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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Derek Foster Video Series: Worth it or not? $39.95 for what?

I got cold and now I have the flue. Nothing major for now, just a rainy nose and a punch in my sexy throat. I never been this cold in my life while being in Montreal. As far I remember, I always been able to walked around without any problem, maybe just a couple of days where I took the metro but that's all. But this winter is one of the coldest ever. So I bought some metro tickets. From my place to work, its about a 40 minutes walk. If I take the metro, I am at 20 minutes walk from the metro. I couldn't bought one month because the month only begin on the first of each month... But hey, what the heck. And you know their weekly metro pass, the week begins... on MONDAY. OF COURSE. I may buy a pass for February.

I am usually never sicked, but this time, the cold weather got me this time. And just to make things a bit more complicated, I had been very very busy this week. My job is so hard right now. I changed of position and I got a little raised. The problem is that they are getting so busy at work, its unbelievable. I am willing to do my part, but there's soooo many things to be learn. I am even putting in extra hours that I don't even declared. Why? Well, I feel it wouldn't be appropriate at this time for me to ask to have those extra hours paid because I am new the job, I made a few mistakes, etc. The learning process is hard. But I  have to say that those Quebeckers have been very kind to me so for me to put in a bit more hours is like my way to say sorry without saying it loud and clear. I do apologize when a situation occur. Those are not too common. Its the second time I am messing up. But so not my fault in a way. But its kind of terrible when you think about it twice. I am a terrible employee.

But you know that right?

LOL. Its just time like that, a learning period that I hope won't be too hard on everyone excluding me.

I took a taxi to go to work this morning and I heard at the radio that there's been murders in US schools again. So terribly sad. It cost me 12 bucks.

I have a headache so this post won't me long and I have to go to work early to take care of my mess at work, classy girl....

Before I leave, just one thing: my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $127 601.25!! Its really too bad that I don't have time to post an update of my portfolio.

I had received a request to post on more info about my portfolio, like if it wasn't enough already LOL. But you want more, so just get ready to get more ok. Other than that, I had purchased Derek Foster brand new video series and I have to say, I find the videos interesting. For those who like to know what Derek Foster hold, why, at which price he paid for such such thing, you are going to like the videos because that's exactly the topic covered by Derek Foster. Interesting to watch, easy to understand (even for French girl like me). Only thing missing is him shirtless on the beach.

I am going now, I am tired. Good night special readers. We are soon going to explode on the half of millions view so just continue your good job.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,

I am assuming you watched his 3 videos he was talking about colgate and such. Are the videos that are included in the 39.95 package more in detail? Looking forward to your reply

Ray said...

I think you should read/learn from other people in addition to Derek Foster. There are many books about great investors like Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, Ben Graham, John Templeton and Philip Fisher. Best of all, most of these books are available in the public libraries (not sure about Quebec). I would love to see you to become a millionaire before 40

Not Working said...

how is the derek foster video ? i might be interessed to buy it

Anonymous said...

Well the price Derek paid is useless now as most stocks are more than likely much higher today. Also, here'a an interesting article on why banks are raising rates even though the bank of Canada hasn't raised them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny-I watched the promotional videos of Derek Foster over the xmas break. My takeaway is if you've read his books his videos are give the exact same advice as the videos do.

It's just another way for Derek to tap into the financial services market.


Anonymous said...

Derek Foster became millionaire not from Stocks and dividends, actually by selling his books. When he wrote his first book, his he had less than $200, 000 as dividend paying stocks. He is not an retired person, he is keep writing books, so he is an author. It is really hard to become millionaire by saving and investing. You need to a write book or create video and sell them to people like you. So, you will gain wealthy so quickly. I guess Derek Foster planning to make another million from the videos by saying by Colgate and Coke. That's it. Don't be fool.

Anonymous said...

First of all, leverage helps you reach your goals quicker. But leverage is a double edge sword.

Two other blogs,

This blog and these other 2 have incorporated leverage. The MDJ used a Smith Manover as his leverage tool.

Derek Foster used leverage a bit with purchased of RIOCAN REIT in 1999 and a huge margin gamble (which he doesn't recommend people do) on a cigarette company the after it lost a lawsuit. This cigarette company stock tanked.

If you use leverage, you have to really know what you are doing,

Anonymous said...

Did he short the cig co, or did he lose money on it? Your post is not clear. Which company name?

Sunny said...

What I am talking about is available right here:

The first videos are free but if you want to view it all (about 20 videos), you have to pay.

Hi Ray,

I heard about Lynch and other pals, Derek Foster talked about other investors in different occasions. Those books might be available at Chapters.

Getting the million is not important for me, just to have money to make me live and rely on in case... of another laid off.

Money all by itself is not exactly the point. I had been sicked and very tired these days. I cannot manage to do it all. But of cause, the more I can have the better the security will be. I will read these books when I will feel less tired.

Hi Mark,

The videos actually are different. They focus on Derek portfolio and I find it gave another dimension of his work. The videos are interesting. At $39, they are not cheap, but worth it.

For the Anonymous following there, its true that now Derek makes money from the books and videos he sell but keep in mind that I come from a long way. I started investing in stocks only in 2008 after reading Derek Foster and I got only richer and richer after that. I made a great deal of money by following him. I double the value of my investment in PPL, and I could name many other example.

I know how Derek build his portfolio, I read all his work and interviews, its not like Derek Foster is all new to me.

His videos are not about leverage.

So what's the point of talking a bout leverage like here?

I am not going to name the companies he named, just buy the videos. You cannot go around it little b.

Anonymous said...

I have met Derek and he is a nice guy, and not the polished salesman pushing his stuff. He wrote the book after he was able to retire so the books didn't make him rich (enough to retire). He now writes books both for fun and to help others. His meetings are free and not thousands of dollars.

Everyone wants the one secret that makes them millionaires overnight and get pissed when he tells them it takes time to learn and try and fail and try again.

Before you crap about his character, you should firstly look at your own character and then learn about his true nature.

Peace to Sunny.


Anonymous said...

Derek is a salesman! Nothing else. Did he just say he retired just to have something to write about to make the real money? I think so....he did not retire. Sham!

Anonymous said...

If you do something you enjoy...whether it is golfing or investing or writing books in your spare are a form of retired.

As long as you aren't doing something you hate or commuting for two hours, punching a time card or sitting in a are retired.

People are jealous of Derek. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous writer who claims Derek is a salesperson listen up-If you read his first three books on dividend investing you wouldn't be making that kind of statement. Derek is not a salesperson at least not when he was writing those books which Sunny and I have used to grow our wealth. In those books he isn't trying to sell you anything. Derek explains using simple examples what dividend investing/compounding is all about. ANd yes, it does take work to get all the papers/signatures for your first stock, but after that it's a piece of cake. I love my cake(stocks) and I love their dividends that they pay daddy):)


Anonymous said...

For all the free publicity Derek Foster seems to be getting from DG on this blog he should be sending her the complete DVD set for nothing.(Poor Messeurs Tardiff & Sprott seem to be in the proverbial dog house at this

Anonymous said...

To all the dumbasses who think Derek Foster is the "big shit", take a look at this before you praise him so much:

Then get real, and don't be a sheep.

Anonymous said...

The cigarette company was in a lawsuit and it lost the lawsuit. The stock tanked. Derek then bought the stock on margin ( which is leverage) in a huge amount. Lucky for him the stock when up a lot. He then sold.

Riocan was yielding 11.5 % in 1999 when he bought. He didn't have money so he went an got a loan. The loan was 8.5% interest. Riocan pays monthly so payments were covered by the distribution. Riocan raised the distribution which me his payments of the loan where bigger.

This was in one of his books. I believe his 3 or 4 book.


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