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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gravol pills giving a sleepy feeling still exist

Did you miss me? Its been a while since I post in here. Actually, the month of October has been quite busy for me and I did not make any effort to find time and energy to blog. I am going away on vacations so you won't hear any sounds of me until sometime next week. A lot of things had been going.

First of all, I had been busy shopping. I was tired of having only my running shoes to wear to go to work so I bought a pair of Geox boots. The cost? Very close to the $200. I could have go on something cheaper but I have princess feet: they are very sensitive and I need something very cozy to walk around. If not, my feet hurt and its very painful. I also got a new jacket because what I had was more for the summer than autumn and it wasn't warm. Cost? $40. I got a good deal at Old Navy. And I bought many and many other things like that, including a bus ticket Montreal to XX town in New Brunswick. So my BMO MasterCard now rank at $1 700. I sold my car in New Brunswick for much less than expected and gave the cash to my poor mom who has lost her girl. I am expecting a $300 from her. I NEED IT.

Good news is, after all those spending, I will certainly spend more time online and I will desperately try to make myself interesting to you.

this is all going to go speedy fast because I have 30 minutes left to write before going.

Ok, and now what?

Well, remember that ping-pong credit card balance transfer with TD Visa?

I have the rate of 2.9% with TD Visa BUT every 6 months, in order to keep the order, I need to do a credit card balance transfer, taking the fund from TD Visa to another credit card and from the other credit card to TD Visa and that gave me the rate of 2.9%. I had promotional offer with TD Visa like that for I don't know how long now but certainly for a couple of years - since the first time I start to write about credit card balance transfer on my blog - so go figure how long lol!

Anyway, I call RBC Visa explaining what I wanted to do. My RBC Visa was at 5 000$ - I asked an increased to 8k. Before with RBC Visa, I had a 10k credit card, but it got decreased for them to give me a credit line - which was stupid, but hey, bankers ARE stupid sometimes.

So the perfect me ask and got an increase on my RBC Visa, not of 8k, but of 7 500$. My TD Visa was of close to 8k. I paid the balance, like 300$ and got the whole thing transfer to RBC. Instead of having a credit card balance transfer credit of something like 20% for the interest, I got the one at 11% and something. That cost 20$ a year to have it. I figure I could saved money - because I need to proceed every 6 months with TD Visa transfer see so I took the offer.

That's how RBC Royal Bank help me after giving me a whole lot a shit. - They had increased my credit like interest rate of 3% without any good reasons, BUT they accept to increase my RBC Visa.... GO FIGURE.

My portfolio is going well, I cannot wait for my non-registered to BUST (or bost) let say EXCEED the 125k value.

I am going to court against my late New Brunswick employer. No matter what's going to happen, its going to be SEXY and BE READY.

Being a man, I would be in love with that girl. But I am not a man, that's why I am single.

I had been able to find my Gravol magic pills. I couldn't find any that give sleepiness because they now hide it, you need to ask to the pharmacy staff. Need to give your name and shit. I told the guy, I need the drug for my bus drive. And I got them. I got the Gravol magical pills. Thanks you God because I really taught for a while that they had stopped producing them and I taught about finding someone to sell me weed, I was getting desperate. But after all those spending you know, Gravol pills are very much cheaper than weed. ;) So sorry, the fun will be just for later on.


Sunny said...

I forgot about the most important thing: I got a new purse!

Ruth said... so pleased to read of your shopping spree Sunny. When i was in the Doctor's office and told him how stressed i get sometimes with the markets..he said to me..." why don't you just spend it! by the looks of some of the stocks lately, why not? thinking to sell JE and put it in Gibson..have not lost much , dividend payments made up for most of it unless it starts to go to single digits.

Anonymous said...

Don't take too much gravol and try to stay awake. Canfor Pulp suspended their dividend and Chorus Aviation is in danger of doing the same. Not to mention the trouble with other small cap like SII and DGI. You should review your portfolio and sell your weak stocks.

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot JE, PGF and DGI as weak stocks. Actually, you have other weak stocks, but the ones I mentioned could possibly have to cut their dividend also. Remember, capital loss is one thing, but when you lose your capital and then the dividend, why would you still want to hold.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I've not been online on MSN Sunny...been busy too. Glad to hear you are doing well, however I would rather hear about STOCKS and DIVIDENDS and not so much about pursues and shoes. I think we all read you for your stock/div adventure and not about every thing else or then the blog would be called Shopper Girl lol.

TIME is my most expensive commodity and I try not to waste it by reading about shoes or purses. Lmao

Hugs as always,

Liquid said...

Haha, courting your boss and smoking weed. I like this naughty side of the D-Girl :P Where are you going for vacation? Have fun!

Sunny said...

I went to New Brunswick for a few days. That post sound funny but without Gravol pills, the bus ride is a nightmare and I really needed Gravol pills that drug me and make me sleep. Its just like before, those magical pills work very well. And I taught about weed in a moment of desperation. :)

Having stocks that doesn't perform well is not the best of the world but companies all face their hard time and at a point, I am confident that my SII and other will do well later on. I don't care for now, I only care about the future.

The Dividend Girl is a Shopping Girl... well not anymore. I am just going to stop spending and the month of November will be lot more calm.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Anonymous-good illustrative point there-- CFX-T Jan 2011- DG: "Purchase Stocks of Canfor Pulp you won't regret it". January trading range $14.20 to $17.81 (at peak) 3.00 Divi FLASH AHEAD: Oct 2012- Suspended Divi- Q3 net loss 4.6 mill. -now trading $9.05 WOW!! Those that fail to plan, plan to fail. Hope'n hold. Cheers! Anony-cheese'n-onion-sannies


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