But luckily, the weekend is coming in 2 days and I have a feeling that this chita is going to sleep in all weekend long and I won’t be doing much. No more shopping, that’s for sure.

So that’s for the hot news. 

See, I know you never have enough and that’s why I am giving you the right to adore me.
You may or may not adore me, but these days, I adore my portfolio. It’s always a stress to go back to New Brunswick at home because I don’t have a direct Internet access. It’s not that bad, I am able to live without checking in my stocks for a few days because I know that as always, I will be just fine. However, I prefer to keep an eye on the stuff.

I know this have nothing to do with stocks, but I went saw Argo, latest Ben Affleck movie yesterday and it was very very good. I also saw his first movie, The town while back and it was also very very good.

This being said, I have a few thousands to invest but I am too tired to think clearly of my next investment. I would like to earn $800+ a month from my dividend. I am so closed and so far from being there.

I was reading Susan Brunner latest posts about the money show and I found a new stock to invest in: Cineplex. The yield close to 5% but not even. So I was thinking of LNF, BDI, Cineplex and also Jean-François Tardif DCI. I have those stocks in mind. It’s just a matter of time before they came in my portfolio. For Cineplex, I might wait. The stock is at a high value now. I am thinking for now of LBF and BDI, but I will see.  

There's many many choices but its important to pick the best of the best.


Anonymous said...

You probably won 2 weeks pay because they didn't give you a written notice 2 weeks in advance; that's all you where entitled to and you didn't have to go to court to receive it, you could've went to the department of labor.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dividend Girl!
Glad you are back. You will have lots of time to sleep this weekend since you will be getting an extra hour ;)

Congrats on your legal and moral victory.


Sunny said...

I had been giving those 2 weeks notice in term of pay when they laid off me. The extra money I received is a compensation because no one has the right to hiring someone saying its a permanent and laid off that same person after less than 6 months because the company has no money.

Thanks MG!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 1: her story about court is BS.
But hey, she'll get us because she's all about revenge.


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