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Monday, October 1, 2012

HealthLease Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (HLP.UN) and Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B)

Now that I have – at least for now – a stable job, I am desperately trying to get myself on a schedule. I need to organize myself. It’s really not that easy. Not easy at all. I didn’t get my Quebec ID’s yet, I didn’t transfer my RBC RRSP money over to TD Waterhouse yet. All kind of things like that. And it makes me wonder, what I had been doing lately? Well, I had been shopping, I went to the movies, I walked downtown and in the Old Montreal, I went to the bookstores...

Like yesterday for example, I was at the Second Cup on Ste-Catherine and I saw that man, a look alike Denis Gagnon the couturier, just that his glasses weren’t that big and he was taller. When the gorgeous enter the coffee shop, I was like oh lala, what a hot guy. It was the version more virile and masculine of Denis Gagnon. Because as you know, Denis Gagnon is gay. I don’t have anything against gay men, I just find it very sad, that lost for the female society lol. There’s all kind of man on earth.

Models look alike are certainly not very hard to concentrate on. I am going to turn into a Samantha of Sex in the City and scream loud and clear: Do you want to F? LOL Remember that seem where Samantha practices yoga and than suddenly, she cannot take it anymore and she wanted to the guy and asked him... do you want to F (she first said it not very clearly) and then at the end, she YELL it. LOL. That Samantha was so a terrific pal. So funny! Could you imagine that in real life, just a life of I want and I do. Interesting.

So no, I haven’t been that busy, it’s just that all the crap went on the side and I like it that way. SO FREE. One thing for sure, with all that shopping, I won’t need anything for a while so I can now begin to exclusively concentrate on things that really matter before going broke, like doing my nails ahah and blog like crazy again ok youhouuu. Lol. I haven’t much in my wardrobe and it was all so terribly needed. I better look with clothes on than naked unfortunately. (But that only being at this time).

A girl who has a lot of freetime for helself can really think of a bunch of crazy thing!

With all that, I finally set up myself to buy some stocks of HealthLease Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (HLP.UN). I am not available at all during daytime so it’s kind of hard to pick the right timing to invest in HLP.UN. I won’t invest in it as much as Pattirose, but that’s because I find the other Jean-François Tardif stocks so interesting. I am thinking of adding on BAD and DCI as well. I would very much to earn the equivalent of $700 per month in dividend and I would like to make $200 from my HubPages and online, for a total of $900. Quite realizable without too much trouble at all. I like it easy you know. I haven’t post anything new on HubPages for quite a while and I miss it. Those crazy little articles have been fun to write. If you haven’t check me out on HubPages yet, please do so NOW.

It’s now official, tomorrow morning, HealthLease Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (HLP.UN) will be from my portfolio. Easy as that. Isn’t awesome? Lately, other than my idea of investing in a REIT, I had been thinking of investing in Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B). The stock is pretty cheap and pay a little dividend yield of 2.719%. I would like to invest a small amount in it and later on sell the stock when it will be on the high. The price is right now. Later on, the stock could reach its old 2008 value, who knows.

I really have a crush on Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) at this time. Bombardier sold some private jets lately. I am always running up on some awesome deal and from my perspective, BBD.B is a good deal. I really have nothing to lose on that one.

BBD.B could turn as good as my investment in Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B). I made what, closed to an increase value of $100 or so on CHR.B. I was planning to do a quick buy-and-sell on CHR.B, but hey, at the price I paid the investment, I am willing to hold. I am that hot market player just like I would be someone how hold so much cash, but it’s not the case. Fact is, the middle class is on the best position to enjoy freely the stock market. Do I love the stock market? Oh yes and the stock market loves me too. It’s been 5 years of pure money love this year as I started investing in stocks in 2008. Rough pleasure. Its is what it is.


Anonymous said...

Bombardier BBD.B is the biggest Quebecois company in Canada. I thought you were against everything Quebec, but now you live there, cherish french men, buy french stocks ??

Anonymous said...

So you won't buy Husky because it was trading at 55$ before the crash and lost half it's value, but you will buy Bombardier that was trading over 8$ before the crash and today also still trades at less than half the value it did in 2008. What's the difference.

You won't buy BCE because it's from Quebec, but you will buy Bombardier and they're also from Quebec. What's the difference

You are hard to understand....

Dave said...

You mentioned that you own Chorus Aviation, I was just wondering, between CHR.B and Just Energy, which would you advise someone to invest into and why?

Sunny said...

Things have change, I don't have anything against Quebeckers now. At least at this time lol ;) I have a good job and I am well treated at work and those Quebeckers are sexy and some Quebec companies worth it.

Bombardier is at a perfect price right now, better buy now before it gain in value.

I am hard to follow? Poor poor readers. LOL.

I don't like Husky, that's why. And the difference price range of the period before the 2008 stock crash and now is of more than $20. With Bombardier, you are just talking of a couple bucks.

If you pick stocks that way, stocks that exceed now their value of before the crash of 2008, you'll have a very good portfolio.

I had my eyes on Bombardier for a little while now. I only invested a few hundreds, so the risk that I am taking is low, because I have so little invested in it.

I think the way I described how to picks stocks was pretty good.

In my case, I am adventurous and wanted Bombardier for quite some time. With stuff like Bombardier, you increased your risks. With companies like PPL, ENB and all the others that how exceed their value of before the stock crash of 2008, those stocks are killers.

Fact is, you need to be able to manage risks in your portfolio. My investment in Chorus and Bombardier are risky, but I am not only invested in them - I own many many other companies, quality one.

You can do whatever you want in your portfolio, including investing in risky companies. As long you diversify your asset and don't invest too much on the same spot - that's how you play it safe. I am a player, I cannot help it. But you are so lucky to read all those wonderful tricks you know that right?

Chrorus and Just Energy - I won't recommend one or the other at this time. You can get stronger for your money. Like PPL, ENF, FTS etc... Focus on those before thinking of the fun stuff. Just Energy and Chorus are volatile. At this time, Chorus seem to perform better. At least, I am not loosing on Chorus at this present time. So we'll say Chorus.

Anonymous said...

Ok, let's say you had 1,000 in HSE before the crash, that means you had 18.18 shares at 55$. Today it would be worth 18.18 @26.93= $489.00

Say you had 1,000 in BBD.B before the crash, that means you had 111.5 shares @8.97. Today it would be worth 111.5 shares @ 3.77= $420.00

Even though it's only a couple of dollar as you put it, you still would have lost more money with Bombardier than With Husky. On top of that, HSE has a higher dividend.

A 50$ drop on a 100$ stock equals a 50% loss. A 2$ drop on a 4$ stock is the same 50% loss. When Sprott dropped from 10$ to under 5$, you lost more than when Husky dropped from 55$ to 27$.

Whether you bought 100 shares of Timminco at 20$ for 2,000 or 1,000 shares at 2$ for 2,000; when it went to zero, you lose 2,000 either way.

Sunny said...

I said it, I don't like Husky. Bombardier has great things coming and happening right now; I wanted to take part.

Capital loss is bigger on Husky, that's you agree or not.

I didn't loss on SII like you said. I still hold those exact same shares. When silver will go up, SII will go up. Something will happen that SII will goes eventually up either way. Don't forget that bank project they had. Its coming!

For Timminco, I agree, I loss and I doubt Timminco will go back up anytime soon. That stock is kind of dead.

Anonymous said...

If you believe capital loss is bigger on Husky, you are even dumber than I taught.

Anonymous said...

Are you for real, If you invest $1,000 in a $100 stock or $1000 in a $4, if they lose 50%, you lose 50% of the money you invested so you lose $500. And the $100 stock now trade at $50 and the $4 stock now trade at $2. It's that simple.

Now you say you didn't lose any money with SII, well I beg to differ. You basically have dead money for the last 6 years. That money could've been invested in AGU, CNR, KBL and you would be up instead of being down 50%. Sprott bank, yeah like anyone's going to trust their money with Sprott besides a few clueless people like yourself that doesn't know any better and not very smart in math.

Anonymous said...

"Capital loss is bigger on Husky, that's you agree or not."

No Sunny, the capital loss on Bombardier is bigger. A loss of $5.20 on a $8.97 stock is a larger capital loss than a loss of $28.07 on a $55 stock.

Ruth said...

Dave, personally i wouldn't touch either stock, have Just energy and it is at a loss, dead money...waiting to get the stock up to sell it. there are far better buys. watched business channel and they talked about husky having the most glamours offices and building...who wants that and sunny..the stock was at $

Ruth said...

Sunny, with all the contracts that Bombardier has received..why is the stock at a stalemate never moves and is so low for all those contracts...??

Sunny said...

Hi Ruth,

Glamorous offices are not what it take to make good business. I am passing on Husky, I don't like it. Luxury offices are not a valuable spending - another reason to ignore the stock.

Good observation on Bombardier. I don't have any answers to that. It may take much more than a couple of lucrative contracts to make a real difference.

Anonymous said...

Bombardier future depends on the c-series which is due sometimes next year. In the meantime Bombardier is burning lots of cash and any setback with the c-series could put this company in financial trouble where they have to raise equity.

Patrick Mc said...

Bombardier va réussir à vemdre des CSERIES aux Chinois. Leur division Transport se porte très bien. Les facteurs(très faibles marges bénéficiaires parcontre) qui expliquent la faiblesse de l'action:

1. Dual-share class(ce qui ne change pas grand chose pour les investisseurs individuels mais qui est un facteur important pour les investisseurs institutionnels) et l'absence à la bourse de New-York.

2. Faiblesse de la direction.

3. Les énormes coût de développement du programme CSERIES, coût de capital qui n'est pas encore rentabiliser et qui n'apparaît pas encore au bilan.

4. Cependant, ils souffrent toujours de la compétition brésilienne et leur CSeries a de la difficulté à percer les lobby politiques de BOEING et de EADS.


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