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Monday, November 26, 2012

Thank you TD Visa, I LOVE U

Life if sometimes difficult, but it sometimes worth it. I have received today an overview of my social advantages at work that I will be receiving in December. Those are usually quite costly, but with this job, its actually not so bad, it will be less than $50 per paycheck. I will still be earning a bit more than $1 100 per two weeks. I was scared to go behind that, its the reason why I was happy to learn the low price of my advantages. I won't be getting anything for my glasses, but hey, I have a job. I have been lucky among the way. A pretty girl never has to try very hard while being in Montreal anyway. Imagine if I would be working at a strip club, I probably be making a fortune. I just prefer to keep my clothes on for now, thank you. Vickie Gendreau is a young Quebec author of 23 years old that wrote a novel, Testatment. She's an ex Montreal strip-girl and its quite something to read from such a young voice about the black side of Montreal nightlife. If you are lucky enough to understand French, I trully recommend the reading of the Testament. Vickie Gendreau will fascinate you. In my case, its not anytime soon that I am going to hit a stripclub. At 32, I am almost too old for that kind of easy cash. I prefer another way of earning easy cash: the stock market, and more specifically the dividend way because, you know, I am the Dividend Girl. And right now, I feel like giving a French kiss to the CEO of TD Canada Trust bank.

TD Bank is Canada best bank ever. My TD Visa had a limit of 8k on it. I recently asked for an increased of 8k on it, in order to reach 16k. And guess what, I just been approved for an extra 8k, making my TD Visa reached the 16k.

That make a 8k on which I can do EVERYTHING I want. I want a masseur? I can get them all. A Louis Vuitton bag? A Gucci dress? No no no. It won't be any of those things.

My best advantage is not actually my body, but I was born absolutely perfect, with no taste for luxuries. And that play in my advantage.

See, I had that RRSP loan that I had been carrying for way too long now. And fact is, the interest own on a RRSP loan are not tax deductible. That suck and I want to get rid of my RRSP loan. Things are going great at work and I don't have any signs that its going to end anytime soon. And anyway, you know me, I am already full of cash. My problem being that I am 100% invested. the cash is almost untouchable.

But don't worry, I have more than one trick on my table.

Right now, I have my RBC Visa that has nothing on it. I am going to request from TD Visa to do a credit card balance transfer of $7 500 from RBC to TD (I have a limit of 7.5k on RBC Visa). Once the money is clear on RBC side, I am doing to withdraw the money at a RBC branch, I will but the hundreds and hundreds of dollars on my bra and following what, I will go straight to a TD branch and pay my TD RRSP loan. The remaining left, a few hundreds, will remain on my margin.

Why this? TD Visa is offering a 1.99% percent for 6 months. I have enough of 6 months to pay off 8k of debt and this is what I plan to do. I don't mind that much holding a margin on my non registered portfolio, I don't mind holding student loan debt because I received a tax credit for it every year but gees, a f RRSP loan, I HAVE ENOUGH OF IT.

And this will leave me a $108 on my pockets every single month. Its easier to pay off debt than to earn a $108 in dividend, trust me on that one. The maturity of my RRSP loan is February 2015. Am I going to wait that long to have it all paid off? HELL NO.

May God bless TD Bank, TD Visa and TD Waterhouse and may God bless me.


TIPIT said...

I know it's already been said before, but credit cards aare really hurting your credit score... maybe it's not a big deal now, but whenever you'll be ready to buy a house or something, it will.
And maybe it has something to do with your rate increase a few months ago at "dont remember" which bank.
Just be careful with it, a credit score is so long to get back on track!

Sean said...

Paying debt with debt. You know you're desperate when...

Sunny said...

I don't really care about my credits core. I do what I want, if it get hard core among the way it will.

I don't plan to ever purchase a house or condo. It never been my dream to own my place.

RBC decided to increase my credit line interest of 3%, that's their fucking problem.

Am I doing business with RBC anymore? Not really.

I guess you get it now: F RBC.

I don't care about my score that much. I want to keep it good. I pay my minimum etc but best of all, I do what I want with my money and TD has understand that, you know, I am the Queen.

Sunny said...

Sean comments is quite hilarious in a way. I am the first one to take a large laugh when I read that oh dear Lord, my readers are CRAZY.

Its sooooo terribly funny in a way.

Anyhow, I am at a point where my portfolio grow large, and its time for me to get off that RRSP loan.

I will use 8k at 1.99% for 6 months of my TD Visa to pay off my RRSP loan. In the next 6 months, I will be putting 1k + my dividend earning over my margin and following what, in 6 months or so, I will be paying off 8k on my TD Visa.

Its a win-win situation for me and TD.

First of all, I need to check if I get any penalty by paying my RRSP loan but I should be ok, this is not like a mortgage. But anyway, I am going to check over. I need to do that and after what I will do the transfer from RBC Visa to TD Visa and once completed, I will get the money transferred over my banking account and after what I will be paying my RRSP loan.

Sound all pretty exciting, isn't?

Anonymous said...

Show us a picture Honey if you're that damned cute I'll read you despite your narcissism.

Sunny said...


There will be no picture. I am not a cute girl, I am a woman coming off the New Brunswick bushes buddy, daughter of a hunter. I am not cute. I am a warrior.

This blog is all about me so better get use to the narcissism part or get the hell out HONEY.

Anonymous said...

I read this blog when I'm stoned.

Anonymous said...

by not putting a picture in of yourself Sunny , makes the mystery more than some of your fans can stand but they keep on coming back just in case there is that one chance that you will be there in photo.

Anonymous said...

Ever look into buying Sandstorm Gold shares ?

Sunny said...

I don't know that one.


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