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Friday, November 23, 2012

Future new comers for my portfolio. Be ready.

I was glad to see the TSX on the 12 000 points mark. And it seems it will remain there for now. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $121 577.82. I now have the new TD Waterhouse template display in my account. So I can tell you that my non-registered is at -3.02%.
I have $51 709.54 of money used on margin and on date of yesterday, I have $14 427.60 left on the margin. The numbers are not so bad. I am looking to decrease my margin at 50k and on the long term, 45k.

Yesterday, I have send a request online asking TD to increase my credit card from 8 to 16k. I will use the 1.99% promotion on credit card balance transfer to pay half of my RRSP loan and use the rest of the money to invest. Fact is, RRSP loans are not eligible for tax credit. I had been carrying that loan for quite a while and I would like to see it out of my face, even partially.

The stock markets and both US and Canada are getting better and from what I read, analysts are confident that we are just going to rock it almost like in the before 2008. I read very optimistic review, maybe even too optimistic. Anyway, I decided to follow the flow and I have many stocks I want to invest in.

Here are my wanted stocks list:

Central Fund of Canada (CEF.A). Gordon Pape talked about CEF.A in one of his latest article. I find it a great way to invest in gold and silver. By investing in the Central Fund of Canada, you are getting into a diversify product, and not only in silver or gold, but a mix of both and even more.

Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Corp (LIF). The Maritimes are the home of the Dividend Girl but not only that, they have some good companies to invest in. Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Corp (LIF). The dividend is not much, but a Maritimes stock will bring in luck ion your portfolio because hot and smart chicks like myself can only come from one place on earth: the Martitimes.

Black Diamond Group Ltd (BDI). I discovered this one all my myself (just too smart) by entering in the letters B-D-I. And there I got Black Diamond popping out. I like this one, don’t ask me why. The Web site of the company look a bit underground, like kind of old. I like it and it just keep my interest in the company. Just like you and pink blog... Simply Irresistible.

I have a long term love story with Jean-François Tardif. I first invested in Premium Brands Holdings Corp (PBH) when the company was still, if I remember correctly, a .UN company. Ever since, the investment perform well in my portfolio. So now, I am looking forward to get a bit more of Jean-François Tardif in my portfolio since I cannot get him in my bed.


BAD and DCI – both on the TSX are stuff that I am looking into.

As you can imagine, it take a great deal of cash to keep myself going on the market. At this time, I would like to pay off my RRSP loan and continue to invest in my non-registered portfolio because its the only way how I will be able to get a + instead of -.


Ruth said...

Sunny, always impressed with how hard you work at your stocks. i wonder though if maybe it would be an idea to sell some of those losers..get the tax rebate and cash for more decent profitable stocks instead of borrowing more money. the stock market is going to remain a real challenge , i think. have a look at interpipe..always up on down days.

Sunny said...

Thanks Ruth. Right now, my non registered portfolio, even while holding some investments who are not doing very good, is at -3%, so its not that bad.

Fact is, I am doing very well on some stocks, but some others are giving me a very hard time. Am I ready to sell my bad stocks and reinvest the money? My answer is NO.

I once sell Yellow Pages when it was time, but other than that, I am not seeing any obligation to sell for any stocks that I hold at this time.

For sure, I will be more careful in the future and I am looking to increase my portfolio in quality stocks.


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