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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome in my investment portfolio Black Diamond Group Ltd (BDI)

I had set up an automatic purchase order in the morning of December 31 to get my hands on some Black Diamond Group Ltd (BDI) shares before the end of 2012... And now, I am a proud Black Diamond Group Ltd (BDI) investor. Be ready, 2013 is going to be hot hot hot!

Today was a very relax day. I was working yesterday until 6 pm. I haven’t anything plan for the New Year. Each year, there’s something going on in the Old Montreal, so that’s where I went. I didn’t want to stay outside from 6 to midnight – 4 hours outside in the cold weather. So after done with work, I went to the movies and I saw This is 40. This is 40 is a nice comedy. A dirty one, but a really nice one. I have a couple of good laughs. I truly recommend, it worth the $12.99 ticket.

After the movies, I went to the Old Port and walked around and I finally stopped close by the stage where a band call something like Rafi was playing. The band was really good, but I couldn’t wait for midnight to kick in. I WAS COLD. I have a good pair of boots, but despite it all, my feet were cold.  

Midnight finally kicked in, hello 2013! And then the beautiful fireworks, very nice and then I walked my way back home as quickly as I could. I could no longer stand myself in the cold weather. Today I was off and I stay all day in ALL DAY in my pyjama counting my money...

As you can see, I update my portfolio and my debt situation, so we have in the result for the year end of 2012. My non-registered portfolio closed the year 2012 at $122 421.19, for a book value of $125 147.65. I am experiencing a loss of -2.18%.

So far for 2012, my dividend income is of $7 714.78. I am saying so far because I am just missing a few dividend payments for December 2012, like iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index (XRE).

My net worth is of $87 633.44. I hold $78 010.31 in debt. The interest own on the money is of $3 086.11. Of that interest money, I have a $342.99 interest on my student loan, which qualifies for a tax credit. I also have $2 591.12 in interests that I can declare for a tax credit because the money was used for investment purposes. So to talk roughly, I have a $2 934.11 that I can and will declare for tax credit.

Overall, I don’t care if you agree or disagree with me on the point that is about to follow, but if I add my dividend income and my tax credits, I am making a profit of about 6% for 2012. Can anyone do better than that? I doubt. You won’t find any better on the whole Wild Web. I am beating the TSX index ONE MORE TIME. With everything that is going on in the US, (and even Canada), and especially for the Euro zone, I mean, 2012 was a difficult year. However, I did some very smart investment moves, like in Agrium Inc. (AGU) and Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B).

A couple of months ago I received a voting package for AGU, asking if I wanted to sell some of my shares for something like $90 or something. I taught it was a joked. AGU baby, do you really think that I am that dumb and leave you alone out of my portfolio? I just ignored the paper. I spoke to a nice lady of TD Waterhouse regarding this situation. Even if it was in French, I couldn’t understand what the paper was about, but she explained it to me. A sell offer for AGU? ARE YOU CRAZY? AGU is among my best stock performers! It’s not anytime soon that I will let it go.

Thanks to my mommy, I have a clear mind and I can distinct – most of the time – a good move from a bad one. AGU will remain in my portfolio as long as I want.

In 2012 like for the past like what, 5 or 6 years now, I have invested in new stocks. Here’s a list of my new stock comers for the year 2012:

Canadian Utilities Limited (CU)
Veresen Inc. (VSN)
Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B)
Crescent Point Energy Corp (CPG)
JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN)
Keg Royalties Income Fund (KEG.UN)
Geovencap Inc. (GOV)
Healthlease Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (HLP.UN)
Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B)
Heroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX)
Black Diamond Group Ltd (BDI)

I am very happy because my last investment of 2012 was made in Black Diamond Group Ltd (BDI). I have a great feeling about this company. I won’t earn that much in dividend with this one, but what matter for me now than ever is quality. I try not to focus exclusively on dividend income – even if I am the Dividend Girl. That is what I call being smart.

My 2012 year in review

2012 had been an adventurous year. I left my hometown for Montreal after I have been laid off from my job because they could no longer manage to pay me. I was promised a permanent job in New Brunswick, but shortly after, only after 6 months of full-time employment, I had been laid off. Basically, I was giving money that was laying in their what we could say their emergency fund. The company was in bad shaped even before I stepped in. So I was laid off. And I later on pursue to court the gang of bastards and I win my cause in October 2012, all alone, without any stupid lawyer money suckers. Je les ai bien torchés. (Sorry, no English available for that sentence).

A couple of weeks after, I open my very small business (you are reading right, I am a business owner (but a very small one). In the meantime, RBC Royal Bank increased the interest rate on my line of credit. I had (and I still) have good assets (physically and monetary) so I went there, crash in, make a scene to a RBC representative in New Brunswick. He was able to reduce the interest rate of something like 1%, but I was still under an increase of 2%. Got the picture? So the bitch that I am and will always be wasn’t too happy out it. I even call RBC and I was told that because i was now out of job and I was a self-employed, they needed something like a 5 years record of my self-employment to be able to reduce my interest rate.

So I told myself, what the f, and I decided to accept whatever job will present to me and I sent a couple of résumé here and there. In the meantime, I was working as a self-employed. I had that idea to start gardening. I bought everything needed to make grow tomatoes, flowers and everything you can think of in term of veggies. My grandmother has a huge land. I had the land and the desire to start a HUGE garden. But I wasn’t able to take care of the garden of my dream in the spring-summer of 2012 because... I left my New Brunswick behind and I moved back to Montreal!!!

I was very surprised, but I received a response from a Montreal office, for a contract. I accept the job, keeping in mind the 5 years record for self employment coming from RBC. This is true with RBC, but also with other banks. As soon you are self-employed, it’s harder to get things from banks. You need a good and long record history of self-employed.

Just before leaving for Montreal one more time, I found something great as self employed that provide me some cash for a few months, until September 2012. So from May to September 2012, I was working on a full-time position AND I was also working as a self-employed. That’s why you didn’t hear me very often in 2012 (not that many posts compare to 2011 and 2010). Later on, the contract leaded to a permanent job and I am still there at the present time and I take it one paycheck at a time (it’s really how I am taking it). The work can be very hard sometimes, including long hours. I am grateful but I would have prefer to stay in New Brunswick gardening.

That’s what my life was like in 2012.

And for 2013? Bah, you know, the usual money stuff.

It’s weird! 2013... OH GOSHHHH. Another year where I am wrinkles free. So that the year past by, I don’t care. As long as I don’t see direct sign of aging on the pretty chalala me, I don’t care about getting older. I am still looking if I will be in my twenties for now. The older I am getting, the better I am getting on the investment game. It’s like an old Stoch (sorry I cannot find the correct spelling at this time, obviously I don’t drink it) – only getting better with age.

For 2013, I would like to invest in some Emera Inc. (EMA) stocks for my non-registered portfolio. I already own some Emera Inc. (EMA) stocks inside my RRSP portfolio. However, adding on more ne serait pas de refus. (I wouldn’t say no to some more Emera Inc. (EMA) stocks). Other than Emera, in the immediate, I don’t have anything I want for my non-registered portfolio.

For 2013, I will do my best to focus on quality stocks. I will try to reduce my impulsive stocks buy and I will do my best to control myself and my investment hunger. And I won’t purchase stocks using leverage. Enough is enough. I am in 78k in debt for God sake! Ahah!! I certainly won’t borrow more money. I would like not to use more than 50k on my margin to keep it safe. I have left 14k of unused margin money.

The numbers are looking and are great.

I am wishing me the same for 2013 and, if possible, even better. Go go go!!!

Once again, have a Happy New Year 2013. For once, I love you all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny, I like the year end review you did. Hope you have a safe and sucessfull 2013!

Anonymous said...

Your non registered portfolio was 115,947 end of 2011 and now 122,421 for an increase of $6,474 which is due from your new investments during the year as you mentioned and not from market increase. Your US portfolio went from $2,293.12 at the end of 2011 to $1,894 for a loss of $199 (loss of 8.6%). Your TFSA went from $4,058 at end of 2011 to $3,067.42 at end of 2012 for a loss of $991 (loss of 24%, not saving no tax money there). Your RSP Investment portfolio went from $38,184 to $38,098 for a loss of $82. Your did pay off some debt as your debt went down from $86,833 to $78,010.

Now you say can you do any better, well my return for the year is 18% and the main reason is because I invested mostly international, US and undervalued Canadian stocks. There was money to be made in the Canadian market, our banks did well with 18% return from XFN. When you do an update of your trouble stock for the year, you will see why you didn't get good results for the year.

Word of advise, you should sell all those RSP investments that brought you nothing all year except paying fees to the fund companies and invest that money into the mawer balanced fund with lower fees and up over 11% for the year.

Don't fool yourself, you didn't beat the market, you under performed quite badly. Low fees mutual funds or an ETF portfolio would have given you better returns with less trouble.

Best of luck in 2013!

The accountant

Sunny said...

Thanks you.

Dear accountant,

I really hope that some people were luckier and did better than I did. But I don't compare myself to the John or Ginette next to me.

What happen inside my RRSP, TFSA and US portfolio, the reason why they are down a bit its in reason of the silver that I hold in those 3 accounts. As soon silver will go up, my RRSP, TFSA and US portfolio will do much better. Silver & Sprott are the two things involved in those losses. But we are not talking of several thousands. Just a $1 272. NOT EVEN 2K.

Those data looks like lost now, but silver will go up again one day. And when it did, I will be back on track.

Also, the Canadian stock market wasn't the best market to invest massively in 2012. US did better, but Europeans made even better. Greece stock market has done very well, like 30%, Germany, something like more than 20% etc.

Fact that I am having a so-so year in 2012 doesn't affect me too much because I am in the game for the long run. The Canadian market will have better years and when it will happen, I will cash big.

The European stock markets did well this year because of all the governments involvement. But what about 2013 and the years after that? Tell me. At a point, governments can do so much.

For the long run, the Canadian stock market has good value to offer because we are more stable and we have the best market of the world.

I am Canadian. I won't cheat on my country like you did by investing massively overseas. I am a Canadian investor and I invest in Canadian companies to help stimulate the economy of MY country. And we should all do the same and push the Canadian market over the edge and we'll all be making a lot of money by doing so.

Oh yeah.

So basically, the thing to keep in mind is that I invest for the long run. I have like another 30 years of active life on the stock market to enjoy and trust me, its going fun.

Sean said...

Try reading
You might make some money and learn something useful!

Anonymous said...

I also invest for the long run and that'w why I'm diversified. Canada is just a tiny bit of the market out there and so much more opportunities are available in the US and Internationally where you have all these big companies like Coke, Apple, Samsung, Nestle, Kraft and the list goes on. When I invest, I look out for me first, if our companies are competitive, I will invest in them. I also made good money investing in Canadian companies this year by investing in our banks, TRP, AQN, BIN, MFC, MG, HSE, SU, RCI.B and a few others. You tell me what do I owe my country that I have to invest in companies like Sprott, Timminco, and the likes so I can lose my money.

Most of my holdings are large cap and have performed well. You on the other hand have lost a lot of money on small cap stocks that are barely known and has a result you suffered losses and dividend cuts.

And your bet on silver which you thought would double in 3 months as turned out to be bad, so you say as soon as it goes up, you will do better. Yeah, of course, as soon as you get a higher paying job, you'll have more money also. That doesn't change the fact that you under performed the market this years and the past few years while you wait for one good year on silver that can take 5 or 10 years to come. That's not investing, that's speculating. If I would have had your performance for the last few years, I'd invest all my money in a balanced fund like the Mawer Balanced fund or use ETF like the Ishare MSCI World Index (XWD) to build a portfolio. Actually, I already own some of both and will keep adding to my holdings.

Look up the holdings of the Ishare MSCI World Index ETF (XWD). You tell me why you would want to invest in small unknown companies instead of these large stable companies. Investing doesn't have to be complicated, you have all the diversification of your stock holding with 2 or 3 ETFs.

The accountant

Sunny said...

Sean, you are a moron.

As always, poor Accountant, you are just trying to make yourself look good on me. I have pity for you.

My small caps are well known, I don't get which one can be unknown.

You can invest the way you want, I invest the way I want. Your poor judgement is making you invest overseas. Good for you, you don't deserve much better anyway and oh please, go f yourself.

My Sprott and Timminco investments were made... in 2008! So you are just completely lost in your mind.

Get out of my blog. You are not welcome here. I will pray for your hell if you continue posting comments.

Sean said...

You could just ignore our comments no? They do have to be vetted by you before they are posted. Don't let the fact that you are clueless cloud your judgement. You might pick up some good tips on here.

Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous, nobody know me or you on this blog so I don't need to look good. All I'm pointing out is common sense which you seem to lack so why waste my time.


Anonymous said...

And as far as Sprott, you made some last year at over 9$ just to get a special dividend and now it's worth $3.95.


Anonymous said...

The Accountant just got bitch slapped! Ouch. LOL!

But he is correct.

There is only 1 moron on this blog, and everyone knows who it is. Except the moron, she does not.

Anonymous said...

in the long run you will lose. you will realize all the accountant comments are all valid. if you don't follow his advice, you will realize too late that you made a big mistake. your stock selection underperforms the markets big time. instead of making 12% last year worry free even. Last year the S&P 500 return 15%, while your US portfolio returned -9%, a swing on -24% UNBELIEVABLE UNDERPERFORMANCE. if you were a fund manager you will be instantly fired.

Anonymous said...

I think you don't like to take advice from anyone. The couch potato approach will relieve stress on your end. Your stock selection research ends up in the majority of the time LOSERS. Index performance alone outperforms your own portfolio. An index is just an average of a lot of stocks lots of winners and losers combined, nothing outstanding. You end up picking most of them losers.

unbalanced said...

You guys better be careful. D Girl will put a whammy on you !!!!

Anonymous said...

Good work Dividend GIrl ! The only thing I would change is reduce the number of Mutual Funds you hold in your RSP account. Btw do you DRIP your dividends or have $ deposited into account ? In my opinion using a DRIP is the way because you don't pay commission to purchase the shares. You could also use the dividends to pay off your debt.

Sunny said...

Comments like yours are polite and its more of those that I want to read on my blog. I am open to suggestions and comments on what I do, as long as they are expressed in respectful matters.

From 2008 to May 2012, I was on a DRIP. After I lost my job, I cancelled the DRIP. I have been cashing in the dividend income ever since. I use the money for my living and to pay partly the margin. I may be back on the DRIP again, but for now, I am enjoying the fresh cash.

I haven't put that much efforts on my RRSP account. It need a bit of work. But for now, the mutual funds are ok.


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