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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The strange love story of Geneviève Sabourin and Alec Baldwin

Geneviève Sabourin is a Quebec French actress. Or should I say an actress wanna be. Geneviève Sabourin is not even well known in the Quebec starsystem scene. She met Alec Baldwin in Montreal on set of an Eddy Murphy movie a couple of years ago. And it seems she has a one nightstand with him. Anyway, a couple of months ago, while learning that Alec Baldwin was about to married his yoga teacher (who does yoga except stars, yoga is so stupid! ahah), Geneviève Sabourin decided she wanted her “man” back in her life and that’s when she started harassing Alec Baldwin. She got arrested when trying to contact him in New York.

I have to say, when I see Alec Baldwin, I see a rich American pig. That man is not a good man. It’s the kind of person you need to stay out of the way. I don’t have a good feeling about him at all. He has money, he has power and now, he’s taking Geneviève Sabourin to court. Alec Baldwin has authority in New York and he’s a f ash@le. 

Geneviève Sabourin hasn’t been very smart in this story. First of all, while being around stars, enjoy the time, enjoy the sex, but when it’s over, it’s over. Don’t keep running around those idiot millionaires. Stars for me are just a bunch of lucky people more stupid the next after the other.
When she appears in New York court, Geneviève Sabourin always wears sexy outfits and act in provocative way, cut the judge and stuff. POOR GIRL. She sold her property she owns in St-Bruno, south shore of Montreal. She has spent close to 100k on lawyers. Imagine what it cost her to be in New York right now! If it continues, she’ll have to become an escort to pay all of her debt. She’ll turn like a Natalie McLennan who now is... a yoga instructor (so sorry about my bad words on yoga... the bitch is SEXY and the hell of a great author. I saw Natalie a couple of times and she's unfortunately very beautiful).

Personally, I wouldn’t mind a one night stand with a star. I will suck their money as long as I could and get all the advantages associate with such relationship. Free d@pe and everything else right. I WOULDN’T MIND. But when it’s over, it’s over. I once has a somewhat connection that I won’t explain with not exactly a star of New York but very close, very fortunate man. I saw him once, and that’s all. I saw him in the street once, but I realized just after it was him. Fact is, when the man show no interest, let it go. It’s even better that way. You have to be extra careful while being around super rich people. They have the money, they have the power. We live in a crazy world. Better to let it go, dear Geneviève, don’t destroy yourself for a man that doesn’t worth it. 

Alec Baldwin is a f@cker, it’s just very unfortunate that you are learning it now. Wake up Geneviève, please.

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