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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Its not anytime soon that I am going to post a pic of myself on my financial blog, so you'll never know how good looking is the rich chita. But this being said, I can always show you pictures of my one and a half apartment, right? So there you go.

There's nothing much to see if not that beautiful Christmas flowers, which I adore and as soon I saw them, I bought one. My place isn't really decorated so its quite plan. I don't like the color of the curtains but I didn't pick the color. My mom bought them as well as the metal thing of the top when she came for a visit 2-3 years ago. I would have like something like dark purple. It would have match my new bedspread. I just bought the bedspread today with the pillows and everything for $60 tax included. A good deal and with winter coming (we have snow today in Montreal), I will need something to keep me warm at night. So there you go. I have spot some new curtains (that word sound strange to me and I have to look in an English-French dictionary to pick it all, that word is not at all natural to me). Anyway, I could have bought some curtains for $35 but I didn't becaause I have just cleaned my place last Sunday and that cleaning session included the cleaning of the window and the curtains in the washing machine.

Is there anything else you want to know? LOL.

My apartment is quite small as you can see. I also have a bathroom but it hasn't been photograph. So this is where I had been living since certainly 2009, if not even 2008. I went back to New Brunswick, but when I came back this summer, I got the exact same apartment. I like the location but back in the days, the apartment was a lot cheaper, like $550, and now its $610. I plan to stay here for the winter months but eventually I will move in something cheaper, if not larger. One benefit of staying here is that I am close to everything, including my workplace which is abut 40 minutes walk. I don't have to purchase a metro place of $75 up and my landlord is friendly and always available when I need or something happen. The place is extra quiet too. I never hear any noises at night. I don't have any problem to sleep. Those need to be taking in consideration.

I heard some nightmare stories about apartment renting. One guy I knew was always carrying is laptop with him because his window was so thin that he was always scared to be rob. And another one has a nice apartment but people living upstairs were making noises at night. He could hear them walked and they were carrying heavy stuff around. I never have any of those problems. Renting at $610 is certainly expensive, but I have my peace of mind and oh, best of all, I don't have to sign a lease. That's one of the reason why I got here in the first place. And I came back.

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A picture's worth a thousand words (or blogwords). Thanks.


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