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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Say No to spending

I am slowly getting back on track. I went from a 118k to a $120 412, Oups no no, $120 412 AND 48 cent. Not so bad. My margin is at $51 530.06. Now that my American Express is paid off, I would like to see my margin at not more than 50k. I might be able to do so by the end of January. With December coming in, I have a bunch of expenses to take care of. But even worst, when I checked out my MasterCard not even 2 days ago, I had ranked something like $1 100. Problem being that my expensive of my little trip in New Brunswick add on to the everything else. And my looking a bit more closely to the operations, I had been spending on eating out, movies, coffees, beauty products, etc... The list is long. Way too long. But the good news is, I am done with my Christmas gifts. I am actually just missing one for my grandmother as I feel cheap to just give her a boring chocolate box. I saw those nice lotion at Occitane or some name like that and I may buy something out. What I spot is like $37. That will be the last of the last gifts. But just to make things worst, my brother may come visit me this weekend and if he does, I will have to show him around and that include of course more $$$ if you see what I mean. But that’s life. And just to make things really worst, he’s probably just going to let me know at the last minute if he’s coming or not. 

I always been careful with my spending, but now it seems it went a bit out of control. So now I am aware and I am watching more carefully. The most important part being to eat breakfast home, get the morning coffee home, do my lunch for work, bring an apple or two and ONLY get ONE coffee during the day. I need to get back in that routine and stop fooling around. And I may even leave my MasterCard home. Montreal is unfortunately a beautiful TEMPTING city for EVERYTHING. LOL. Try to live a frugal lifestyle in Montreal, you’ll see, it’s very tough as Montreal is hot hot hot.
I usually see me credit card going from $500 to $700 monthly, generally speaking. If I can work carefully on my spending like I was going before, I will be back on track. I am just happy to have a few hundreds kicking in each month with my dividends. That will save me for the month of December. And for 2013, I will be more careful. I don’t know how it will turn out with my current job. It’s a job among the most stressful I never had in my life and for sure, I won’t cry if I get kicked out of the place. I will do just like last time, I will pursue the employer and earn a few thousands. Just like before. Going to court is among the most fascinating experience. 

Lawyers play it cool and its kind of a real joke knowing the amount of cash people are ready to put on them. You need to be a complete jerk to give away thousands to a lawyer. Keep it simple. you are authorized to defend yourself in court. F the judge and the system and go there by yourself. And when you go, I want you to have a hard figure. Don't ever smile, have a face to kill your enemy. I defended myself alone and it was among the best decision of my life. No need for a lawyer. The do-it-yourself scheme is much much better and much sexier too. Imagine a chita defending herself alone in front of a judge and the lawyer of the other party. I mean, come on, there’s nothing more sexier. Now you know that I am sexy. Good night.

One day, you'll be as smart as me and maybe even a bit more.


Liquid said...

Good advice on getting your fair share from your employer. I wouldn't worry to much about spending money over the holidays. Saving is important, but it's also important to let loose once in awhile and have some fun :)

Sunny said...

Trust me, I have spend enough.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Sexy? I can think of a lot of sexier things. Thanks for the laugh DG. Anytime I need to feel better about myself I read your blog.

Sunny said...

YES. Sexy.


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